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“When I was an eleven years old boy, both my parents were murdered in cold blood by my uncle, Samuel Sash.” DIamond explained but Michel had almost no interest in his story. “My father and his brother had started the company to manufacture electronics and other machinery. My father owns 53% of the company. For some selfish reason, my uncle came to the house one night with gunmen . Mother upon hearing what the conversation was about, she sent me through the window and asked me to run but I couldn't. I was at the window, outside the house when I saw everything and still remember them fresh in my mind. He killed both my parents and left the house to burn, making everyone believe my parent's death was an accident. 


I spent most of my life in the hood, couldn't afford to go to school for years. A poor widow took me from the street when I was fourteen years. She sent me to school and that's how I ended up using her family name, Diamond Norway.” Diamond explained the bitter truth about his life. 


‘So you trying to get revenge from the Sash brother?” Michel smirk nodding his head. “If it were you, what would you have done? My father put so much effort in creating a future for his family, for me, but he took everything from me. growing up to remember seeing both my parents murdered in cold blood” Diamond raved bitterly

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. "I dont know how you plan on doing this but I must warn you, they have a reputation of eliminating threat" Michel warned. “I had better job offers but I choose to work for them because I must get my revenge, I am going to take back what is rightfully mine,” Diamond said it and meant it. “Does not still mean, I believe you. But let's hope you dont get yourself killed in the process” Michel utter impulsively.


 “Okay, bae. Let's do this since you are going with Jimmy, you can. Just go with a plan in case anything happens.” Fiona told him. He was trying hard to not believe them but he knew it was better to be careful than to turn a blind eye on a potential threat. At least the life of Fiona is evidence that your enemy could be closer. But he sure was gonna make Diamond life miserable if he was lying. “Fine, what do you supposed we do?” He finally agreed. 


“You wear a bulletproof on your way for the shipments. Also, we could take the police for backup” Diamond suggested. “That doesn't make sense? If you guys are right about this, it could end in bloodshed” Michel yelled at them. “We know but it would build a case for us all. You can not stop the illegal smuggling of drugs on your own especially by people who have lived to do this all their lives. And Diamond too could not get his company back” Fiona told him. “Say you're trying to protect him instead” Michel was still resisting. “I am protecting you. Why are you being so difficult? Fiona urged. 


“If this would make you happy and get you to trust jimmy, fine” Michel agreed to their plans only because he believed that they were wrong and to at least please her. With all his bad attitude, he cherished family and they meant so much to him. He and Jimmy grew up together and always had each other back. He couldnt believe he was doubting his brother after all this while. 

“Lets all hope for the best” diamond replied. “You should hope for that because if you are wrong about this, my face would be the last thing you see” Michel was still not okay with Diamond but he was gonna give it a shot. 


“I have to get my father out of the house on Tuesday before they get to him,” Fiona stated. “And you think Jojo is going to betray you as you have planned?” Michel though Fiona was being paranoid and thinking everyone was out to get her. “Let see how Tuesday incident goes and you can judge your cousins by the results,” Diamond told him and he only nodded. He desperately wishes they were wrong about his cousins. For once he was scared of what the outcome could be. 


“I have work to do if you all dont mind” Michel was disturbed by all he had learned. What if they are right? Its better safe than sorry. Cousins or no cousin, he was not going to be taken down easily. That he knows for sure. The thought this to himself as he made his way out of Diamond’s apartment with Fiona along with him. 


He made his way towards his car before entering, he turned to Fiona and said “I know you are looking out for me and want the best. But I hope you are wrong about this. It could hurt my family you know” Michel told her. “I know Michel, I also wish we are wrong about all this,” Fiona told him. They both exchanged their usual kisses and said their goodbyes before going their separate ways. 


Michel drove to his mother's grave, where he usually went to have some quiet conversations. He got down from his car and made his way to the tombstone. He said no words for almost five minutes. And after a while, he begins "I promised you that I would keep our family together and protect them Mother, am afraid I am going to break that promise.....I have learned terrible things. Very frightening and could forever tear our family apart. Please, forgive me, mother. " he said those and thought of so many things to himself. He couldnt figure why Jimmy would ever want to betray him. But it is what it is. Life is full of growth, for the better or worse. 

After a lengthy conversation with his mom and some to himself, he made his way back to the office. 

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