Dance With Me - Episode 30

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“What do you think they are talking about?” Candy asked Betty.

“I don’t know. It’s not like I have an imaginary ear that will make me hear what they are saying from here.” Betty replied. They were still watching when they sighted Jenny coming to join at the counter.

“Oh, this can’t be good.” Candy said and they kept on watching.


“Hello to our latest newbie.” Omega said as Jenny came over to join the party . She was looking excited and she faced Angy.

“You danced like you had the world under your feet, you are my inspiration and I love everything about you.”

Angy smiled, “thank you.”

“Don’t worry, I am not a lesbian.” Jenny joked.

“Oh, well, thank God.” Angy replied.

“Drinks on the house.” Adams announced and Marcy poured everyone a drink.

“I want to make a toast.” Adams said, raising a glass, “to the Gypsy Trio, may their legs never break and may their waists always shake to the beat of DJ Collins.

Everyone laughed and cheered.

“Now, where are those two?” Angy asked, looking around the club.

“Been a while I saw...” Marcy started and stopped as she sighted them behind the curtain of the changing room. She realized that she was the only one that had noticed them.

‘”Excuse me, “she said, walking away.

“So, Jenny, why don’t you tell us about you?” Omega asked.

Jenny giggled, “Well, I am not such an interesting person.”

“Awww, we would be the judge of that.” Adams replied, “What do you think we need to know about you that we don’t know yet?”

Jenny laughed but looked surprised at the same time, “is this kind of background check or what?”

Adams shrugged, “well, you can call it that.”

While all these was going, Marcy walked over to the changing room.

“Marcy is coming over.” Betty said as she sighted Marcy.

“Oh, yes, I am coming over.” Marcy replied, having heard her

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. She entered the room with the girls.

“What are you two doing hiding back here?” She demanded.

The two ladies exchanged glances, not sure if they could or could not trust her.

“Are you going to make me force it out of you?” Marcy asked.

“It’s nothing to be worried about.” Candy replied.

“Oh , really? I noticed you have been watching us the whole time which is quiet unusual as you would have come to join the party. As a matter of fact, the toast was to you trio, so whatever is it, tell me, I think I might actually help you.”

The two exchanged glances again.

“Should I tell her or you will?” Betty asked and Candy sighed.

“Okay. The thing is, “ Candy started, “I may have started a silly game with Omega  to get Adams and Angy involved together and now I think it’s going the wrong way.”

Marcy raised a brow, “for real?”

“Yea, we think Omega is actually interested in Angy and if care is not taken, Adams might lose her.”

Marcy watched both ladies, “so, what if I help?”

“Help? How?” Both asked the same time.

“Why? You don’t even like Angy!” Betty sputtered.

“That was before I got to trust her.” Marcy explained.

“Really? What happened?” Betty asked, surprised.

“Didn’t she tell you?” Marcy asked.

“Well, I have been mean to her all morning, so I won’t be angry if she hates me and if she wouldn’t share some things with me.” Candy confessed.”

“Anyway, I’m sure she will explain to you guys later, you three are the perfect trio but seriously, do you think that Omega may be interested in her like for real?”

The girls walked out of the room to take a look at the four people at the counter. Angy was sitting in between Adams and Omega, Jenny on the other hand was beside Adams. Although they were all laughing at whatever Jenny was saying,  somehow, Adams turned to Angy to pick something from her hair, then he showed it to her, she laughed and for a while, they were just laughing while looking at each other and Omega didn’t seem all that pleased. He turned around and realized that the three ladies were looking at him.

“I think we’ve been made.” Marcy said.

“Should I call him?” Candy asked.

“No, let’s just pretend as if we don’t know anything. Everyone, wave at him.” Betty replied and the three waved. Omega looked surprised, then he frowned but lifted a cup to them in a toast before taking his eyes off them.

“We should let him know that he needs to stop hitting on Angy.” Candy stated.

“No, you both planned this and if he is beginning to like Angy in that way, you should make him stop. If we interfere, it might get complicated, now come along before everyone starts suspecting us.” Marcy said and they both walked towards the rest.


Some minutes later, they were walking out of the club together, Collins and Marcy were walking at the front, Candy, Betty, Omega and Angy followed, while Adams and Jenny walked behind. Everyone was busy talking.

