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“Are you okay? Did they hurt you? '' Perry inquired as she checked Fiona but she was falling over Angelica. “Angelica?” Fiona turned to notice blood on her dress. “Ohh my God, you are bleeding” Fiona cried out. “Help her, let's get her to the hospital” they run to help Angelica get treatment. She was rushed to the nearby hospital, about five minutes from the crime screen. Angelica was rushed into the emergency room with doctors and nurses attending to her. 

Michel ran into the hospital in search for Fiona . Perry had informed them of what happened. “Fiona” Michel called out after spotting her sitting with her head in her hands at one of the waiting chairs. She ran into his arm and he held her so tight as if his world depended on it. “I dont know what I would do it anything happened to you,” Michel said as he tightened his grabs on her. “Don't ever scare me like that. I got so scared” He continued holding her tight as if someone was to snatch her away. “Am sorry. It all just happened.” Fiona cried. “It's okay, what matters is you are safe now.” Michel consoles her. “But Angelica? They shot her” Fiona told him. “I am sure she will be fine

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. Okay?” Michel responded and she nodded.


“Fiona, praise the Almighty. We were so scared” Benji and Olivia ran towards her. “Did they hurt you? Are you sure you are okay? '' Olivia asked, checking her out. “I am doing fine” Fiona assured them. “Do you know them? Benji asked and Fiona said no. I have no idea but it seems the person knew she would have been there. They were after her. 

They immediately spotted a young woman walking out of the emergency room where Angelica had been rushed. “Doctor, how is she coming on” Fiona ran towards the doctor. The doctor's facial expression could tell that the news was not going to be good. “We have tried all we can but the bullet hit major organs and if she survives this, it would be a rare miracle.” The doctor informed them. “This is all my fault” Fiona cried. “Hey, don't blame yourself for anything. Come here” Michel pulled her clasp and press close. “Poor Angelica” Fiona whimper. “Her brother would be here anytime soon. Let's wait for him” Michel informed Fiona.


“You should  go and see her in the next few minutes,” the doctor told them before walking away.


“I am happy that you are safe, that is the most important thing,” Benji said from behind her as she leaned on Michel. He knew Michel but that was their first time meeting in person. “Michel Salami?” Benji called and Michel extended his hands for a shake. He didn't like Benji but the timing was odd and its Fiona’s brother.


“Fiona” Kisha's voice called. She turned to notice both Kisha and Diamond coming towards her. “Hey princess, are you okay? We came immediately Olivia told us” Diamond commented. Michel didn't like his presence and what the hell was he doing with Kisha. Why was Diamond all over his loved ones? “Hey, Michel right” Diamond draw his attention. “Yep, nice to meet you” Michel replied coldly and Diamond nodded. The tension between them was shown without any remorse. 


“I think we can go see her now” Fiona commented and they all ran towards Angelica’s room. It was a simple room with an Angelica bed in the middle. She began crying upon seeing Michel. “I am so sorry for everything I have caused you. Please forgive me” Angelica continue shedding tears. Michel was hurt without even knowing why but she was in a dying bed and Fiona kept motioning him to at least talk to her. He moved closer and sat on the end of the bed while taking her hands in his. “It's okay, you're gonna be fine and after we can talk things over” Michel Assured her. But she only laughed as if that was never going to happen. "Would you ever be able to forgive me?" Angelica pleaded. "Yes, I forgive you. I do" Michel pardon her because he thought it was the right thing to do. 


“Sorry, I ruined your day,” Angelica said referring to Fiona. Fiona moved closer to her. “Do you have any idea who did this to you and why? Fiona asked and Angelica turned her face to the other side of the room with tears rolling down her cheek. She thought saying it to Fiona would be the best way to end it all but when she brought herself to speak, she couldn't. She immediately began shaking violently. “Call the doctor, someone calls the doctor” Michel shouted as he ran through the door. Angelica continued fighting between speaking and death until she finally took her last breath. When the doctor entered, she was gone.

The life support machine had gone off and her heart stopped. “I am sorry mam, she is gone” the doctor announced her time of death. "No, she can't be," Fiona cried. Somehow she felt at fault for ANgelica's death. Had she not tried to tell me the truth, she could have still been alive. Fiona thought to herself.


It wasn't long when Angelica's brother Romeo entered the hospital and was informed about his sister’s death. Michel promised to sponsor the entire burial but Romeo refused, blaming Michel for his sister's death. He insisted on taking his sister’s corp to the village for burial.

 "Is her son going to be okay?" Fiona asked Romeo. "He is currently in the village with our mom," Romeo told her. "I would love to see him someday" Fiona stated but Romeo only nodded. He completed the necessary arrangement transferred the body to the village for proper burial.


Everyone was unsure of what had happened but they were glad that Fiona was fine. Again, another incident involving her. They all left the building and made their way towards the parking lot with Michel and Fiona walking side by side. 

“What do you mean when you say Angelica son?” Michel asked. “Michel” Fiona called. “Is there something I must know?” He insisted. “That's why she called me Michel, she was a single mother before you two met. She was paid to make you fall in love with her because her child was sick” Fiona narrated to him. “What the f*** are you talking about?”Michel screamed. “I know its hard, it's also hard for me to take it but it's the truth,” Fiona told him. “Am sure whoever was behind it had to stop her from telling me the entire truth” Fiona explained. “That’s not possible” Michel protested. “She faked her death” Fiona added. Michel's eyes were burning red with pain and anger. He shook his head and got in his car. “Michel, what are you doing?” Fiona called but he instead drove away without looking back. 


He drove for over forty-five minutes to the green mountain, with waterfall and so much beauty. The place was well decorated but far from the main town. He usually went there to meditate or have some quiet time to himself. As he got down from his car and began walking towards the waterfall. Everything about the place was beautiful and fully covered in nature, tall trees and flowers of so many different colors, pink, green, yellow, and so many more. 


“It's so beautiful out here. Do you usually come here?” Fiona's voice called from behind him. He didn't realize she had followed him. “You shouldn't have followed me” He stated. “I know but I couldnt leave you driving out by yourself as a mad man could I?” She replied. “Am sorry for how I reacted back there. I always held myself responsible for her death.” Michel told Fiona. “I know but now the truth is out. Am glad she tried to make it right” Fiona added. “I am glad that I have you,” Michel told her after a few minutes of silence. "Me too" she replied. 


“Come let me show you something” Michel directed her to the other side of the mountain, a well decorated with a tombstone. “Who is that,” Fiona asked immediately noticing the grave but it also had the name, Ashee Salam. Michel walked closer to the tombstone. “Meet my mother, he told her with a little smile. “Hey mom, this is Fiona...My woman, the one I told you about” Michel introduced Fiona to his mom. He extended his hands for Fiona to come closer and she did but a little excited that he had even told his mom about her. They both stood by the tombstone for a little while. “Ready to go home?” Michel asked Fiona and she shook her head in affirmation. 

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