FIONA - Episode 31

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Meanwhile, Olivia found the blue house on the map. She was excited and thought she finally won Fiona for once. She and Benji were gonna get marry and own everything to themselves without the witch Fiona. The house was located on the outskirt of Capital city, almost closer to Vendaski City. Unlike most buildings in Capital city, this was much older and remote. “Why the heck would he keep wealth and riches in a place like this? Maybe its because he didn't want anyone finding out . Well, I have” she thought to herself. She also had the keys to the house so she made her way into the house. 

She opened the door with excitement and entered only to meet two police guards standing waiting for her. “Ms. Olivia Leeway?” the police called. “Yes,” she replied with fear shown in her voice. “You are under arrest for the murder of Augustine Payge, Ms. Fiona late Fiance.” the police told her. “You crazy right? Do you know who I am?” Olivia called. 

“I do” Mr. Lee, Fiona's father former doctor replied from within the house. “You? I should have known you were trying to trick Fiona” Olivia said. “On the contrary, Fiona tricked you. “You better let me go

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. If Benji ever" she trailed off. “Ahhh...I hate to break the bad news but your Benji is dead. Tried killing Fiona as you planned but seems like they got to him first” Mr. Lee explained. “What? That is not true. You are a lier. You are going to regret this. I promise you will pay” Olivia cried out of pain and frustration. Benji can't be dead, no, that is never happening. 

“Arrest her” Mr. Lee ordered the police. “Why are you arresting me?” She outcried. This time, Fiona was almost entering the house to meet Olivia for the last time or atleast get it out in her face. “Fiona won't let you hurt me” Olivia stated. “No, he won't because I am gonna do that myself” Fiona's voice shattered her. “You set me up, you bitch” Olivia raged. “What do you think? I will allow your betrayal of Jojo to have access to my wealth? You must have been crazy to even come here without shame” Fiona crused. “I was only giving you what you deserve” Olivia justified. “And what did Augustine do to deserve his untimely death?” Fiona asked. “You figured. But here is the problem, the poison wasn't meant for him, he was such a jerk to have drank from your glass. I wanted to see you died and suffer like I have” Olivia lashed out. Before she could say another word, Fiona landed a resounding slap in her face. “He did nothing to deserve your cruelty” Fiona gotten angry. “He didn't, but you did. Everything has always been you. You deserve to be loved and be rich but I don't. Augustine was mine. He was my friend first and you know I loved him but snatched him anyway” Olivia defended. “That’s not true. I didn't know you had feelings for him” Fiona protested. “What? Gonna play the victim card like you always did? Have you ever cared about what I wanted? Everyone chooses you because everything is just about you. The smart one, talented, lovable, and even the man I ever loved. I wish it was you that had choked your blood and rot in hell” Olivia slammed at her. Fiona was raged and was going give her another resounding slap but Michel held her back. 


“I think that's enough. You don't have to waste your time on her. Take her away” Michel ordered the police. Fiona at that moment was trying to be strong but she couldn't deny how heartbroken she was. The only two people she had always known and gave everything for were the ones who hated her to its core. Anger and jealousy, human error, she wasn't a saint but sure did not deserve any of these. She watched as the police handoff and took Olivia away. Fiona's eyes were bloody red, she felt the pain of really losing them both more than anything. She never thought it would have hurt that much. 

“I know it hurts but I am right here for you, always” Michel assured her. He walked her out of the house and into his car before driving away, back to her house. 

~~~~~~ six days afte

“Hey man, you haven't been looking too good lately,” Jimmy said as he took a seat in Michel’s office. “I am doing okay, just working out some stuff” Michel responded. “It this about Fiona?” Jimmy asked. “Not really, She is doing okay. Had a hard time processing everything that happened but she is a strong woman” Michel assured him. “You know if you can't make it today, we could try to better prepare for another time. I am sure those bastards will continue to smuggle drugs under our name” Jimmy told him. “No man, I have to. I want to know who is using my name to smuggle drugs” Michel told him. “Okay, we can leave at 9:00 PM and try to make sure no one finds out,” Jimmy informed him. “Do we need the police or anything?” Michel inquired. “Not really, we can just go spy on them this time and better prepare to arrest them next time” Jimmy suggested and Michel agreed. 

Around 9: PM both Jimmy and Michel drove in Jimmy’s car towards the port. It was about an hour's drive to a very small seaport where very wealthy business people use to ship things in and out of the country. Both Benji and Michel got down secretly from the car. Hiding to ensure no one saw them. They made plans to record and have evidence about the illegal smuggling of drugs and then arrest the dealers for the next time. 

A black jeep immediately ran in the middle of the road almost near where Michel and Jimmy were hidden. “Who is that?” Michel asked, noticing how the arrival of the person seemed to have changed the entire atmosphere but the person was still in the car. The place was dark except for a few lights at the port, enough so see the people and things going on. Michel was puzzled about who was it. It wasn't long when Jimmy left the hidden spot and made his way towards the car. “What are you doing? This wasn't part of the plan” Michel whispered. “Ohh yeah, this was all part of the plan Cousin” Jimmy replied. This time around, Samuel's sash was already down from his car and Jimmy stood beside him. There were three gunmen and they all pointed to Michel. “Hello, Michel” Samuel Sash greeted.” 

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