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“I know this is hard for you. But Benji’s mother cheated on your father. That is why they separated even before he married your mother. Still, your father loved Benji thinking he was his son. All of Joseph’s documents have both of your names with Benji owning a higher percentage because your father thought you are a woman. Besides you have Arden and one day you will have your husband to take care of you.” Mr . Lee told her.


“Wait what? Benji is my brother, the same blood. Are you trying to turn me against my family?” Fiona lashed out in rage. “Fiona, I know it's hard but it is true. “I don't know what was really going on with Joseph before your return but I think he had some fight with his ex-wife, Benji’s mom. I don't know the nature of the conversation but he decided to do a secret DNA with Benji. The results were negative. That was why he asked you to come home. I think somehow Benji found out that his father was trying to remove his name from the documents and establish that you are the only biological child of Arden.” the guy told Fiona and she was shocked beyond imagination. She couldn't bring herself to get everything the man had told her. At that moment, nothing made sense to her

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. Everything she ever believes was lost and she could barely recognize what the truth was anymore.

“You are a liar. My brother was right about you. You are trying to turn me against my family. I am gonna make you pay for this” Fiona ragged out in frustration.

“We don't have time Fiona” listen to me. Mr. Lee tries to send his message out as soon as he could. “No, I have had enough of you and your manipulations. Not anymore”. Fiona fire at him and tried to walk away when Mr. Lee added.


“In your room, there is a portrait of you, when you recently graduated college,” Mr. Lee said and she surprisingly turned to face him. “Yes, it was given to me by my dad during my 20ths birthday,” Fiona confirmed. “There is a map within the portrait, maybe at the back. Or just somewhere. Find it, it will lead you to your father's Vault. There you will find all of the answers you need”. Mr. Lee told her. “A Vault?” Fiona repeated.


“You have to be fast and secretive about this. I fear it could be the only reason why your father is being kept alive. If they ever find it, you both could end up dead” the guy warned her strongly and made sure no one else heard him.


“I have to go now. Trust no one” He warned her before turning his back and walked away as fast as he could giving Fiona no time to say anything.


She turned towards where Michel had been waiting for her. Just by looking at her, he could tell that her world had been turned upside down. Whatsoever Mr. Lee had told her must have been devastating. He immediately ran towards her as she threw herself his arms. This time, she wasn’t crying, she was beyond ordinary crying.

“It’s okay! Everything is going to be fine. I promise. I will protect you” Michel whispered these to her and he held her in a protective style. “Why my own siblings?” She still couldnt believe that Benji who had protected and held her in his arms, loved her since she was a baby was the very one plotting to eliminate her because of wealth. “I love them so much. I trusted them with everything” She sobbed.


“Did you know?” She lifted her face to meet Michels face as if searching for something in his eyes. “Is that why you never liked her?” Fiona asked, needing answers. “I dont know all that he told you. But I had my suspicions. I have seen her in the underground many times. I just thought something must have been wrong for her to be associated with such a dangerous place” Michel told her.

"She has been playing me all this while? She hated my guts" Fiona weep.


“Come with me to Marine city, at least for a few days?” Michel told her.

“But Arden?” She protested. “Its no use when you are restless and unhealthy. You need all of your strength for what lies ahead.” Michel persuaded her and together they left for his own city.



“I knew you would have come anytime soon” Kisha was taken by Diamond’s voice as she drove towards her compound. He had on a black ladders jacket with a white muscular shirt. Beneath he wore long black pants and a white Gucci sneaker. Silky hair, long face, light brown eyes, and a well-defined nose. Thick eyelashes and long eyebrows. A light brown eyes that piers deep into your soul. His dimple was shown enough to make you wanna fall at his smile. “It’s okay to say, I’m cute. I will take it” He added after noticing her checking him out. Apparently, it was then that she really take a look at him since the accident.

“Geez, what are you even doing here?” Kisha converted the topic.

“That’s not how to welcome a guess,” He told her. “Well, you aren’t exactly my guess because I didn’t invite you” Kisha snapped. “Oops, the wrong answer” Diamond joked. “Let’s tour the city together. Isn’t it beautiful” Diamond request. “In case you dont know, I am new to this city. So no” Kisha refused. “I could show you” Diamond pleaded. “Still not interested” She refused. “Oops, what a bit of luck to miss. My bestie Fiona would have been excited about sich an offer” Diamond said and she turned. “You know Fiona?” Kisha asked. “We attended college together. I am sure she could be my reference contact for my friendship application. And I also know she is your soon to be inlaw. Now would you come with me?” Diamond requested. She tried to refuse but just gave him because he won’t let her be. “Fine, but just for tonight” she demanded.


She drove in her compound and packed her car. After a few minutes, she went with Diamond to explore Capital City.

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