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“I tracked their calls and texts for the last two weeks. And, …………..most of my findings are linked to Jojo. And She seems to be in a close circle with Olivia as well” Perry informed her. “Olivia would go to any length to get rid of me. But Jojo, what does she hope to gain? How could she possibly be able to smuggle drugs under Michels name?” Fiona asked. “I am not sure, but there is a strong possibility that she has some help . And whosoever working with her knows exactly what they are doing” Perry informed her. 

Fiona immediately got an idea. She took out her phone and dial Jojo number. “What are you doing? Trying to confront her?” Perry asked. “No, I am about to confirm your report” Fiona replied. 

“Hey Fiona, how are you doing,” Jojo asked from the other end of the phone. “I am doing okay Jojo, how are you” Fiona replied. “You don't sound well. Is everything okay?” Jojo asked with concern. “Kisha is busy with her business and Lola is not here. You the only person I think I can trust now” Fiona faked a sad voice. “Hey girl, did something happen? You know I am always here for you, right? Jojo assured her. “I know, that is why I wanted to talk to you” Fiona added

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. “Okay, go ahead, tell me,” Jojo asked out of concern. “It's okay, I don't wanna burden you.” Fiona began crying over the phone. “Hey, talk to me. I am listening.” “I think my siblings are responsible for everything. They were the ones who tried to kill me” Fiona stated even faking her cries more.

 “What? Are you sure about this?” Jojo asked. “Yes, my father former doctor told me,” Fiona told her. “That sounds horrible. What else did he tell you?” Jojo wanted to get more information. “He said my father left some very important treasures for me,” Fiona stated. “Did he tell you where they are?” Jojo asked immediately. “He said in a house, but I need a map and a key. He said my father left them in a box at his house and I will need to pick them up on next week Tuesday. Could you pick them up for me?” Fiona lied. “I have some issues to settle at Arden on that day. And Michel also has an import meeting at that time. Besides, he has done so much for me and he is going through a lot right now. I don't wanna burden him with his too. I know am asking a lot from you but, I just have no other option” Fiona pleaded with her. “You're Not asking too much. And I promise you, I will do everything I can do help you.”Jojo assured her. “Are you sure? You can do that for me?” Fiona asked her and she confirmed. “Yes, I will do everything in my power to see you get what is truly yours” Jojo promised. “This means everything to me, Jojo. How can I ever repay you? Thank you very much. “ Fiona thanked her. “No worries, what are family for?” Jojo sounded very calmed and nice as they both bid each other goodbye.  

“Prepare a box and a map. We're gonna send them on an adventure” Fiona smiled as she thought of how easily Jojo had fallen for her plan. The original Map had been kept far away from the house with only Michel knowing the current location. 

“I diverted Jojo calls and we will be notified when she calls Olivia, '' Perry told Fiona. “You are a genius, aren't you?” Fiona laughed at how smart and helpful Perry has been. She is a skilled IT specialist for a notorious gang crew so it made sense that she was this good at her job. Within a few minutes, Perry's phone ring, Jojo was calling Olivia, and perry was able to hack into the call. Both Fiona and Perry sat in perry’s room and listen to their conversation over the phone. 

“Fiona just called me. She is onto you. She knows everything”  Jojo told Olivia. "What did she tell you," Olivia asked. “She is awaiting a map of her father's treasure. I have been sent to collect it on Tuesday. Jojo informed her “What map?” Olivia asked. “I don't know but she said something about her father’s leaving a map or something like a key to his wealth," Jojo told her. “The map of Arden? How did she know about it?” Olivia asked. “Her father doctor told her“She is unto you” Jojo warned. “Well baby Fiona, two can play the game,” Oliva said. “Keep me posted on her activities” Olivia added. before dropping the call. 


“Hello” Angelica greeted immediately Fiona picked the phone. “Who is this?” Fiona asked. “Angelica” Fiona immediately lifted her head from her laptop as she heard the name, Angelica. She developed taken aback, not knowing what the expect. “What do you want and how did you get my number?” Fiona asked. “I know am the last person you expect to hear from but we have to talk,” Angelica demanded. “I am not sure if we have anything to say to each other. If you want to talk, you can call Michel. You and I have nothing to discuss.” Fiona said and was about to hang out when Angelica spoke “If you love Miche, hear me out. I wanna make things right” Angelica pleaded. “That is definitely a thing to settle with Michel himself, don't you think” Fiona replied. “Michel won't pick my calls. Please, hear me out” Angelica begged. “Fine, what do you want?” Fiona gives her the benefit of the doubt. “Meet at Capital Central pack?” Angelica proposed. "And why the hell would I do that?" Fiona snapped. "I am unable to hurt you even if I try because Michel would kill me if I made an attempt. My life is already horrible enough" Angelica assured her. “On my way, you better not mess with me,” Fiona warned her before dropping the call. 

She called Perry and told her to walk with her to the park. She had to be sure it wasn't a setup. Fiona arrived at the pack with many different people having different fun activities. Some sitting and chatting, family playing, and having fun. Angelica arrived with a long Yoruba dress, a large sunglasses, and a hair scarf as if completely disguising herself. 

“Seems like you have many people chasing after you?” Fiona stated upon seeing Angelica. “I just dont wanna put my family life in danger” Angelica stated. “Family? You even have a family? But you had the gots to ruin my date?” Fiona snapped. “I am not here to fight with you okay,” Angelica told her. “Fine, what do you want? Fiona snapped. 

“ I was paid to do it” Angelica blurted out. “You mean, pay to magically rise from the dead during our date?” Fiona vented. “No, to make him fall in love with me” Angelica sobbed and Fiona laughed out so loud that even people around began to look. “You aren't here to give me some of your fake-ass stories right? I really though Michel made the right choice never knew he had settled for a whore” Fiona cursed out.

“You see, you rich, always take advantage of people like me. You think money is everything to it” Angelica cried out. “So what, am supposed to hand you a golden meddle for being paid to make a man love you only to break him into pieces? And you want to play the victim card with me” Fiona yelled back at her. "I am a single mother" Angelica cried. "Ohh wait, let me guess, Michel's child?" Fiona tested. "No, before Michel" Angelica replied honestly and Fiona wanted interested in the full story. 

“My son was sick and he needed treatments. I couldn't raise money for his heart failures but he was only three years old. At that time, I had no money, nothing. And they offered me a huge sum of money because Michel had been attracted to me every time he went to eat at the restaurant where I worked. He didn't know I had a child. So they promise if I could get him to fall in love with me and stole his documents they could help me with all I needed. At that time, I was desperate to get my son's treatment. I had no choice but to take it. It took about four months when Michel had proposed to me. That was when they gave me the first half-million and was going to pay After I delivered the documents. But Michel was a nice man. I couldnt get myself to do it. I know if I had told him, they would have killed my son and me. So I had to fake my death and run for my life.” Angelica began crying as she confessed the truth. 

Fiona just stood without saying a word. Like, what the heck was going on. Why is the world so scared? “I don't want to ruin your date, but they found me. I had to” Angelica confused. “Who they, what are you talking about? Who would go this length to see Michel destroyed?” Fiona asked. 

“Its, ...its” ANgelica hesitated. “Go on, tell me. Who paid you to do this? Fiona asked. But was soo taken by shock when few gunmen had fired bullets at them. The men wore masks and were on a moving bike as they fire at them. Both she and ANgelica quickly felt to the ground as the men fire almost three shots. The men too were being shot at by perry who seems to have been watching over Fiona. Perry came running towards Fiona as she engages in firing with the gunmen but they were too fast and she got none of them.

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