FIONA - Episode 23

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The drive to Marine city was much quieter than normal. Fiona was still troubled by everything she had learned. She needed to be strong and carefully plan her actions. But she was even more grateful to have Michel at her end during these difficult times.  

She was enraged especially by the condition of her father. “How can her own brother, someone who was loving and compassionate turn out to be a cold blooded killer? Who did that to Him? She ponders over all of the possibilities but none would really get her the answers she needs. But she knew that no one, absolutely no one was gonna take her down without a fight. She was done entrusting the wrong people. 

She stayed wondering with her thoughts until Michel arrived and packed in his compound. He opened the door of his black SUV and together the both walked into the living room. 

“Here comes my couple of the year, Jojo said and they all were excited to see Fiona again. “Fiona my child. I miss you” Grandma Mia said immediately spotting Fiona. She ran towards Fiona and held her in a hug. “Bless your heart my child” Grandma said upon releasing her from a long hug. 

“I have also missed you Grandma” Fiona said pulling on a smiling face. Michel left the ladies downstairs and went to his own room. As usual, he wasn't interested in their dramas. 


“How come I wasn't expecting you?” Lola's voice came from the other side stairs, moving towards Fiona. “Good afternoon too Miss.” Fiona pulled her into a slight hug. “Why aren't you in Dubai Already, Fiona tested. “Wait, are you already tired of me? Do I annoy you that much?” Lola faked a sad face. “Anyways, I am leaving tonight.” Lola told her.
“Please say hi to your father for me. Make Sure to also take care of yourself. Hope you meet some hot arab guys” Fiona joked. “You crazy right?” Lola laughed. . “I am serious” Fiona added. “Please mam, I love my Marine guys” Lola laughed.

“There is some food, do you wanna eat?” Grandma Mia asked Fiona. “No, Grandma, Fiona replied, pulling on the best smile she could afford. She was trying hard not to show any sign of pain as she wanted to keep certain knowledge to herself. “I will go and see Michel now” She excused herself and left to his room. 

Fiona entered the room, but Michel wasn't there. Had had gone to the shower. She began scrolling through his room. It was simple and the dark colors were overwhelming. Black and brown. Somehow, almost all of the furniture was black with few brown in them. She knew he loved darked colors but this was a little too much. 

Her attention was drawn to one of the most beautiful portraits she has seen. Hanging on the left side of the room, it was her potrate. Just by looking at it, she could see herself in a whole new light. Whosoever he commissioned to do it was a divine artist. Just by looking at the potrate, it felt like her world had turned into a perfect utopia, her worries and pain had suddenly been replaced and illuminated with excitement. But she had never seen it before that day. It was done using oil paint, dressed like a princess with a red dress and crown. 

“But I have never taken any picture like this nor worn any clothing of such” She said out loud. “That is because it's a work of pure intuition. My mind was able to capture all of the details in a more creative style” Michel's voice came from behind, she didn't realize he was standing right next to her. “You did this?” She asked out of shock. “You are an artist? Wow, this is  beyond beauty. But I don't look anything like this. It's too perfect” She protested against it. 

He moved closer, ensuring no distance wes left between them. He lifted his right hand and began scrolling his hands down her face as she reacted to the motion of his hands.  “Somehow it was easier to imagine the beautiful structure of this face, the radiant smile, innocent, curves from the hair. That is exactly you, no add no subtract.” 


He said looking deep into her eyes as they both lock eyes. He had his hands and began kissing on his palm. She tip on her toe, ensuring equal length with his head before locking his lips in kisses. He responded at first but soon broke the kiss. “No Fiona, you aren't ready for this. I’m sorry, you just have a lot going on right now and I don't wanna take advantage of you. “But I want to,” she said in a whisper as she slowly moved her hands up on his bare chest. She began rolling her hands on his chest and up towards his neck as he reacted to her touch. He tried to resist the urge to rip her cloth off and work wonders on her but somehow he couldn't. He immediately helped her hands “You are troubled and not thinking right. Lets try to figure something out and get you to rest okay” He said all in a whisper and she understood what he meant. She didn't also want him feeling guilty and maybe he was right, she was just troubled and finding ways to deal with it. 

“I will be on the balcony, she said and he nodded as she walked away. He realized that he had been turned on and little michel was just so upset, but in the end, it was the right thing to do. 


“Still thinking about your siblings'' Michel asked her upon waking up from sleep noticing Fiona sitting up straight in bed with my mind completely drifted away. “I am sorry you” Michel trid to say but was interrupted by Fiona. “That is the thing Mihcel, I am tired of being told sorry. I am gonna stand up for myself and fight for what is rightly mine” She said with full confidence. “And I will always have your back, I promise” Michel assured her.


“I need to get the map in my room. Mr. Lee told me it could lead me to all of the answers I need. I need to before someone finds it” Fiona told him. “Then you should get back and find it. Did he tell you where?” Michel asked. “Yes, he said” she tried to explain but Michel held his hands to her mouth. “The wall has ears, you better keep that to yourself” Michel warned her and she nodded affirmatively. 

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