“Adams, you have no idea how much the job means to me, everyone is like a family.” Jenny said to Adams who smiled.

“That is how we are here at Gypsy, do not worry, you haven’t even seen anything yet.”

Omega was saying something funny to the girls but only Betty was laughing, Cand was feeling bad and she knew that she had to make things right with her friend. As they got outside, she faced Angy.

“Can I talk to you for a minute?” She asked Angy who rolled her eyes, wondering what the problem was.

“Okay.” She replied and turned to Adams who was walking behind them, “Urm, Adams, can you give me a minute to talk with Candy?”

“Sure.” Adams replied.

“Don’t worry, I will keep him companied.” Jenny said with a chuckle to which  Angy faked a smile and walked away with Candy to where they could talk while others walked towards the parking lot.

“I know I was a bitch today and I am so sorry. I don’t know what came over me.”

Angy stood with arms akimbo and sighed, without saying anything.

“Say something.” Candy pleaded.

“Like what?”

“Just anything.” Candy cried.

“Okay, yes you were a bitch. I mean , what happened to the person that had always had my back when it comes to Adams....” She stopped all of a sudden, what she said didn’t make sense. Did she just say that?

“I’m listening.”

“I take those back. There is nothing between I and Adams and I understand if you think he and Jenny should be together, it is not my business. He can be with anyone he pleases.”

Candy smiled and then began to laugh.

“What is funny?” She asked with an unsmiling face.

Candy tried to stop laughing but couldn’t. It was funny how the whole thing was. “Do you really mean what you just said now?” She asked.


“Yes, God! I mean, it’s okay if he wants to settle for that Jenny girl, it’s not my problem, especially since you are the one masterminding the whole thing, Madam Matchmaker!”

Candy smiled, now she just said her mind. “Did it make you angry what I did?”

“Yes it did! You were my friend, you had always wanted he and I together. I know this is stupid and I can’t even believe that I am saying this  but it hurt when you left my back and had hers, a newbie, you don’t even know her. So you could just abandon me, just like that?”

Candy sighed, “can I ask you a question?”

“What question?”

“Are you still in love with Adams?”

Angy sighed and said nothing.

“Hey Angy, we got to go!” Adams shouted.

“Ok.” Angy shouted back and faced Candy, “look I need to go.”

“You haven’t even answered...”

“I need to go.” She shouted back and quickly ran back to where Adams was.

He was already in his car and she opened the front door only to find Jenny at the front seat.

“Yea, Jenny will be going with us...” Adams explained.

“I will alight along the way.” Jenny stated excitedly and Angy smile back even though she was angry inside. She slammed the door, making Jenny jump.

“Oh, the door slipped, from my hand, I am so sorry.” She lied and opened the back door to step inside while Adams started the car. Angy could see Candy looking at her with a pleading eyes but she ignored her, this was all her fault.

“What about Marcy? Aren’t we going to wait for her?” Angy asked.

“We will.” Adams replied and seconds later, Marcy opened the  back door and sat beside Angy.

“Jenny will be going with us.” Adams explained to Marcy, looking into the rear mirror.

“Oh, whatever boss, it’s your car.” Marcy replied and Angy chuckled, she liked that.


“Are you sure you are okay?” Adams asked Angy for the tenth time as he stopped the car when they were finally home and she nodded.

“Yes, I’m fine.” She replied, opened the door and stepped out of the car.

Adams frowned, he knew that something was off. He noticed her reaction when she had found Jenny at the front seat and even though she had Marcy had talked mostly through out, they didn’t talk. Even when he had dropped Jenny and Marcy at their various junctions, she had been awfully quiet. Could she be jealous? But jealous of what? Jenny?

He chuckled at that idea that was impossible. He stepped out of the car and walked into the house. He could tell that she had gone to take her bathe so he chilled in the living room.

He remembered how they had been looking at each other while she was dancing until Jenny had come to ask for his help on something. Even when he was finding his way amongst the crowd while she performed, he realized that she was still looking for him at the front of his office and he noticed the look of disappointment on her face when she took a bow and couldn’t see him...he had thought that it was just his imagination.

Why would she be angry or jealous when Omega had been all over her all night?


