The Return Of ijele

Ijele's two best friends planned to kill Ijele for rituals to make them rich

They did succeed in carrying out there plans.

But what they didn't know was that Ijele wasn't just an ordinary human being.

Who then is Ijele?

You will get to know as you read the story

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    • The Return Of ijele - Episode 1

    •   “You are dead! Y-you are dead!” Obi shouted. He took two steps backwards, his back hitting the cement wall that fenced his cocoyam farm....
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    • The Return Of ijele - Episode 2

    • It was late evening, about 11pm when Ijele arrived Umuojiji village square. It was deserted, as most of the traders had finished their selling for the day. However he knew he was n...
      • Views (3,964)
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    • The Return Of ijele - Episode 3

    •   “Yes Ijele in flesh!” Ijele chuckled. “What’s the matter Uzo my friend?” He stressed the word friend....
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    • The Return Of ijele - Episode 4

    •   Ekeotammadu was a secret society headquarters in Umuego where mazi ego and his wife Nkemjika lived. Together they headed the cult, which had members from all nine...
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    • The Return Of ijele - Episode 5

    •   Ijele turned the knob on the front door and it give way. How stupid can these people be? He thought to himself. He did not expect the front door to be unlocked, b...
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    • The Return Of ijele - Episode 6

    •   The snake was resting. Ijele was careful as he took one silent step after another. When he sensed he was at a good distance from the cage he quickly calculated th...
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    • The Return Of ijele - Episode 7

    •   Ijele stopped at the bank of Umuojiji River. Dawn was just starting to break. A cool breeze blew and he inhaled deeply “Olammrri”, ...
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