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'I'm not perfect. I'll annoy you, piss you off, say stupid things, then take it all back. But put that all aside and you'll never find a person who cares or loves you more than me. I fall more deeply in love with you, every single day.'

Paul watches on until Philly was out of sight before turning his head to look at Nora.

"You shouldn't be talking to him in that way when you're alone with him." Paul said as his eyes roamed worriedly over her body. "He is dangerous Nora and might hurt you, so please don't ever talk back at him." Paul added as he raised his eyebrows at her as she approaches him.

Placing her hands round Paul's neck and lifting up her legs to be almost the same height with Paul, bringing her face closer to him . "I have heard you my handsome savior Paul, now I want you to kiss away the bad taste of the fake Philip in my lips."

"I am very serious here, promise me you won't try to talk back to him when you know you're alone with him."

"I promise Paul, now hold my waist, my legs are already paining me and kiss me." Nora said with a smile and Paul returned it.

Wrapping up his stronger hand round her waist, he lowered his head and kissed her.

As soon as their lips touches, Paul lost memories came back, he remembered everything.


Philly was filled with so much anger when he entered his room.

He so much wanted to break that idiot that calls himself Paul jaw and plug out his heart.

But he held himself back. Nora is just lucky that he loves her.

His phone vibration brought him back to earth as he answered the call from Leo.

"Yes, what happened to the Ninja's sent here?" Philly demanded angrily.

"I don't know what happened master, but they couldn't be reached on their phones

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. They just disappeared." Leo answered. "I will keep on looking for...."

Interrupting him. "Don't bother, come here tonight, and when coming, come with the Nine Fingers. That stupid Paul has to die tonight."

"Yes master." Leo reply and waited for Philly to end the call.

As soon as he end the call, another call came in. Picking it up.

"Yes?" He waited as he listens to what the caller was telling him. "Then come, he won't know what hit him."

There will be no escape for Paul.


Paul quickly ended the kiss, "I remember everything Nora."

"You mean your memories are back?"

"Yes, I remember this house, I remember seeing you the first day grandma Kate brought you from Casala. My lost memories of Philip has returned."

"That's good news, let's go and inform grandma immediately."

"You go, I will join you soon, my friends are here, I want to discuss something important with them.

Kissing his cheek, "Okay handsome." Nora said and left him, going towards the second sitting room where Kate and Craig was.

Paul left and went to meet David and Eric.

"Did her grandmother allowed you to stay?" Eric asked first.

"I haven't ask her yet, but she will. That is not what brought me here." Paul said, putting his hand in his breast pocket, he brought out a memory card and handed it to David. "You two shall fly to Valten now with the jet. Once you get to my father, give him that memory card, he will bring your father."

David nodded his head although not understanding some of it.

"Eric, you will go back to my secret hideout  (penthouse) with my father, Uncle and David. You all should stay there until I am back." Paul said and touched Eric shoulder in a friendly way and whispered to him. "You once asked me how you are going to repay my kindness, now is the time. I am leaving those three in your hands. Your weapons and others weapons are in my room wardrobe, ask one of the guards to show you."

"Why all these rush Paul?" David demanded.

"I have this feeling that something will happen tonight and our fathers will be their targets. I will be fine, go, the day is still bright."

"Alright Paul, take care brother." David said

"And you too David, take care of yourself Eric."

David and Eric left the house as they boarded a taxi.


Nora soon ran all the way as she entered the sitting room.

Kate and Craig were surprised by her behavior.

"What has gotten into you Nora?" Kate asked with a smile.

"Grandma, there is something I need to tell you."

"Go on, we are listening." Kate responded with a smile.

"Philip isn't Philip, he is the twin brother of Philip that lived here with us." Nora finally revealed.

"What? That's is not possible, Philly died in a fire accident when he was a kid." Craig said not believing.

"That's where you're wrong, Philly didn't die because he is the one claiming to be Philip. But that's not the main news, the good news is that I know who the real Philip is." Nora said with happiness.

"What do you mean?" Kate asked.

"What I am trying to say is that, the real Philip is alive and he is no other than the person who had saved my life."

"Hold on, are you trying to tell us Philip is Paul?" Craig asked to be sure he heard right.

"Exactly, but I know you will have some doubts about it, so I will he will stay over and prepare our dinner." Nora told them with a smile. "I am sure we all remembered his taste of cooking."

"If you are so sure of what you just said now, then let him stay and prepare our dinner meal tonight." Kate said.

Nora jumped in Joy and went to hug her grandmother and Craig before leaving them alone.

"Isn't she making this up?" Kate asked.

"I don't think so ma'am, she sounded so happy. No wonder I felt this fatherly connection with Paul today. Either ways we are going to find out through his cooking tonight."


Not long David and Eric left, Max jumped through the fence and when he straighten up, he was surprised when he saw Paul in front of him.

"You came at the right time friend." Paul said and hugged him.

"I have too bro, its been long I saw you."

"Thanks for coming, just stay hidden until I give you our signal."

Max nodded his head and left Paul.


"Paul, please will you stay here tonight and cook for us today, I have told my grandma and your father that you're Philip, so please cook something so that they will believe it without having a doubts."

"Of course I will stay and cook, my hands are itching to cook something anyway."

Paul said, kissing Nora's forehead and going towards the kitchen.

Nora went to her room.

"I thought you will never come to your room again." Daisy teased Nora.

"I am so glad that Paul is actually Philip." Nora said with so much happiness.

"I told you to follow your heart."

"Yeah you did, thank you."

