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'The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. That’s what I hope to give you forever, you are what I need in my life. You are my one.'

Still On The Remembrance:

"You mean this statues will come to life and be at my command once I beat this old drum." Paul said as he pointed at the dusty drum. He was surprised.

"Yes . The Samurai's are the strongest when it comes to the assassin's world. I will tell you a story Paul. A long time ago there were two brothers, the elder one loathed after the younger one, and would do everything within his power to make sure his younger brother was not loved by their father.

As the years went by, the father saw the hatred in his elder son eyes and sent him to distance friend of his who was a Ninja master. His plan was to allow his friend change his son since he couldn't. After much training he came back home more deadly and evil, his father heard he killed his own master. Confronting his elder son, he engaged his father to a duel. He killed his father and also went ahead to kill his younger brother. But he didn't succeed, because he found out too late that his younger brother had escaped.

He trained his late Father's disciples and turn them into Ninja's." The old man stop to catch his breath as he walk towards a rusty look long box which laid on the ground, and which Paul notice at that moment.

"So what happened to the younger brother?" Paul asked interested in the story.

"He became a Samurai and trained people into becoming a Samurai

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. He was my great grandfather. Which is why Ninja's and Samurai's don't ever get along." He answered as he got to where the box was, he brought out his necklace which held a key in it. With the key he used it and open the box.

He brought out a sword from it which was covered in dust.

Removing the sword from its sheath after blowing away the  dirt, he swung it around him faster, he removed his hand from the sword handle as the sword started rolling mid-air by itself.

"My late great grandfather and his Ninja friend were once taught a secret sword dance. Since I am choosing you as my next successor, I will teach you the technique." The master said, "Watch what the sword is doing closely and you will see that the sword isn't fighting, rather it is dancing." He told Paul who focused all his attention on the sword. His master stretch forth his right hand and the sword landed on his palm. "You have to become one with this sword. Since you have already learn the Eight Virtues of Samurai, this one will be easy to master. Remember, it is shown only to a successor once, but I trust you... you're sharp and you will grab it quickly. So Paul, are you ready?"

"Yes master, I am." Paul responded, taking a glance at the Samurai statues and finally on the sword his master was holding. "I am ready master."

"Good answer Paul. To learn the art of this sword, I will teach you how to dance with it. One day Paul, you may meet someone who also knows this technique. I hope when that day comes, you shall come out victorious." The master said.

"I will come out victorious master." Paul told him with determination and courage.


Arriving at the hospital, Paul was quickly attended, he was moved into the theatre and his wound was stitch. Kate was told to buy some blood in their blood bank since he had lost so much blood. Kate wasted no time in paying for the 5 pints of blood the doctors had requested. After they had finished operating on him, they moved him to a private ward as requested by Kate.

"Is he going to be okay doctor?" Kate asked the doctor in charge.

"Yes he will, he will survive." The doctor replied her and left her to attend to some of his other patients.

Kate went to Paul's ward and sat beside him.

He was breathing slowly. Placing her hands on his, she whispered with tears. "You're going to be okay Paul. Get well soon."



David and Eric arrived at Valten and they quickly made their way into the residence of Robert Mirror.

As soon as they entered the compound, they saw Robert was about leaving the house for an urgent business.

He came to a halt beside his car when he saw David and Eric.


Greeting his Uncle, "Yes uncle, its me. Paul asked us to deliver something to you."

"Really? Then let's go inside the house."

They entered the house.

David gave the memory card to Robert who excused himself and went upstairs.

30 Minutes Later:

Coming down the stairs with a serious look. He went back to his seat.

"David, I have called your father to discuss the dangers of him being there alone. He will soon be here.

Read " H.Y.B.R.I.D (Sequel to The Forgotten Wolf) " by the same author ( Ifeoma Isabella Okeke )

. Paul told me to keep aside whatever scores I had with my brother and help him before the Ninja's does."

"That is why we came here sir, Paul instructed us to take you and David's father to his secret hideout." Eric spoke.

"I have no problem with that, Mark will be here soon."



Lora quickly got down from the car that had came to pick them up at the airport, and walk angrily all the way from the car to her room ignoring her parents calls.

She made sure her room door was locked before she went to her wardrobe, opening it and brought out a little box, opening it with care, it revealed a piece of paper with words written on it.

"Are you sure you want to call her?" Dee voice was heard.

"Don't ask me such silly questions, since you can't do a little task such as this, let me summon the one who had brought you to me in the first place, and tell her how stupid and powerless you're." Lora answered.

"I told you to leave him alone that he has the blessings of the love goddess and focus on David, but you said no. If you had listen, at least David would have still be yours." Dee told her.

"How dare you talk to me in such manner? Listen and listen good, Paul will be soon mine and that's it, I don't care if a goddess or something is protecting him, all I know he will never end up with anyone else especially with Nora. And as for talking to to me in such a rude manner, go and hit your head on the wall until I told you to stop." Lora ordered immediately.

Dee didn't argue, she went to do as she was told.


Somewhere in a forest, a huge Mansion was seen as Philly ran with inhuman speed towards the mansion.

Entering the house, he made his way to his room with Nora, who was still sleeping, in his arms. Placing her gently on his bed as he stare at her lustfully.

What he has patiently waited to have is now right here before him.

He smiled as he began to caress her face.

She now belongs to him. He can't wait for her to wake up so that he could start ravishing her whole body.

A Ninja came in through the door and knelt down before Philly.

"What shall we do to the man we brought with us master?"

"Torture him a little." Philly replied not taking his eyes off Nora.

She will soon be awake and he wants her to see him first.

"Okay master." The Ninja said and left the room.


Floda Hospital:

Kate was surprised when she saw her family doctor who was equally surprised on seeing her. He worked with the hospital she had brought Paul to. She had gone out to make a call to Jolie when she encounter him.

"What happened Mrs Kate, who was injured this time?" He asked worriedly.

"A friend of Nora, Paul, some thieves came into my house tonight and stabbed him a multiple times, but he is now okay and will survive. What are you doing here doctor, I thought today wasn't your night shift?" Kate ask changing the topic.

"Yes, a senior colleague of mine asked me to come that he wants to discuss something important with me, and I can't refuse him."

"Okay then doctor, let me not delay you any further." Kate said and entered the ward Paul was kept forgetting about the call.

Going further a little bit, the doctor entered one of the bathroom and dialed Philly's number.

"Yes what is it Pan?" Philly demanded immediately he picked the call.

"He is still alive boss."

"You're a doctor Pan, you know how to deal with him. Just make sure he doesn't survive it. Finish him off for good."


Do not try to plagiarized this story.
All rightly reserved, the whole of this story is a complete fiction. Any role related to someone either alive or dead is a mere coincidence.


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