Angy opened the door, fully clothed, she was surprised as she found him sitting on the couch and drinking from that bottle of milk he always drank from.

They exchanged glances but none spoke to the other, she was exhausted and the whole thing Candy had said to her and the question she had asked just kept hammering in her heart. Initially what she felt for him had just been a harmless crush. She believed it was just a normal infatuation that someone would feel towards someone that had saved her life and had taken her in when she had nowhere to go...but now...she had no idea what it was again. Now she was jealous because he was getting along with Jenny the new girl, this all seemed so familiar just that now, she wasn’t the new girl, she was Marcy, the insecure friend or this in this case, roommate.

Adams watched as she took out her mirror from the bag and held it against the couch so she could see herself properly. There was a hair dryer close to her bag and her hair was still wet. He felt he could try something to get the words out of her mouth so he stood up.


Angy turned as she heard his voice, then she realized he was holding a plugged-in hair dryer.

 She frowned, “what are you doing?”

He shrugged, “your hair is still wet and I thought you might want to dry your hair.” He said with a smile.

Angy observed him suspiciously and motioned to collect the drier from him but he held it back.

“No, allow me to do this.”

She stared at him again, not believing he was actually saying that.

“You want to do this?”

He nodded, “yes please.”

She managed a smile and sat on the couch while removing the towel on her hair. “Okay.”

Adams moved closer to her, on the couch, so that her back was turned towards him while they sat closely on the couch. He pressed the button on the dryer.

The hot air was cold against her wet head and she shut her eyes. She had no idea why this man was exceptionally kind to her but whatever reason it was, she was enjoying it.

“Have you done this before?”

“Not really.” He replied.

“So why did you do it then?”

“I don’t know, I just feel like doing it.”

She smiled, “thanks. My dad used to do this for me.” She said sadly.

He chuckled, “your dad?”


“He said I have beautiful hair, he would take me to the saloon every weekend. He was really obsessed with my hair.” She said with a chuckle and continued, “while I was still a kid, he will tell me stories while playing with my hair.”

“Wow! He must have been a wonderful father.”

“He was, trust me.” She said and laughed softly as if remembering the past. “My mum would be jealous of us; so many times she would say I had stolen her husband from her.”

Adams smiled, “yours was indeed a beautiful family.”

Angy sniffed, “yea it was. After their death, I just died inside, I stopped looking out for myself, I just did whatever came my way.

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. I thought I had no more reason to care for me....”

“That’s a are so worth caring for.” He said almost in a whisper which made her stomach fluster.

“Wow.” She said, “that was the most beautiful thing anyone has said to me in a while...”

“And you’ve got a beautiful hair.” He said almost in a whisper, brushing his hand lightly against her hair, all down to her cheek where his hand lingered.

The slight touch between them made her skin tingle and she really wished he hadn’t seen that but he did and that minute, as she turned to look  at him she realized they were sitting so close and their lips were actually inches apart, he was looking at her with that intensity like the last time....

He stared deep into her eyes, his hand was still on her cheek that was slowly burning up. It was like they both knew this was going to happen even though they had been trying to fight it.

Adams’s other hand was shaking slightly and his mind was repeating the same sentence over and over, "don't do this... don't do this." But the sound of her  heart was beating so loud he could barely concentrate. It felt like it was going to explode.

Angy knew that if he didn’t kiss her that instant, she would never forgive him, yet she decided she wasn’t going to force him to do anything, she was waiting on him.

Finally he leaned in closer and she shut her eyes when his lips touched her. Sparks flew in every direction, and the world slowly disappeared around them. It was a small yet warm kiss. He honestly never knew a kiss so innocent could be so intimate and electrifying. Moving in perfect sync, his hands feeling her waist; He pulled her closer, the kiss deeper, more passionate. He felt her hands on the back of his neck playing with the ends of his hair. A smile grew on his face as it started to tickle, finally they pulled apart.

They were both breathless with delights as they parted, Adams was surprised beyond words at the recipient of her affection. This should have happened a long time ago and now that it has, they were both relieved.

“So, like I said, you are really worth caring for.” He said, running his fingers up and down her spine, sending hot flashes through her, setting her cheeks on fire.

“Aren’t you going to say something?” He asked but she just blushed some more...


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