"Nora.... I have seen my twin sister."

The smile faded a little from Nora's face, "When?"

"She came with your twin today. They're controlling her and she needed my help to break the spells."


"Your twin sister and that evil fairy I once told you about who came and decieved my twin sister."

"Am so sorry."

"Its okay, I came to tell you that I will be leaving to go and meet her in Casala, for me to break the spell, we will have to stay where the spell was casted."

"So you're leaving? How are you sure your twin is saying the truth?"

"Yes I will be leaving now Nora, and she is not lying. I will be back once I have settled things rightly." Daisy said and moved closer to her, she touches Nora's forehead and whispered some words. "I wish to stay but I can't. I will find you."

With that Daisy disappeared.

Nora kept pondering Daisy last word. What does she mean by 'I will Find you?'

Was she getting lost?.



Paul has finished cooking and was setting the table to the surprise of the maids. He asked Jolie to call everyone down to the dinning table that food is ready.

Jolie left to do as she was told.

Kate was the first person to come to the dinning room, followed by Craig and Nora. Philly had sent a message that he's not hungry yet.

Paul and Nora sat beside themselves.

Tasting the food, Craig eyes widened in surprised as Kate eyes soon followed.

"Surprise dad? I still remember the cooking mom taught me back in the restaurant." Paul said with a smile.

"Its Philip." Craig said with tears as he stood up to walk over to where Paul and Nora sat.

But before he could move, Paul was suddenly in front of him, pushing him to the ground as the sword that was sent in Craig's way landed on the floor.

The Eight Ninja's came in and surrounded them. Only their eyes where seen, the rest of them were covered in blacks. Kate was filled with fear. As Nora quickly came to Paul and her grandma side.

Paul whistle softly and Max was by his side quickly. Paul picked up the fallen sword on the floor and pointed it to one of the Ninja's.

"I don't want to harm anyone of you, so if you still wish to live, leave this house this moment."

A clap was heard and they turned to look at who clapped.

Philly continue clapping as he sat down on the seat Paul had occupied, he stopped clapping and ate one spoon of the food. "Hmm, it tastes nice Paul, you're a great cook, I couldn't cook like you even if I try to."

"Tell your Ninja's to leave this minute or I will deal with them."

"You're not lifting a finger against my men Paul. You see in this world we are in, no one is to be trusted, you trust no one except yourself. I speak too much don't I?" Philly said with a smile. "Kill him."

Paul raised up the sword to attack any Ninja coming to him but was surprised when none of them moved.

He felt pains all over his body as Nora screamed out loudly.

He looked down at his body and saw Max sword coming out in front of him. The sword withdraw from his body and thrust into his body once again.

He turned to look at Max who started smirking at him removing his sword from his body. Max betrayed him.

"Why Max?" Paul managed to whispered.

"It is master to you fool!" Max shouted and thrust into Paul's stomach again for the third time.

Paul fell to his knees as Max removed his blood filled sword from his body, and cleaned the blood on Paul's clothes.

Nora was by Paul side quickly, hugging him and crying.

"The show is over now, Nora love, come here." Philly said.

"I am not going anywhere with you monster, I am staying with Paul." Nora told him in tears.

"How touching." Philly said, standing up to his feet and going to where Nora is. "He is going to die soon for loss of blood. Come with me and I will make sure you live like a princess." Philly said as he offered Nora his hand.

"I said I am not coming with you. Kill me too."

"I can't kill you, you're too precious to me."

"I hate you with every fiber in my body, you can't force me to love you. I will only love Philip."

"Enough of this talk, you're coming with me and that's it." Philly said and dragged Nora roughly away from Paul.

Nora punched and kick Philly with all her strength as he drag her away from a bleeding Paul.

Philly groaned in anger and gave Nora a slap which made her faint immediately.

He carried her in his arms gently. "Sorry my love for hurting you." He said stroking her face lovely. "Time to go." He announced, and pointed at Craig. "Bring him along." He faced Kate. "I am only letting you go because my morning sun is related to you."

Kate blinked her eyes multiple times when Philly disappeared right in front of her.

In Kate's eyes, she thinks he disappeared, but in Paul's eyes, they ran, only that Philly was faster.

One of the Ninja's hit Craig on his head hard, Craig fainted as they carried him and went out of the house. Max also did the same.

Paul fell down to the ground losing consciousness.

"Start the car fast, we are taking him to the hospital!" Kate screamed as the servents who were hiding came out. They joined hands in carrying Paul's to a car in the compound.

Kate quickly drove off to the hospital.

Read " Riches Of The Dead-Ije (The Journey) " by the same author ( Ifeoma Isabella Okeke )

. "Don't give up Philip."


"Where are we master?" Paul asked his master as the old man took him in an underground chamber.

"There will be a time you will feel betrayed, when that day comes......then you will become one with the sword of Samurai."

"I don't understand you master. Who's going to betray me?"

"That you have to find out yourself. I am only telling you what I see in your palm. You trust too much." The master said and opened a room filled in darkness. He clapped his hand once and candles lit started burning, lighten up the dark chamber. In it were ten Samurai's statues and in their front was a drum. "I have not brought anyone here except you. Do not reveal this place to anybody." He said and Pointed at the statues. "The day you shall need some help, come here and beat this drum. It will breath life into the statues of The Immortals Samurai's, and they shall be at your command."


Do not try to plagiarized this story.
All rights reserved, the whole of this story is a complete fiction. Any role related to someone either alive or dead is a mere coincidence.

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