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“Fiona got home around 10:00 PM after the situation that had occurred. Michel left a note with Perry to inform him when Fiona arrived and she did.

Fiona arrived feeling crushed by the situation to that had occurred. She desperately wished things had gone differently and Michel had chosen her. She wishes he had run after her and told her that everything was an illusion . She wished she saw it all coming so it would feel less painful but no, life had to beat her to it again. She was trying to be strong and not cry, but it was painful. She felt her heart shattering into pieces. The voice of Angelica saying “I am his wife” kept playing on repeat mode in her head. The long beautiful face of Angelica with her afro hair kept displaying in her mind.

“She tried to shut out the memories that just occurred but the scars were so deep as she captured every single part of the event that just happened. From almost kissing the man she thought was fully hers only to have her date ruined by his long lost wife. “Why does this have to happen to her” She wondered. “How did she even know the exact time and place we were” Those though immediately sent Fiona memories to the event as she tried to shut her thought.

“Fiona! Ohh my baby” Olivia ran towards her and pulled her into a long tight hug. “What happened? Did he hurt you” Olivia inquired

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. “Our date got ruined”
What? “How? Why? and by Whom?” Ohh my God, did he do something to you?’ Olivia asked all at once. “Not him….. His dead wife mysteriously showed up” Fiona lashed out. “What? That is insane” Olivia added. “Exactly. Like how did she know the exact time and place we would have been” Fiona asked.

“That is crazy. But maybe someone told her” Olivia insinuated and Fiona's face emotionless. “Someone definitely told her but who and why?” Fiona asked.

“But come to think about it, Michel said he wanted to talk to you about something urgent. And the very night, his wife showed up. What if he was trying to dash you out and created that stunt” Olivia told her. “That makes sense, but Michel was clearly shocked by the incident. He couldn't have known. He would never do anything to hurt me that much” Fiona stated. “And you are still defending him” Olivia snapped. “I can't just help it okay,” Fiona screamed. “Yes you can but you just want to believe that he is perfect so you ignore all of the red flags. You know he is not right for you, he is a gang leader. All of the Curbs are mean and evil geniuses. He will play you and bump you as they have always done” Olivia blurted out.

“How did you know that” Fiona was shocked by her outburst. “What, it is not a secret. Everyone knows the Curb is a notorious gang crew” Olivia justified.
“I know that but how did you know he was their leader. I have never told anyone” Fiona stated. “Oh yeah, so you know. And here I thought I was protecting you.? How could you not even tell me that?" Olivia frowned. "Because he would prefer me not to" Fiona justified. "I see. well, I did some infestations on him. I just couldn't bear to see him hurt you and that is why I have been trying to tell you all along. I love you and I wouldn't want to see anyone hurt you” Olivia pull on her subbed and sad face. “I should have told you earlier. But the reports in my investigation were so disturbing and I didn't want to ruin your happy moment” Olivia tried to convince her. “Michel is not right for you. We both know that. Maybe you are just being grateful that he saved you'' Olivia said and for a second Fiona doubted her feelings but somehow she wasn't buying Olivia words.

She felt like something was off deeply. How did Olivia know Michel was a Curb and the leader, that is something very few people know. And you cannot know about the underground if you do not have any association with it. He barely attended meetings or activities, just gave orders from his comfort zone. She had to bump on him once before he could open up and those are very rare situations when Michel has to open up to people.

“What if it was Olivia that told Angelica where they were. She was the only person Fiona had told about her date and location after Michel told her” But that thought was too odd and Fiona cast it out. Olivia would never ruin her moment regardless of how much she hated Michel.

“You seem lost in thought” Olivia's voice brought her back to reality. “I am fine. Just wanna see my father” Fiona said and left the room. She went to her father's room, almost midnight.

“I really wish you were feeling better and healthy father. My date got ruined. I am sad and pained” She cried. “I wish I had you to guide me and lash out at him for hurting me” Fiona sobbed quietly. She laid her head on his bed with one hand on his chest. “I love you father. I am going to make sure you come out of this” She promised him. After crying for a little while, she stood up and tried to walk out when her dad grabbed her hands. “Fiona………” He said in a tiring voice. “Your siblings…. hate you....... All of them….. Run” her father managed to say after so much struggle. “What? What are you talking about father? I don't understand.’ She tried to get him.

“Find…..Lee,” He said and his condition started to get worse. “Father, are you okay. Stop talking.” Fiona tried to calm him but he was giving a message. “Doctor.. Lee” He spoke before the doctor ran in and injected him with a sleeping portion or whatever it was to calm him.

“You can leave now Ms. Arden. He is going to be okay, the doctor said before walking out but making sure to take her away. The doctor stays with them as he was hired especially by Benji to cater to him at home. But she has never been able to have a full conversation with him because he acted coldly towards her. He always sends a chill down her spine. Benji insisted on keeping him even after many talks but she was now determined to get rid of him.

Fiona went to her room feeling worsen than she had been before entering. Why was the day not getting better for her? She thought. “But her father was telling her something. Her siblings hate her and she should run? Find Doctor lee. This is insane. But doctor lee is the one who put him in this condition in the first place. Why would he want her to find him? And what have her siblings got to do with all this?" her mind was occupied with so many thoughts. Her day was officially ruined. She was pained and broken, everything felt wrong.

She tried to sleep off and forget everything that had to happen but the event of the day was very severed. Even with her father’s message, the pain of Michel's wife's appearance was much greater than anything she was feeling.
Why is everyone trying to hurt her? Is the universe telling her something that she is not listening to?

From the moment, she decided she was going to take a stand and vet every single person around her. She was going to make sure to end all of this once and for all.

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