Dance With Me(Silent Whispers) - Episode 2

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'Everything happens for a reason. That reason causes changes. Sometimes it hurts. Sometimes it's hard. But in the end it's all for the best'.

"It came as a big shock to us to hear the sudden demise of the Star Reality super star, Nora Dante, who committed suicide yesterday night. It was announced by no other person than her twin sister, Lora Dante, who posted it on her Facebook page early this morning . Nora was a bright and intelligent girl who rose into fame when she acted 'When the Star Sing'. She is the highest paid young actress in Casala, her country home. The story of how Nora, a 10 year old girl, who came into limelight has been told repeatedly, her story is from grass to grace. Before her death, it was said she willed all her properties in Lola's name should in case something happened to her, which also Lola posted." The newscaster said and the picture was displayed on the T.v. "It's a pity Casala lost one of its very own, a special one. The date of her burial hasn't been fixed yet, we all sympathize with the grieving family."

Somewhere in Floda:

Once the plane landed them on Floda, Kate texted her driver to come down to the airport to pick her and her granddaughter up.

In less than 30 minutes the driver pulled up beside Kate. He quickly got down from the Suv Jeep and open the door for Kate and Nora to enter

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. Nora who was asleep rested comfy against Kate's shoulder who carried her in.

The driver open the car booth and put the little luggage in it, closing it, he entered the car, started it and drove them out of the airport.

"How was your little trip ma'am?"

"It was fine Craig thank you, you did not come with your son Philip to the airport?" Kate asked.

"No ma'am, he doesn't want to come with me today, he wants to stay at home and welcome your granddaughter." The driver now known as Craig replied Kate.

Kate smiled at that. "I hope you told him about the situation of my Nora? I don't want him to start asking questions."

"Yes ma'am, Philip is fully aware of it." Craig answered.

"Good, Philip is just like you Craig, I am happy Nora will have someone to play with."

"Thank you for your complement ma'am."

Craig lost his wife some years ago in an accident which claimed her life. Philip, his son, was young then. After his wife burial, things became so difficult for them that his son has to drop out from school and join his father in collecting and throwing away dustbin from door to door and were getting paid.

They met Kate when they went to her house to ask if she has any dirt to throw away.

Kate took pity on them especially his son and asked his father which other job he could do.

"I can drive ma'am, I was once a driver in a company before I lost my wife."

Kate immediately employed him and gave him and his son the boys quarter to stay, her kindness didn't end there, she also enrolled Philip in one of the best schools in Floda. For her kindness Philip prepared a delicious delicacy for her, which she ate. It was then she got to know that his late mother was a cook in a big restaurant and that was where Philip had learned how to cook. Ever since she tasted his food, Philip get to prepare her a special delicacy on her birthday.

They soon reached her house and the gate man quickly open the gate for them. At that moment Nora woke up.

"Nora we are home." Kate said sadly, she has forgotten that Nora couldn't hear her.

Philip a young boy of 15, was waiting patiently for them at the corridor, once he saw Nora getting down and standing next to Kate, he was taken aback by her beauty and noticed there was no trace of smile in her face, then and there he swore silently to himself that he will make her smile and always be her eyes and ears.

He later told Kate once they were inside the house that he would be the one to prepare the evening meal that day, at least to welcome Nora.

A week later, Kate paid two teachers who usually come to her house everyday to teach Nora sign language and Braille. With time Nora was fast learning it.


In Casala:

Lola announced that they have buried Nora that it was Nora's last wish which she had written before committing her suicide.

Lola soon became famous for her singing roles in movies that people all over the world would buy her movies just to hear her sing. Nora was soon forgotten in time as Lola take over.



As the months rolled away, Nora wishes to see and hear everything that is going on around her, especially Philip, she got to know his name through Braille, when Philip wrote it out for her.

Read " H.Y.B.R.I.D (Sequel to The Forgotten Wolf) " by the same author ( Ifeoma Isabella Okeke )

. She wish she could tell him how nice he was and how she loved his food. She was scared to write out her thoughts, how could she write something she couldn't see. Everyday she woke up hopping to see the world like she once did but every time she was disappointed.

With each day that passes, Nora and Philip became close.

One stormy night, Nora was trying to make out some words with her Braille book when she felt it.

She shrugged her shoulder and continued her reading, she felt it once again as if someone or something was calling out to her. She had mastered the whole house and sometimes wander around the house on her own, sometimes with Philip.

Nora got down from her bed and find herself bending down beside her bed. As if she was being controlled by something she pushed her bed to one side of the room, with her two hands she felt around the floor and her left hand caught something. Touching it carefully she noticed it was like a door handle. Nora find herself pushing it, it gave a quiet squeaked as it gave way, revealing an ancient staircase. She touched around and felt the staircase.

Nora tried to stop herself from going down but couldn't, she wanted to scream but remembered she couldn't.

Why was her body not obeying her? Did her grandmother not know about this secret door in her room when she brought the house?

So many questions ran through her mind that was left unanswered. She closes her eyes and walk down the stairs.

When she felt her feet touched the mere ground, she opened her eyes and got the shock of her life.

She could see.

She closes her eyes and opened it again, she could still see. 

She tried to say something and heard her voice, she could also talk.

She turned back and look around her and saw herself in a garden, she saw the staircase she has walked on staying in the middle of the garden. She quickly climbed the staircase as soon as her feet touches the staircase on her third stride, she couldn't see nor talk.

Her body automatically turned back and she find her feet touching the ground once again.

As soon as her feet touches the ground, she could see.

She took her time and look around the garden, this time, she noticed that this wasn't a mere garden.

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