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“Guess what?” Michel Asked Fiona at the other end of the video call “What?” Fiona asked. “Jimmy is back,” Michel told Fiona. “Wait, what? When did he return? He didn't even tell me” Fiona complained. “Yeah, he wanted to surprise you,” Michel told her.

“You finally have the man to put you in your place” Fiona laughed. “Well, I already have you to be doing that,” Michel told her and she blushed so hard.. . “You should always keep that smile, for me” Michel added as she continuously blushed.

“Can I ask you something?” Michel inquired and Fiona nodded “yes” but Michel Face went blank for a while before he blurted out. “who is Diamond” Michel finally got it off his chest. “My boyfriend” She tried to get a reaction and Michel's face got serious. “Am not joking” He emphasized and it clearly reflected in his expression. “I told you that we attended the same college. We have been close ever since” Fiona stated everything she had once told him but Michel didn't react as if he needed more information. “We never dated because we had always been like an elder brother to me. Are you jealous?” she teased

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. “I couldn't help it. Like the two of you seem to be a little too close than I would like. I trust you.” Michel assured her but she knew he had more to say. “And?” Fiona questioned.

“I just think he doesn't like me like I get that feeling that he is on to me,” Michel told her. “Don't be paranoid, Diamond and I have nothing out of the ordinary. Maybe you just being protective because he's a guy” Fiona tried to reason with him but Michel wasn't buying it. “I trust you bae, just hope he doesn't get on my bad side” Michel warned and she nodded as if she got the message loud and clear.


“Hey, do you have time to talk?” Olivia's voice came from the other end of her office. She tried to speak to Michel but he beat her to it. “It's okay. Call me when you have time” Michel replied as if Olivia's presence was a turn-off. “Love you bae” Fiona added before he dropped the call.


“What are you both already dating?” Olivia asked in surprise. Fiona rolled her eyes in a circle before replying “Yep”. “And you didn't even tell me?” Oliva asked. “Olivia” Fiona dragged her name. “I know you think I hate Machel but you could atleast tell us. Anyways, am actually happy for you” Oliva smile to her and Fiona replied, “ thank you”. "You seem to be changing a lot recently. Is everything okay?" Olivia asked. "Yes, I guess its just the work overload and everything going on but am fine" Fiona assured her.


“So tell me how has it been dating him. Is he abusive or controlling? Does he hurt you?” Olivia asked all at once. “You don't always have to assume the worst of him you know. He is quite a gentleman that any woman would wish she they had” Fiona blurted out without a second thought. “besides, I am sure you didn't come to lecture me about Michel did you?” FIona asked, clearly uninterested in discussing her relationship.


“Sure, have you been able to talk to Mr. Lee since your return,” Olivia asked out of tin air and Fiona was taken by surprise. I have searched for him but, he is nowhere to be found.” Fiona concealed.“You know you can trust me right,” Oliva told her. “I know that” Fiona smirked. “Okay, I am also gonna try to find him and get him to pay for his crimes. Let me know when you see him?” Olivia requested and FIona nodded affirmatively.

“Okay, sis loves you,” Olivia announced as she departed the office. Throughout her stay in the office, she notices that Fiona hadn't been cold but definitely a different person. Seems like she had got a lot of child on her plate to handle.




“ I thought we had an agreement,” FIona said to Diamond as she entered his apartment. “What are you talking about'' Diamond asked with confusion. “You promise to give me a chance to prove that Michel is not what you think he is'' FIona said. “And that is exactly what I have been doing” Diamond replied. “Than why did you send someone after him last night? '' Fiona inquired. “And you really think I did that? Maybe someone else is unto your baby boy. Am sure he is too good at pissing everyone up.” Diamond responded. “ Yesterday, someone shot at him while he on his way to get dinner at a restaurant. And the last I checked, you were the only person on Michel.” Fiona grounded at Diamond.


“I am not gonna sit back and let you hurt him. You are misjudging him, Diamond. Fiona protested.” “Am I? Or are you just blinded by your love to see the monster he is? He is in an alliance with the devils that killed my parents. And has been using my company to smuggle drugs in and out of the country. And you say over judging?” Diamond snapped at her. “Michel would never harm innocent people and he is not a dealer” Fiona defended “Well then you better start finding out who is onto him. Am sure his life is gonna meet many troubled days ahead” Diamond fire back as he tried to walk past her to leave the house. “You are not the only one hurt D, my siblings want to kill me too. Michel has been the one saving my ass all along'' FIona commented. “What? How do you mean? “It means sometimes we target the wrong enemy. The enemy could be closer than you think. Let's work together” Fiona proposed. “So you can save your Michel'' Diamond questioned. “Not to just save Michel but if that is what I must do, I will. He has stuck his neck out for me so many times and I trust him with my life” Fiona argued.


“Don't worry princess, when I am ready for your baby boy, I am gonna get him and his entire crew. Even if it means getting through someone else” Diamond finally let it out and the reality hit Fiona. “Don't tell me you planning on using Kisha to hurt Michel” Fiona seemed to have put the puzzle together. “You are crazy, right? I get when you mad at Michel but Kisha is innocent. She has got nothing to do with all of this” Fiona cried out. “You see, that's where you’re wrong. No one is ever truly innocent” Diamond argued. “Let's work something out” Fiona tried to negotiate. “There is nothing to negotiate here, I am gonna avenge my parent's death no matter what it takes. And to reclaim my company’s reputation even if the last thing I do” Diamond stated Frimley.


“Let's help each other. Trust me?” Fiona pleaded with him. DIamond was hesitant but he knew her too well and they both had had a lot of things to deal with in the past. “ What do you suppose we do?” he finally gave in.

“We hunt them the real perpetrators. Make the pay” Fiona answered.


“I know you are trying hard to make your man look clean but let's hope you are right” Diamond warned before walking out of the house.


Fiona stood in the living room for a while after Diamond had walked out. Seems like life had so much trash to throw her way. Now she had to deal with her siblings and now Diamond. She really prayed Michel was clean.

Diamond had told her about his family and quest for revenge since they were in college. And she knew his work for Sash brothers was more strategic. He also told her after he found that Michel had a business deal with Sash brothers but also Michel company was involved in smuggling drugs in and out of the company using Sash brothers good shipment as a cover-up.

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