Cold But Charming - Episode 6

Cold but Charming

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Soory pals I wasn't really chanced Lately to update so I hope you enjoy.. Pls try to drop your comments, ratings and likes ..thanks


Rain pounded on the roof of my Mercedes brabus and slashed the windshield as I drove back to the company.
I want to be optimistic for my dad sake but how would I even get an explanation of whatever reasons it is for sending someone down here when I had blasted both mom and him on the phone after they had brought up the topic I hate hearing the most like insisting I see a therapist ,,

thinking about that guilt flooded through me,
dammit I banged my hands on the steering,
how would mum and dad know I love them so much..
how would they even know am only being this way for them,"
Seeing a therapist wouldn't change any thing

I closed my eyes and gulped back some fear as I battled with the emotions it brought inside of me,,
I sniffled and made a guttural noise deep down my throat .
Soothing away this ache and anxiety would do,,
I chilled by the cold weather and zoom on the gear while I tightened my hands on the steering..

Getting back to the company seems to take longer than I imagine..
I drove into the car park... Noticing a strange suv parked right at the spot I  parked my brabus before leaving the company, ...
Well I squeezed my thoughts away from that and reverse packing right behind it, I glanced through the mirror and notice the heavy rain has lessened a bit .
I unhook my seat belt,  carried all necessary stuff and a small umbrella,,,
Clunging it to shield my hair while I lock the car, I turn and walked fast enough inside..
  the security man at the entrance took my umbrella, and I immediately nodded towards his direction while  handing the dripping umbrella to him....
I was about making my way in, when I notice a bing from my iPad...
Lucky enough I was holding it,  and glaring through it,  I was surprised to see a mail from portharcout 
"that will be from dad" I immediately smile at the thought...
Oops glancing right up while I took more step,,  it was as if an angel fell from heaven noticing the entire staff around glanced at me, mouth wild open as if some miracle just happened ,
Noticing their steers, I rolled my eyes obnoxiously  and immediately pull back my angry normal face  while I made my way towards the shorter steps and right into my office,
I noticed the empty secretary seat as I passed and felt a need to start a recruit for that seat sooner .

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Stupid Maggie, she got what she deserve
I walked towards the lougue area to my office...
Sitting down on the sofa I poured my self a cup of coffee and sighed.
I pickes up my telephone and punched in some numbers
"mr Kingsley.,"
"hello maam" I heard him say
"send the person in"
Without waiting for his reply I banged the phone right back...
I just don't like that man,

I sipped my coffee while I go through my iPad and clicked on the mail...

From: lewis enterprise portharcout

Subject: transfer shift of Mr Steven gold

Date: 10/22/2018  2:55pm

To: Samanthan Lewis CEO jr.

Miss SAMANTHAN lewis we wish to inform you the
Transfer of Mr Steven gold was issued by Mr Lewis, CEO of Lewis enterprise portacourt .
Therefore Mr Steve will resume the position as your personal assistance as at the time being until management above stops his appointment ,,,
Hope you accepts him as an helping hand.
Have a blessed times working together.
Sent by anna Jude, secretary to mr Desmond Lewis

My entire being seems to spark to life sending some rush of blood up my skull,
I steered at my phone reading the mail over and over as if there was a mistake somewhere.

Personal assistance ..i said with knitted brows
"how could dad "
I need to give him a call right now

"I need no personal assistance  dammit "  I banged the cup of coffee on the stool beside me splitting almost all the coffee here and there
Anger flashed through my eye while I stand moving towards my desk ...i was about dailing his number when I heard a knock on the door,

I steered wide eye towards the door as if a ghost is about sending me off foot.. It was as if my head had spinned off and back to life I immediately realised it might be the so called personal assistance , I dropped my phone and swallowed some sliver concentrating on my breathing
"come in" I heard my self said through gritted teeth


Steve pov:

Each of Mr Kingsley soothing utterances and words of encouragement battered me grievously,, if not for his fatherly advise to stay calm I would have love to put this spoilt little miss right in her place if she approaches me unethically
Respect is reciprocal damn it..
Right  she might be the boss but am a man and I can't allow to be molested rudely by some spoilt chick. What the heck.
This man hadnt even given his  reply before the phone went off
How rude


I haven't seen her ,  and yet I cant seems to stand her


The nervousness I had felt all the way from portharcout seems to have varnish into thin air occupying my mind with series of questions about this rude lady ...  Mr and Mrs Lewis are damn nice people for heaven sake..
How come,,,

For a moment I steered into space with these millions of thought before Mr Kingsley cleared his throat in turn sending me off thought
"we are all used to her attitude here if thats what you thinking about Mr Steve, "

He smiled warmly towards me
"I would lead you to her office, but remember my words no matter how hard or rude she might be towards you,  just stay as calm as possible ,  I mean respect her the way you might actually respects her dad"
I gave a wry chuckle and nodded.
I heard a bing from my phone while I followed mr Kingsley right out to the bigger hall..
Guess I would look on that later cause right now

Am about going into an hellish mission

we climbed some few steps to a spacious room with warm lighting showing the reception and other workers took their various seat.....most eyes on us though as we took another few steps ahead to a mini hall
showing the secretarys seat, a brown wooden table with the companys logo in gold, three black marble were placed behind it and two comfortable arm chair were set next to the table as waiting area, Mr Kingsley move further past the secretary seat to a corner and towards a well polished door guess my eyes was quick to absorb the sign attached to it ...

Mr Kingsley turns smiling at me,  "I guess I will have to leave from here Mr Steven,  best of luck" he took his steps to leave while tapping my strong left shoulder ...

