Cold But Charming - Episode 9

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Steve pov:

I felt my throat tightened as I watch those tears falls,  and felt so terrible at the realisation that I was actually the one who brought it to her eyes,
I shouldn't have kissed her like that, I know, but I just couldn't help feeling her that close, 
the velvet feel of her breath, 
her heart shaped lips,  the way she smells,  gosh,
I knew I wasn't thinking right as at that moment, and it wasn't my fault I lost total control,
She was stunning, breathtaking, clean, perfect ,
All my life I never for once thought a woman could still make me feel this way after how dreadful my past love life seems,
But she did make me realise true love still exist.. I just wish ....
Wish as at this moment I could put a smile on that face and not make her cry like this ..
I felt so worst deep inside of me I wanted to cry along with her, I wanted to tell her to trust me,  to allow me in her life,  to let me love her endlessly,  to trust me with all the stuff causing all of her aggressiveness . Guess i couldnt  muster up with anything,,

Now.. Watching her leave so angry and hurt was the most pained sight of all,  as this feeling of guilt plagued all over me.
I love her yet I had hurt  her,  how could I be so senseless..

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. I shouldn't have barged in on her like that at the first place, I could have just stay put with my plans on how she could earn my trust,  guess I lost all chances with everything now.
I doubt she would talk to me anymore,
I stood there as she banged the door behind her not  knowing what to do, whether to run up to her and apologized in front of everyone,

Whether to just follow her to wherever it is shes going,
I hope she doesn't hurt herself .
Or am gonna live with regret for the rest of my life..

I walk back slowly to my office feeling grounded all over with a terrible headache.. I gently placed my head on my desk gulping back these goosebumps of regret..
Guess these past few days till now I only do things without actually using my brain...
Now I just wish I had someone to talk to,  I felt so lonely and upset at myself..
Most of my friends in portharcout are those crazy guys who never believed in love, they wouldn't understand how stucked I am with this love mess, only Anna,
I glanced at my watch it's just she would be busy.
I picked up my phone and glanced through my contacts thinking of who I might actually call,
Maybe pouring out my mind would lessened this anguishness a little..
I immediately thought of Joshua,  Josh was actually one of my crazy friend who would likely understands me more, guess he would know how am actually feeling,,
he's in some kind of serious relationship not to understand.
I dialed his number and he picked up at second ring..

Josh : hey man, how u doing
Steve: hey josh, am fine

Josh : saw most of your status on watsapp,  Abuja is really making you look good man,  I hope you haven't banged most of those sexy damsel you work with

Steve: (smiles)  Josh come on,  it's been barely a week,  OK I wouldn't lie,  I only screwed one

Josh :  (laughing at the other end of the phone ) I trust you man, baddest guy you no dey dull thing, hope the girl got this,

Steve: got what come on josh, are you crazy, I ain't much of a player you know you that,  you can't compare me to Andrew.

Gosh: don't talk about Andrew, that one na male sl*t,
if monkey wear skirt hin go still f**k.

Steve: (laughing) I believe he would still change,  cause am a changed man already (now frowning)  am in love man,  am so in love, it's turning me crazy.

Josh: steve, gosh you are such a mess,

Steve: I know u wouldn't believe me after what Jessica did to me, I know have sworn so many times I wouldnt love again, but am stucked Josh,  am crazy about her. I thought you would be only one to understand how am feeling,  I mean  am going nut

Josh: calm down and tell me about it. Man  Who is she..

Steve: Mr Desmond daughter,

josh: you mean the lady who's currently your boss over there,  woooah
OK man calm down,  let's talk about it on watsapp,  u would explain everything to me. Okay

Steve: thanks man that's all I needed right now, cause am not thinking straight anymore..
Talking to Josh was like lifting an heavy weight off me, I told him everything right to this very morning and that kiss,
He told me all I needed to do and I had perfectly taken it to heart.

Another two hours more was like forever, I immediately took my car keys,  went ahead to Mr Kingsley office, and made up with some excuse of severe stomach ache,
Now as I move out with Sam thoughts wailing all over my mind and head, I could feel some few stares on me especially Anita's,

Non matters to me, other than her.. And as I entered my car and drove off..
I assured myself.. It was her, only her.


Sam pov :

I chocked out as I chamber out my car earlier,  my eyes blurry with tears and my throat constricting with sobs while I race on to my front door .. Struggling with the keys I had manage to scramble into my mansion and shutting the door behind me roughly. I had glanced around the luxurious designs around me and felt so empty and lonely for the first time. 
I had breaken down right at the door and cried...

