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**** THE NEXT MORNING Arnold sat on the chair, arms crossed over his chest as he watched the motionless figure of Mark on the bed.

So many wires attached to his body. 

A neck support around his neck.

His left arm in a sling, a bandage around his head, a drip connected to his hand and a mask over his nose.

He looked pretty beaten up.

Arnold sighed.

After Mark's fall yesterday, he'd been rushed to the hospital and immediately sent into the theatre where he was operated on for several hours.

Which is why he was currently seated in here at 4:00am at dawn after nearly having a fight with the staff when they'd asked him to go home.

He wanted to stay.

Not because he regretted calling the police on him.

No. Not at all . In fact, Arnold wanted to see what had become of the man who was hell bent on destroying him for the last time before finally moving on and never looking back.

As he sat down waiting for the doctor to come tell him Mark's situation though he knew it was going to be pretty much bad news.

Mark barely survived.

If he truly survived, he wasn't going to be the same again.

That Arnold knew for sure.

He watched the man he used to love more than a best friend.

And he felt nothing. Nothing but pity.

Maybe it was because whatever Mark had done to him had sank real deep into his bones and he wasn't going to forgive him just because he was involved In an accident.

An accident which only occurred because he was trying to shoot Arnold

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. Again.


the door opened as Alex stepped in paying a quick glance at Mark.


Arnold muttered in reply.

"The doctor has arrived"

Alex informed just as a man seeming to be in his late forties stepped in.

"Good morning doctor. How's he?"

Arnold wasted no time in asking.


"Is he... Is he going to.."


The doctor finished for him before he nodded.


He sighed

"To be honest with you his chances of survival are preferably 2% out of a 100%. He may or may not give up the ghost any moment. He's got a fractured skull due to how hard he hit head, a few broken ribs, a broken arm, dislocated shoulder and well a spinal cord that's completely damaged. If by any miracle he manages to survive, I'm afraid the patient will never be the same again. He won't be able to use his legs. As for his brain activity we have to wait till he regains consciousness before we can tell if he's going to be able to do normal things like talking, hearing, moving.. All these are connected to the brain so well just have to wait. But in all honesty, he hit his head very hard and it's going to affect him, but in which way, we can't tell just yet"

Arnold sighed.

Maybe this is how nature decided to pay him back.

By making him stay alive yet rendering him completely immobile and useless. Like a vegetable.

"Thank you doctor"

He turned away.

It was time to let go off the past and embrace happiness once again.

As for forgiving Mark, maybe one day.

He was human and couldn't forgive just yet.

One day, maybe one day.



"Are we going home?"

"Yes princess.. Or you want to stay here?"

Arnold asked.. He was carrying her as he spoke.


Her reply was fast as she shook her head for emphasis.

"Good then let's go"

he laughed.

"Hey Noldie!"

Alex walked over to where he was standing and nudged him... He frowned.

"I told you not to call me that you dimwit"

"We can quarrel over that later... Look over there.."

He pointed to where Helena and a younger Lady were standing.

"Helena?" "I heard she's got a boyfriend"

Alex lied.


Arnold exclaimed as he dropped Fiona

"But I thought she liked me"

"Apparently yes but you didn't expect her to be waiting around for you when you couldn't even express how you truly felt... I heard he's a doctor too, works in this same hospital"

"I'm going to question her. Stay with uncle Fi, I'll be back"

he says and walks towards Helena... "Come and sit with me little devil so we can watch your daddy go get his woman"

he chuckled.

She stared at him and frowned.


"Hey, can we talk?"

He says as soon as he gets near her.. She stops talking to her sister and turns to face him.. "No"

She answers and begins to walk away.

"What's his name?"

He asks making her stop in her tracks.


"Your boyfriend.. I heard you found yourself one"

She laughs and folds her arms.. She didn't know who put those ideas in his head but she was definitely going to play along.

"Will knowing my boyfriend's name make you put on more weight?"

"I know he works in this hospital"

"I only came here to remove the sling from my shoulder since I'm perfectly fine but that's not a bad idea though. In fact I'm going to see him right away"

she says and begins to walk away but he grabs her arm.

"Let me go Arnold.. People are watching"

she throws her eyes around and realised people including a few nurses were watching

"I don't care!! Why did you have to accept that ugly doctor's proposal? I bet he's uglier than a pig"

He spat, a pang of jealously hitting him.