"no matter how rude she might be Mr Steve remember my words okay"

okay, " I said squeezing back a smile
I watch Mr Kingsley leave while I turn towards the door and sighed..
the anger in me had finally subside at least leaving my mind with no other but what to get curious about
like solving this million imagination of seeing her in that attitude of hers and confirming how she might actually looks like after having been
fed fully about her hotness and beauty
Am about finding that out though


careful enough not to make the loudest  noice with my stong hands I knock on it twice..
I thought I heard a grounded voice said "come in"
with much gentleness I open the door and gapse realising how lavishly the office was decorated incredibly with the state of art
a light brown wood with grey walls.
black leather for the furniture to add a chic corporate look.
a modern chandelier hung from the ceiling and adding an abstract painting with black and gold accents completing a modern chic look.

Read " Beyond captivating " by the same author ( Op. Amina )

. Hints of gold were also used on the table. and another table in front of the bigger desk for smaller meetings.
at the corner seems to be a lounge area which includes matching leather furniture and two coffee tables with accents of gold.
two lampshade lights giving the lounge a relaxing tone. a smoked glass doors and walls to divide the office areas for that luxurious chic look.
God  I murmured surprisingly guess I didn't expect the office to be as lavishly cash spent as this.
Why is everything so much more geogeous than the ones in portharcout  I mean Mr Lewis office is not as one quarter as beautiful as this


All too soon my mouth falls open as I take a timid step further  into this breath taking office,
I could swear this lady in front of me now is the most breath taking sight of all,
Steering at her from her hairs to toes, 
God have never seen anyone so beautiful.
I thought I forgot my senses while I stood there focusing my eyes with much more attuned beauties to feed on
guess I never really paid any interest in seeing her picture then cause of those cynical rumours I heard about her arrogance which had made me lose all total interest
but right now , I Tell you


Am really short of words believe me
She had a sculpted figure which was twine-thin. Her beautiful face was tapered  with a burnished complexion. A pair of arched eyebrows looked down on sweeping long eyelashes. Her delicate ears framed a button nose. A  carmine-red fingernails. It was a pleasure to see her flowing, moon shadow-black long braid packed firmly behind her. Her enticing, constellation-gray eyes gazed at me over her small kissable, heart shaped pink lips. She had a bouncy personality and a sugary angry look , which I adored.  I tell you
Not content to be just another drone, she wore vibrant short skirt showing her beautiful wide hips .
And a blue white tucked in top.. I drowl at how firmly her round breast hung showing a decanter waist..
She was steering wide eye at me..


Not exactly sure how long i stood there steering I got catched any way.


"what the heck are you steering at"
I jumped as her ruggish tone catch me off guard.
I steered back right into her angry eye, I manage to part my lips to reply just to abruptly shut them when I realised it was something I couldn't  answer..
I immediately muster up..


"hi am Steve gold"
"I know that damn it"


She looks away shaking her head while she moves to sit elegantly with the look that tells me she is much of a rude CEO and very much aware of it..
I move farther into the office with my tall frame while she glared up at me with that charming eyes


"I didn't remember telling my dad I needed a personal assistance "


I straighten my form and replied in my most calming tone
"I think you should relate that to your dad miss sam"
Her perfectly sculpted eyebrow shoot up her fore head in anger

"how dare you,  did I ever gave the permission for you to use my first name"

I smiled at her while I move forward to take a sit since she didn't care to offer

"Mr gold you are crossing your boundaries " she drawled

"we are perfectly fine here miss sam " I adjusted taking the letter from my suit pocket and sliding it forward on the desk right in front of her.

"it's the transfer letter "
She looks intently at my smiling face, while she took the letter and throw it right back at me,,

"I would prefer you stop being the boss here Mr gold I would advise you to get right out of my office to hell "
The way her yell filled the room makes me shudder a bit .

"calm down, miss sam..I dont think I said anything wrong now for you to get upset this way, you are very young beautiful woman and I tell you high blood pressure at a very young age is not really advisable "

Watching her lost her temper is not really a good scene though but I did watch her snap and stand on her heels 
I thought I heard
"get out "
Tell me I lost my sense of hearing now

"our meeting is not finished here miss Lewis if that's what you'd preferred to be called "

"Get out from my sight " she drawls again
Well seeing this mixture of fear and anger in her eyes ...i gather my self and stood up at my thoughts

What's really making her so angry
What is it shes really afraid of  damn it
What what what I don't seems to get it

Instead of moving toward the door .....
I pocketed my two hands and walked bravely towards  her.

I tell you I immediately regretted it when I feel a hot slap landed on my cheek...
I groaned and steered at her with this shocking look as I curse under my breath
Thought I saw twinkles....

I swear I never saw that coming..

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    Op. Amina
    The typing error of steer occurred here again, guess amendments would be made fully in the next episode... Thanks for notifying guys.... Appreciate youve been following well enough to notice that guess I didn't notice the error at all... Thanks one more...
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    Jennifer Aboagyewaa
    Great! Sam has met her match. Can't wait to see her tough persona weaken. Good job keep the episodes coming.
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    Adeoti Akindele
    Very spoilt and rude CEO
  • Op. Amina picture
    Op. Amina
    Thanks pals,,lol ur comments matters a lot episode seven in review.....
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    Zainab Mohammed
    Haba Miss Lewis!!! Slap!!! You have crossed the b/line nah!!
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    Op. Amina
    Lol @zainab thanks for reading
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    DeQrald Writ
    Hahahaha interesting ??
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