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. Pouring out my mind bitterly with tears,

Now crawled up like a ball on my big bed, I try to control the shivers that shook through me with my thoughts,

His hot kisses,  and this heavy feeling in my heart..
I suddenly thought  of going home to my parent and losing myself in their parental embraces.. To tell them why am actually shutting them off. But I know i love them too much 
But I would love to die first rather than watch my parent die..., with these lonesome feeling grounding inside of me.

I picked up my phone and dailed my moms number..
"hello mum"

"hello my dear,  Sam,  your mom is worried about you"

"I know you are mum,  but am actually fine,  doing great"

"don't be silly Sam,  I know you've not actually been great right from eight, I know you are hurt inside of you,  why can't you just trust us enough to tell us if you can't trust a therapist "

I gulped back the tears forming in my eyes..

"no mum,  I trust you guys, but why did you tell dad to send a guy here to be my personal  assistance "

"you know I don't know anything about company affairs child"

"mum, I know you lying and u know am smart enough to realize you and dad had both made plans to send Steve here,  and am very sure you'd be the one to push dad on it, dad would  never have thought of sending someone as my p. A when he knows quiet well I purposely not recruit anyone for that position but he's here and I felt hurt to allow him kiss me like that"

"he kissed you really"
I could feel her smile at the other end

"Sam my child, okay Its the truth I told your dad to send him to you.. we know Steve as a very responsible boy before sending him to you,  just trust him with whatever it is bothering you, if you can't trust us enough Or a therapist.. Steve is a smart boy he will help you out okay "

"mom I missed you"
I knew she had felt surprised at the other end as  as she stays silence for a while, it's normal for her to cry as its a word I hadn't said for the past eighteen years,
She finally speaks

"I missed you too baby,  take care of yourself okay," she said sobbingly

"okay mom I will"

I hanged up, I knew mother's love to be as great as anything and  I felt all too plagued all over realising how much I missed her so much, shes been a mother all tthrough this year's doing everything possible to help me, which she'd still done by sending Steve to Me.  But I can't let her die, I can't loose her..

I just wish that event at eight hadn't happened so I could be free

To have steve touch and kiss me again.
I felt occupied inside of me as these different thought came to my mind.. Before I could realise it.. I felt my heavy lids and knew in any moment I would defeated by a long sleep....
I was awakened by the sound of boots ascending my stairs as I checked the time beside me,,  it's only 3:0clock pm.
I avent even sleep for more than twenty minutes..

I threw my blanket aside and started panicking, who could it be, cause I was so sure I locked the door downstairs before coming up...
Or is it him,
Is he here to kill me first..
I rushed inside my closet and put on a fitted trouser, making my self ready for any attack I knew is about coming my way,

I rushed back inside my bed room as I could hear more sounds of the boot,  now stopping in front of my door,  as all went silent. 
I was shaking all over, not knowing What to do right at first...

I picked up my phone and dailed 199 with my shaking hands.. .wondering why Nigeria police men 199 ...sometimes disconnects .. I dropped the phone, thinking of were I could hide, but no where is hideable I bent to peep under my bed and saw my small orange knife..  I picked it up and immediately ran towards my door standing right beside it so I could attack whoever it is right from behind ..
I tried to calm my pounding chest, and ease out a soft breath.. While I prepare myself to attack..
The door flung open..

And I stared wide eye at who it was....

So guys who could it be,,,,, 
Steve, Caleb, or who she feared might be the one..

But Caleb might have actually changed his mind to get his plans done earlier than to night...

So guess pals,,,  don't forget to like,  rate and comments..

Thanks lot of love.

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  • Deborah Oguntoye picture
    Deborah Oguntoye
    I have a huge feeling that it is caleb cos that guy is a pycho and pervert in making. Weldone girl
  • Oluwadare Mojisola picture
    Oluwadare Mojisola
    Wow! This is really tensed moment, you shouldn't have leave us hanging like that
  • Maame Konadu Fredua picture
    Maame Konadu Fredua
    The suspense can kill person
  • Ngozi Awagu picture
    Ngozi Awagu
    I guess Steve is the one, nice one dear, the iceberg must be broken
  • Ngozi Awagu picture
    Ngozi Awagu
    I guess Steve is the one, nice one dear, the iceberg must be broken
  • Blessed Daniel picture
    Blessed Daniel
    Na Celeb Na. That Evil Plan Of His.. Nice 1 Writer.
  • Op. Amina picture
    Op. Amina
    Thanks for your comments guys.
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