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Fiona was awakened by the presence of Benji sitting on the chair beside her bed. “Good morning Princess” He greeted. She was drowsy as she used her hands to rub the sleep off her face.  “Good morning, she replied in a deep, sleepy voice. 

He sat beside her and rub his hands through her hair. “Olivia told me what happened last night . I am going to make him pay for messing with my sister” Benji told her. She smiled and lad comfortably in her brother’s arms. “Don’t worry, I can handle him” She told him. “Are you sure? You don't need me pushing his face a little?” Benji joked and they both laughed. 
“I hope you are feeling better now?” Benji asked. “I wanted to talk to you,” She told Benji. “What is it this time,?” He asked. She lifted her head from his chest and turned her face to him. “About father,” She said. “Okay? Is it about what happened last night?” He inquired  

“Not really that, I think we should take him to a place where he can get better treatment,” She told her brother. “Common Princess, doctor Archie is one of the best in town. He is doing all he can to make sure Father is well again” he told her

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. “But” she tried to protest. “No, but, we can always take him to a better hospital if that makes you happy. Before then, I want to see my baby sister freshen up and put on some new looks” he said before standing from her bed and exhibiting her room. “She knew he once again attempted to drop the discussion about her father's health. Why does he always do that? Dosent he cares” she thought. 

She freshened up, wore a nice blue top and black legging with a simple sandals slipper for her Saturday. She went to Perry’s room where she met Perry working on her computer. “Busy?” She asked and Perry nodded nope. “Do you need me to help you with something?” Perry asked. 
“Walk with me” Fiona ordered and Perry agreed. They left the compound for a walk, around the beech. It was about 9: 00 AM and the weather was much cloudy compared to normal days. It was beautiful as the street was still less full of people. They walked over to the beach around the Atlantic ocean, a few minutes walk from Fiona’s home. 

“Teach me to fight” She broke the silence. “To fight,” Perry asked as if not expecting the Question. “Why do you want to fight?” Perry asked. “Your boss… “ her voice faded out. You mean you want to fight Michel?” Perry's eyes widened in shock. “No, you silly” Fiona snapped. “I mean, he can be a jerk. A savage, but I have never doubted his feelings for me. I know he sent you because he smelled danger my way.” She took a deep birth. “But am not sure, he will have the time anymore. I want to be able to look after myself and defend myself.” Fiona stated. 

“Is this because of Angelica?” Perry asked. “In as much as I hate her presence, I am afraid that I have a much bigger fight. And I am going to need your help. I know if Michel trusts you, I can trust you” Fiona stated. “I think I know who has been trying to kill me. My father told me” Fiona stated. And Perry listened carefully. “I am not sure if I got his exact message but I have to find out the truth” Fiona stated. “I thought you already hired a private investigator for that?” Perry asked her. 

“The investigator gave me his report. According to him, it wasn't personal. Some gang crew mistook me for their target.” Fiona informed Perry. “That’s insane, how would they have mistaken and kept you for days?” Perry sounded angry but calmed. “That is the problem because they were after my important documents and I think that was the only reason why I wasn't killed immediately. Someone tampered with the investigation report,” Fiona stated. “Someone doesn't want you finding out the truth. And who would want to do that?” Perry asked. “I am not sure Perry. But all of my personal observations lead me to the one person I would never dream of hurting me” Fiona stated. “Olivia?” Perry questioned and she nodded affirmatively. “She was the only person who knew that I was going to the Marine city the day I was attacked, the only person who was also present at the time I was hiring the investigator, and the only one known where my date with Michel would have been. Somehow all of these don't seem like a coincidence.” 

Fiona went silent after she heard “Hey my baby….” it was Diamond's voice. She screamed with excitement as she threw herself in his arms. “ I have missed you so much” She hugged him tightly. “Me too, I have been up and around working,” He told her. “When did you return to Capital City,?” Fiona asked. “Almost three years ago” he replied. “Wow, really? And we haven't met” Fiona asked. “I have been to your house and even at your workplace. But I was told” He trailed off. ‘That I was dead” Fiona spoke what she thought he was thinking. “Yeah, your siblings told me. So I am surprised to see you standing looking all beautiful here ” Diamond said through what sounded like a compliment. “It has been a long story Diamond. Things have been different but I have really missed those crazy self of yours” Fiona joked. “I have missed you too. We should definitely catch up sometimes” Diamond told her as he handed over his call card. Wow, look at you, you have grown big and strong, and even taller than me” Fiona joked as she and Diamond and perry held hands smiling at each other.  “I have missed you too. We should definitely catch up sometimes” Diamond told her as he handed over his call card. 

“Hope am not interrupting” Michel's voice sent them all surprised. “Hey” Fiona greeted and somehow it felt awkward standing with Diamond hands in hands-only for Michel to appeared. 

‘I will get going on, we should definitely catch up sometimes” Diamond said and Fiona replied. “Sure, call me,” She told Diamond as he walked away. 

"Leave us!” He ordered Perry who immediately turned and began walking away. He sounded bittered and impatient. 

“I thought you should be with your wife” Fiona stated. “Is that an excuse for you throwing yourself on another guy in the middle of nowhere” Michel snapped. “Don't you dare pin this on me” Fiona fired back “I wasn't the one who had my dead fiance mysteriously appearing in the middle of our date” Fiona lashed out.

 "Fiona, I can explain” Michel appealed. “You had all the time you needed to talk to me about it but you choose to humiliate me instead. If you wanted to tell me about the return of your ghost wife, why not just say it instead of making me feel….”She suddenly went quiet when Michel walked closer to her and before she could say a word, his lips were already on hers. He shut her up with a kiss to which she responded. They both stood in the middle of nowhere kissing as if the rest of the word dosent exist. 

“I promise you, I had no idea that Angelica would have shown up. I am still surprised as to how she even found out. You know I would never do anything to hurt you." He tried to reason with her. "Well, I am no longer sure about that, not especially if I have to compete with your first true love" She spoke in a whisper. 

"You are never going to compete with anyone Fiona because I love you. I always have.” He finally professed his love to her. Those three words sent a shiver down her spine. The blushes came easy and as her innocent heart sings out of love and dance in joy. She lifted her head to meet his face,  look deep into his eyes as if searching his soul before replying “I love you too Michel” She professed hers before pulling each other into another long lost kiss.

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