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Its Tuesday, Fiona in her dad's room after she sent Jojo to recover the fake map and keys from an unknown person in the middle of nowhere. Jojo arrived at the scene in the middle of the road and a teenager came from the car and handed over a box to her. “My father said I should give this to you. Say hi to Fiona and that he missed her'' the girl told Jojo . “I will do that, thank you,” Jojo told the girl. They both made their way into their separate cars and drove away. 


After about a fifteen minutes drive, Jojo car was surrounded by three different cars with all containing gunmen. They made her step out of her car and began firing in the air. One took the box from her car and they all headed their way. Jojo immediately called Fiona after they drove away. 

“Fiona, Fiona, oh my god I was attacked. They had guns” Jojo cried. “They took the box” she continues crying. “What? Oh my God, no, no, no, this can't be happening. But anyway, I hope you are safe. Did they hurt you” Fiona asked. “Jojo replied, no, but they took the box” Jojo repeated and Fiona was silent for a few minutes. “Okay, come home, and let's figure something out okay. I will call Michel and maybe he could help'' Fiona assured her and she agreed to go home. 


“Jojo just called me,” Fiona said on the other end of the phone

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. “Tell me you were wrong about her,” Michel stated. “she said the box was taken from her,” Fiona told Michel. Michel was pained that his cousin was in the game of betraying them. So Diamond and Fiona might be right, Jojo is not all that innocent. She was involved. “Dammed” Michel crused and hit his hands on the wall. 

“She fell for my trick,” Fiona stated. “Your cousin is a f** betrayer and they are out to get you just as they are out to get us” Fiona snapped. 

“Get perry and take your father out of there now” Michel ordered. But Fiona and Perry were already doing that. Perry had knocked the fake doctor out and was on her way towards Fiona in her father’s room. 


Meanwhile, Olivia called Benji. “I have the map and am headed to the location. “ Olivia sent a picture of the map to Benji. “ I will join you soon but have to take care of something first. Fiona is planning to take Father out of the house,” Benji told Olivia. “So what are you going to do?” Olivia asked. “Make sure, she never comes back into our lives,” Benji told Olivia over the phone. “You gonna kill her?” Olivia asked but Benji off the phone and made his way into their compound. 


Michel immediately called the police to meet him at Fiona’s house. He had been advised to keep his crew out of it so the law could properly handle them but Michel crew was on standby in case. Messing with him was one thing but messing with Fiona was a whole different problem by itself. 

Perry had gone to prepare the car to take Fiona dad out of the house. She soon noticed Benji running into the house with a gun so she followed him in without him noticing. Benji made his way to their father’s room where Fiona was placing her father in the wheelchair. 


“Do you think, am gonna let you walk out of here with him” Benji's voice came from the doorway. “I doubt that but I'm still wishing we dont have to go through this. You don't have to hate us this much. We are family.” Fiona argued. “That is the problem little sister. We are not family. He was prepared to cast me out for you. Because I am not his blood.” Benji told her. “Father loved you. He raised you and gave you everything you have ever wanted” Fiona justified. “I guess that wasn't enough. Your mother was the very reason why he divorce mine, because of you. You and your mother destroyed my family. You don't deserve to be an Arden, am the rightful heir. But it's you that he chooses to build his wealth with. And when he had the slightest opportunity, he was going to disown me. Take away everything I have ever lived for.” Benji argued. “That is not true. Father never even told me because he loved you and never wanted any of this” Fiona grumbled. “You think I dont know, he magically came up with a fake DNA report only after you graduated. You get to walk into Arden and make all the decisions, be the boss and be happy but I get to always be in the back. You are just as wicked and mean as your mother” Benji yelled at her with his eyes burning read. “That is not true. I love you, Benji, I always have and you know that” Fiona was sobbing harder as she tried to convince Benji to let go. 


“You said so but kept the secret of the Map of Arden to yourself and your so-called boyfriend. I worked with Father to build that wealth even before your stupid mother destroyed my family and now you get to own everything” Benji argued. “We can still make this right Benji. We can talk this over” Fiona pleaded with him. “Too late for that, am taking what is mine and I dont need any interference” Benji pointed the gun to her head. “You think you gonna kill us and walk out of here free?” Fiona chuckled nodding her head. “You think your stupid boyfriend and those useless cops out there gonna stop me?” Benji threatened. “Don't do this. You can walk away from here and I will let the police spare you” Fiona pleaded. “If you expect me to beg you for my life, you wrong. And I won't go to prison to have you visit me.” Benji resisted. “Don't do this, am begging you” Fiona cried. “I am not saying I won't go down, but am gonna make sure to take you with me,” Benji said and was about to shot her. “Say hi to your mom and enjoy hell,” Benji said and made a shot but before he could remove his hands from the gun Michel fired him twice and he felt to the ground. 


Seeing Benji falling on the grown, Fiona ran towards him and he fell fully in her arms. “No!…..No!.....No! ... Benjamin!!!” She exclaims with Benji almost dead body in her hands. Please don't, I will take you to the hospital and you will be fine. Please don't close your eyes. She wept, and the memory of her childhood with Benji began to play in a repeat mode. He fighting off other kids from bullying her on campus, taking her to see around the city, and loving her as any good brother would. She held on to him till his last birth. Holding his lifeless body in her hands was so much more painful and she cried profoundly. Fiona's father also began crying from his wheelchair, but he couldnt move. It was then that the police fully entered the room to take Benji corps away. Perry also got the Ambulance to take Fiona's father to the hospital as planned. 


Benji's body was taken away from Fiona as she cried. She loved him more than she was angry with him. He was still her brother. “Hey” Michel called and she immediately throws herself in his arms sobbing quietly. He began consoling her and somehow her crying in his arms hit differently. She was so vulnerable and he wished he could take away her pain at that moment, Those tears were devastating to him and he wouldn't want to see her cry ever again. He was sure that he was never gonna let her go, he just couldn't bear it but he continued to hold on to her tightly. 

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