FIONA - Episode 21

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Fiona and Michel walked to sit beside the ocean. A small old palava hut painted with green. It was built for seating especially during sunny weather. The weather was still cloudy but they both went anyway to sit anyway. 

“I am sorry our first date got ruined. Always remember that I choose you” He told her and she blushed. “So what is she going to do, you are both married right?” Fiona asked. 

“It is right to say we were married because in our tradition, when a man pays a bride price, they are considered married . We were to have our wedding reception before officially moving in to stay with each other. She had an accident on her way to shoppen one morning and never came back. And every report and investigation indicated that she never survived the incident since the car fell over a cliff. I searched for her for almost a year but it was like she vanished from the face of the earth. No one ever saw her, at least until yesterday. Those were very unusual times in my life.” Michel's voice went deem. ‘Michel, you don't’ Fiona tried to say something but was interrupted by him “No, you deserve an explanation” Michel protested.


“It was just the year my mother and both Kisha's parents were involved in a plane crash. ” Michel spoke to those with the pain clearly shown in his voice.  After they both went/ from my life, I had very unusual times

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. I later met someone whom I thought was an angel. Lets admit, I never really loved her. Maybe I too was wrong that I felt the need to be loved or pass through my difficult times. Later caugh her in a hotel with another guy. And since it has been almost three years and all I have done is covered myself in work and forget love and women. Father also left for Dubia and leaving Salamis all to me to handle. Just working was all I was destined for because love wasn't for me or maybe it's pure fantasy. Until I met you. And for the first time in a long time, I am sure about my feelings and just everything I have ever wanted in his world with a woman.” Michel explained those sad tails of his life to Fiona.  She was amazed by his honesty and vulnerability to truly open up to her. 

“I can’t bear to see you walk away from my life Fiona, no matter the price” Michel told her. 

She felt honored by his love and trust, she knew she had found the one she has always dreamt of. The man who knows how to make her feel in the right way. He was going to be the death of her but she doesn't care


She looked deep into his eyes, and instead of seeing this all bossy and arrogant Michel, she saw a hero, her hero. A kind hearted man whose love has meen masked with pain and bitterness from the past. .He had carried so much pain and agony in his life. And she swore that she was going to make sure, he had good days ahead. She was going to love him and care for him as he deserved.” She thought those to herself.   

She laid closer to him and they both sat for a long time under those palava hut. It was Saturday and they had all day to themselves. 


“There is someone who wants to meet you Fiona” Michel stated. “Who is it?” come with me” Michel took her and they went to his car packing right in front of her gate. He drove her away.


 It was about a nine minute drive to a somewhat remote location. At the other end of the ocean, almost surrounded by trees and rocks. “What is this place?” She asked immediately to get down from the car. “You will know when you get there. Michel took her a little further into the wood, where she met the person she had been thinking of, Mr. Lee.”. 


“Doctor Lee'' She called out. “Fiona my child” the middle aged man called out before embracing her into a hug. “ I have been thinking about you” Fiona said. “I thought so too my dear. I had to find my way to get to Michel because I know he cared about you and he was going to help me. I hope you don’t hate me”. The guy pleaded with Fiona after explaining. 


 “I was first angry but not anymore. But why are you on the run and why does my father want me to find you” She asked. “He told you to find me?” Mr. Lee asked her. “Yes, he was giving me a message but his health was unstable so he said I should find you” Fiona explained. “That is exactly why I am on the run my dear.” Mr. Lee told her. “But from who” She asked. “I am sure you already know the answer to that Fiona. You just have to admit it to yourself.” Mr Lee told her. “Olivia?' ' Fiona whispered and Mr. Lee nodded. 


“I know you love them but life is not as simple as bread and butter my dear” Mr. Lee told her seeing the pain in Fiona’s eyes. 


“Why would she want to kill me? If it's about Arden, I was going to give her shares. Father and I had planned it. We have done so much for her and she could have all she ever wanted” Fiona tried making sense of the situation. She was in pain and confused as to why the only people she loved and trusted would want to hurt her.

 “That is not all to it Fiona” Mr. Lee told her. “Your father wanted to tell you that he was planning to surprise you. He wanted to officially announce you as the CEO of Arden and hand over his treasure to you.” Mr Lee explained.  “Treasure? what are you talking about?”  Fiona inquired.. But Mr. Lee looked towards Michel as if wanting him to leave. “What, you want me to leave?” Michel frowned but Fiona motioned for him to. He reluctantly dressed back and gave them some space, making sure to keep his eye on Fiona. That guy better not act stupid with his woman or he would have killed him that minute. 


“Your father used to work for a manager for a diamond mine, am sure he told you about the stories. He somehow managed to acquire many diamonds which he used to purchase different jewelries including gold and pearls. He had to retire from that work to help you build Arden. And he has not just been spending but has been saving so much so that when you put all of the values together, you can become one of the richest people in this nation.


“Apart from Arden’s property,  there is also vast land bought by your father. All for you?” the man explained to Fiona and she was shocked. 


“What? And my father never saw me worthy to tell me any of these?” Fiona cried out of frustration. 


“He thought you were not mature enough, you still needed help exploring life on your own” Mr. Lee tried explaining why.


“Is this why Olivia wants me dead? How did she know? Do you think Benji is involved in any of this?” Fiona try to confirm from Mr. Lee but his facial expression proves yes. 


“Why would Benji want to hurt his own sister when we could just share?” Fiona asked in rage and confusion. “That is because, Benji found out that he wasn't the biological child of your father." 


Her ears behad to flow freely from her eyes upon realizing that what she though was her own blood brother was on to her. Most things were beginning to make sense to her. They planned it all alone and that's why they started selling off her company to erase her. They knew and had been playing her all those years. She thought to herself. She felt her life shattering beyond her own eyes. Questions flodded her head with very few answers. 

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