The Quest

Tells the story of a young ancient witch, Dana, who came to live in Ampoka, Palace of Magic, in disguise. Her quest was to find a particular ancient magic stone that would restore Dontizu, a demi-goddess who is also her mother, her youthful look back.

Dana became friends with Princess Shaba of Ampoka, a princess born blind but who can see the future

But as time goes on, an ancient secret was revealed and Dana would have to make a choice.....

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    • The Quest - Episode 1

    • An ancient building stood in the middle of an ancient deadly forest. In the building were two ladies, a younger one and an older one.  The younger of the t...
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    • The Quest - Episode 2

    • The king and the queen of Ampoka were sited in their various royal chair in the palace. Their only daughter and child, Princess Shaba, was sitting on a chair fit for a princess. Th...
      • Views (6,636)
      • Comments (8)
    • The Quest - Episode 3

    • Dontizu and Dona were seeing moving along a Bush part.  Dona carried a little bag made of leaves in one of her shoulders. Dontizu suddenly halt prompting Dona to stop a...
      • Views (6,046)
      • Comments (7)
    • The Quest - Episode 4

    • Princess Shaba was in her room with Tasha, who was seen arranging the room. Tasha: (Arranging things, in the princess room only to look up and saw the Princess thinking, ...
      • Views (5,957)
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    • The Quest - Episode 5

    • The king, his queen and three elders of Ampoka Kingdom were seen discussing the affairs of the kingdom. King: My elders I greet you all, thank you for honoring my invitat...
      • Views (6,112)
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    • The Quest - Episode 6

    • Dona soon reach the Palace gate as she was prescribed by Pon. Dona: So this is the Palace I have heard so much of. Hmmm (She finally knocks on the gate, a guard opened it...
      • Views (6,029)
      • Comments (3)
    • The Quest - Episode 7

    • The King and Queen were sitting on their various chair with their daughter Princess Shaba, Tasha and Dona. Dona: Thank you for the cloths my Queen (the queen had given he...
      • Views (6,024)
      • Comments (11)
    • The Quest - Episode 8

    • Dona was in her room, the crystal ball in her hands. It was glowing. Dona: Dontizu, I want to ask you something. Dontizu: (Her face showed on the crystal) I hop...
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    • The Quest - Episode 9

    • Dona was in her room again, the crystal ball on top of her bed as she sat down facing it. The crystal glows and Dontizu face appeared. Dontizu: What is it again my child?...
      • Views (5,580)
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    • The Quest - Episode 10

    • Dona who had been patiently waiting for Tasha saw her coming towards her instead. Tasha: (She smirked) With the look on your face, I hope you will obey your mother. ...
      • Views (5,886)
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    • The Quest - Episode 11

    • Princess Shaba was alone in her room when she heard a knock. Princess Shaba: Yes, who is it? Dona: It's me Dona Princess Shaba: Oh, okay come in, ...
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    • The Quest - Episode 12

    • FLASHBACK Continues...... Dona: (Speechless) You know? Princess Shaba: (Nodded her head) Yes, I was only waiting to see between the both of you who would first ...
      • Views (5,139)
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    • The Quest - Episode 13

    • Tasha was in the presence of the King and Queen as she bowed down her head. Tasha: My king, my queen, our new guest is also missing. I think it was her who hit our prince...
      • Views (5,023)
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    • The Quest - Episode 14

    • Paa: (Bowing down to the king) My king, I couldn't find the man you told me to go in search for. His brother, told me that Omiku has long gone to the forest for hunting. ...
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    • The Quest - Episode 15

    • Omiku got up to see a human lady smiling down at him. The strange Lady: You freed me from my cage Omiku, thank you. Omiku: (Omiku looked surprised) How did you ...
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    • The Quest - Episode 16

    • King: Mother, do you know her? (The king was in a midst of confusion as his mother stares at Tasha with utterly hatred in her eyes) Dain: (Nods her head) Yes, I know her....
      • Views (5,931)
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