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It was around 11: 00 AM when Fiona drove into the Salamis office building to take a surprise visit to Jimmy. She wore her usual corporate attire, yellow coat suit. She was really excited to see Jimmy again. “Good morning Mam” she was greeted by Michel’s PA as she walked toward his office. “Is Michel In?” She inquired . “No, mam, they left for a meeting” the lady informed her. “What about Jimmy?” she asked again. “He is also in a meeting with them,” the lady answered. “Do you know how long they are gonna take?” Fiona asked but before the lady could answer she heard a voice from behind. “Missing me already” was Michel’s. She turned and noticed he wasn't alone, Jimmy was also walking with him as they approached her. “I wasn't here to you Mr.” She joked. “I know,” he responded. This time Fiona had moved closer to Michel as they both embraced each other with kisses on the lips. She then turned toward Jimmy. “Hey Madam,” He greeted. She gave him a slight hug. “Look at you, look so different,” Jimmy told her. “I actually came to visit you and hopefully grab lunch together,” Fiona told Jimmy. “Oops, seems like I have got the boss's call” Jimmy joked looking to get Michel’s reaction but Michel only smiled.

“Okay bae, talk to you later.” She and Michel exchanged goodbye before she turned to leave with Jimmy

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. “Don't worry, she is all yours” Jimmy joked before leading the way.


They both went over to a nearby restaurant for lunch. It was so much fun being with Jimmy, he was the exact opposite of Michel in terms of human interactions. He was warned by everyone and joked a lot.


“Am still trying to pull together how you and Michel were able to get to this point” Jimmy asked as they both ate their lunch. “Let's say, I am not even sure where to start from but he has been almost like a different person lately,” She told him. “Hope he is taking good care of you because he better not piss me up” Jimmy jokes. “Rest assured, I am gonna get you to handle him when he does'' ' Fiona laughed.


“That was lovely food out there,” Jimmy said as they both left the restaurant towards his car. She left her car at the Salamis office and Jimmy drove them to and back from the restaurant. As they got back to the office, he kissed her goodbye on the cheek and made his way to his office as Fiona headed to Michel’s office. She walked in with Michel's face bent on his computer. “How was it getting to meet Jimmy again? '' He asked, lifting his head from his computer. “It was much fun as if we have known each other forever.” She responded before taking a seat opposite him.


“You have something on your mind,” Michel asked, noticing Fiona silence and facial expression. “Maybe it's not my business but I can't help it,” She told him. “My business is also your baby girl. Common, what is it?” He asked.


“What is your relationship with the Sash Brothers?” She inquired. “We are business partners or at least that what we been working on the past few months. To establish an official partnership where we will be getting our machinery and technologies from them” Michel told her. “Just that?” she needed more answers. “Basically yeah and I am actually second-guessing that because of their reputation but they are one of the best manufacturers in the country,” Michel told her. “Do you have any idea that Salamis Corporation has been using the Sash brothers to smuggle drugs in the country?” She finally let it out. “What? You joking right?” the chuckled but his facial expression was priceless. “That is not possible. If I want to do dirty work, I know how to but the drug is not one of them and you know it.” Michel clearly seems angry as if Fiona didn't trust him. His voice was much louder when he spoke out. “Michel” she called as if asking him to keep his calm. “Trust me when I say this, my relationship with Sash brothers are strictly professional and clean. The first day I was to even meet them was the day when I first met you. So how is it possible that I am already able to start smuggling drugs within that time and now” Michel was hurt. “I am sorry Michel but maybe not you, someone else is using your name, and people are getting hurt by this” Fiona told him.


“I have no idea about drug business nor do I even know how it works. I get cold and all the mean things but not a drug dealer. Why would anyone think that low of me?” He was trying to keep his calm but that was just not what he expected especially from her. He also knew she wouldn't lie to him and if someone was using his company to smuggle drugs, it was gonna be hell. The government had real restrictions on their drug enforcement and his father is one of the top guys in the country. This could hurt him and his family.


Fiona, noticing his silence and rage, moved behind his office desk to where he was. She sat on his lap and lifted his face with her right hand, we can fix this. “How did you know about this and how sure are you this is true?” He was still trying to figure out the puzzle but no one could possibly smuggle drugs under his name. Very few people are close to him and they won't dare do that. “Let's say, I have been trying to watch your back as you have mine.” She responded. “Whosoever is behind this is gonna pay” Michel assured her.




“Hey, how are you doing?” Olivia greeted perry. “I’m fine” Perry replied in her usual cold tone. “You've been here for almost seven months and I barely know anything about you. If we are gonna keep living together, at least we could be friends” Olivia told her. “I am not here to establish a friendship, I am here to work. For Fiona as per my boss's instructions” Perry blurted out. “I mean, it doesn't matter why you are here. We could grab a couple of drinks and sometimes hangout” Olivia tried to push through. “That's very nice of you but I have things to do now if you don't mind,” Perry commented before walking away.


“Is everything okay? '' Fiona said as she walked toward Olivia standing in front of Perry's door. “I was just trying to be her friend but seems like she is cold as usual” Olivia stated. “I am sure it's because she has a lot to deal with, taking care of my work and other works from Michel. She will come around when the time comes'' Fiona told her and she nodded. “I will go to see her now, '' Fiona said as she left Olivia standing to enter Perry's room.


“What did you find?” Fiona asked Perry as she entered the room, making sure to close the door. “I did the investigation as you asked. I must say, the reports are a little complicated.” Perry told her, “You mean, Michel is involved with the drug issue” Fiona aked with worries clearly displaying in her voice. She was sure Michel wouldn't lie to her. “I won’t say exactly. I think someone is strategically framing him'' Perry lowered her voice and whispered again.. I have been hacking every call and text message from the Salamis.” Perry stated. “What? Are you crazy? Michel will kill you if he finds out?” Fiona shouted as she feared for Perry. “I know but it was the only way to get the information I needed. You aren't gonna tell him are you” Perry asked her. “I will never do that'' Fiona promised.

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