"First of all he's not ugly. On the contrary, he's very cute and well he's a good kisser, unlike you"

she teased

"Stop it Helena!"

"Why? It's the truth"

"This so called truth hurts okay please"

he says rubbing his chest.

"Why? Why should it hurt you. You don't care about me so why should..."

He groaned.

"I care okay. I care about you... I love you Helena... I love you"

"You love me? How convenient!"

"It's the truth Helena.. I do love you.. I was afraid I was going to lose you too.. Well I almost did..I really love you Helena.. I just don't know why you had to accept another man's proposal so soon" She cocked her head to one side and smiled... He looked really handsome even with his sad face... "Whoever told you I had a boyfriend was probably messing with you"

"Really? So... Ermm you're available? Oh... Sorry.. I meant you're single?"

He smiled sheepishly and she nodded... "O...okay. Right, so errm can I ask a question? Well do you errr... Do you like me? .. I mean do you love me?.... No wait do you.... Shit I'm rambling now"

"Which ever way you want to say it Arnold, my answer is yes.. I love you too"

she smiled looking up into his heavenly eyes. Only God knows for how long she had waited for such a moment.

The stupid idiot just took too long to propose.

"Errr so...."

He trailed off scratching his head, turned and walked back to where Alex was seated... The smile on Helena's face vanished when she saw him walking back leaving her standing alone.. That Jerk! Yet again he had played with her feelings and walked away.

She sniffed and blinked back a tear and turned to walk out of the hospital when she spotted him walking back towards her, holding a rose flower... She smiled... So he had gone to bring her a flower, she thought, waiting for him to say something sweet when much to her horror and surprise, he broke the rose flower into two and then began to fold the broken stem delicately and intricately into something that looked like a circle.

Done, he lifted his head and stared at her.. "Listen Helena I never thought I would be doing this today much less now that's why I haven't bought a real ring yet.. But right after here, we will go to any jewelry shop of your choice and you choose any ring you want but for now....."

He paused and watched her mouth dropped open amidst cheers from onlookers as he went down on one knee and lifted the beautiful artificial ring he had made out of the rose stem.. "I know this is unusual but the thought of you belonging to another man made me take this haste decision... Hey, this ring might not be real but it's looks cute doesn't it?"

He watched her chuckle sightly as she wiped a tear.

"I know I've been a jerk and....."

"Yes I'm glad you know"

she cut in rolling her eyes and the people who had surrounded them laughed.

"But trust me, I was scared of letting myself love again but now I'm not.. I want to love you like you deserve. I want to be the reason for your every sound of laughter.... I want to be the first person you run to when you want someone to gossip with.... I want you to be a mother to Fiona and well my unborn babies, my partner, my lover, my wife, my companion till I take my last breath Helena and...."

"You're talking too much gibberish Arnold.. Just shut up and go straight to the point!" Alex shouted and he chuckled, turning to flip him the middle finger. "Will you please marry me Helena?" He blurted out.

"B.. B...but we aren't even dating" she stammered. "It's not a problem.. I've heard women are experts at multitasking so you can be my fiancée and girlfriend at the same time. Right? Right?"

"Yes!" she laughed

"Is that a yes?... Oh no!!"


"The ring!! It fell"

he went on all fours and began searching for the artificial ring as his hands roamed the tiled floor.. "What? You misplaced my ring?"

Helena screamed and knelt down by him and began searching for it too..... "You're careless Mr. Bempong.. If I don't find this ring then I'm not talking to you again.. Ever!!"

She screamed in frustration.

"Oh my God! Mr Arnold Bempomg this is the worst proposal ever! How could you misplace my ring.

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. I swear..."

"Found it!" Arnold exclaimed as he dusted his hands and slid the ring on her finger which surprisingly fitted perfectly.

"Damn straight Arnold. You wouldn't have heard the end of this if you never found my ring" "But I did didn't I?" He grinned

"Well yes but still you were careless. My God, how could you let it slip it from you fingers. What if you never found it..."

Arnold groaned, wanting her to shut up already to he could kiss and drag her away to a quiet place to make mad love to her.

"..oh Arnold... I would never have forgiven you. You men are so careless.. You.." Her rambling was cut off when Arnold suddenly gripped her by the waist and pulled her to him, crushing his lips with gets in a frenzy kiss. Now that's how you shut a woman up. PS: Don't try this at home. I repeat, don't try this at home..



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