Cold But Charming - Episode 11

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Caleb pov:
Earlier to the moment:

After taking a shower,  I noticed the sensations in me had started all too earlier than my plans, it's just like a micro wave in reverse freezing me from the inside and out at the thought of Sam earlier return..
It's been three hours after her return,
And I knew I couldn't wait to see her anymore, so eager to see how her eyebrows normally sweeps down and around in extravagant arcs on the upper edges of her nose, how her long shapy legs fitted nicely under a perfectly shaped ass, how her lips would taste if I had to feast on them hungrily...
I knew my manh**d wouldn't budge anymore,  it couldnt wait as I noticed how heavy it has grown waiting to be jacked inside Sam s-xy hot vi-gin h*le...
It has been that way for the past few days though, but knowing my plans is to be done tonight, the sensation had grown all too much, I thought it's driving me nut..

I glanced at my nudeness in the mirror and smiles, 
Gosh Sam could make a man feel this way, at the mere thought of her, what if am closer to her,
Breathing in her  sweetness,  touching her every inches..

I closed my eyes at my thought and signed..
"change of plans, it's either now or never"

I jerked in a red polo, and a nice fitted blue jean,
Apparently my decision did please me as I took out the tiny esctacy drug from my drawal,
I don't want it to feel like I wanna rape her, this would do the trick on her body,  longing for me instead.. I smiled and frown as this unwanted guilt rushes down my spine...

"Am sorry I had to do this Sam,"
I slide my back on my bed saying all too loudly
"What if I approach you instead and you send me outta of your life once more,  I can't bear that, I don't wanna loose you, have been such a mess following you around all this years..and now is the opportunity for me,"

I stand and slide the drug inside my back pocket ,
I glanced at the mirror once more, noticing my budged biceps, I felt a need to put on an hood,,
I strode to my ward rope and grabbed one,  making sure it fitted right for the mission before going out,

I was welcomed by the soft air as they traipsed accross my eager face..
The estate was as quiet as always feeling glad at the though,
As desperately I darted towards the mansion which was just few blocks away,
I moved around the building after feasting my eyes on the beautiful flowers, trees, gardens and pool, I breath slowly trying to focus my brain on the exact way to her room, 
I was planning on going through a small window, jerking the window forward it opened, I stood for a moment trying not to attract any noise, I took a step forward and was about getting a week plan done when I got cut off by a

A man voice

"Any problem" the voice said

With a skipped heart I turn my head and saw his face,
A rugged looking middle aged man in black outfit standing with all too confident and assuring mind..
My heart was pounding though, but I manage to stand on my feet before moving towards him,,
I put down my hoodie

"Actually I should ask you, who the hell are you "

I could see the dark grin at the corner of his mouth,

"Am family to Sam and you "

"None of your business " I said moving past him and making my way to the front of the building... My heart was racing all the way at the sound of family,

What the hell

I was about taking a faster steps forward and out of the mansion when I noticed a sharp pierce beside me..

The bastard stabbed me , I turned around in pains holding my stabbed side firmly as I watched him go into the mansion with the dark smirk at the corner of his lips,

I stood still with grief and horror,  my sense of lost was so keen that my kneels gave out on me  ,
I could feel the saint of blood and death hang in the air, every single pain was so unbearable,  my throats rioted, my eye so wide flashing before me at the sight of red,
it was my blood gushing out of me..

Jesus Christ

I fell down at the faintness in my eyes looking up the sky, my visions blurry . As I groan at the deep pain piercing through me ,..
I knew I was deing, memories of my loved ones and that of beautiful Sam whom I've followed and watched secretly all my life flashes through my eyes
.. Yet I wish I wouldnt die...
Crying at the unbearable pain that sends all the airs around me away, the sun blinded my eyes as the pain threatened more inside of me..
.. This is God getting at me

I knew It as I said my last prayer,  I just wish,
Wished as at this moment God would forgive me, so I would make it peacefully,

I groaned as my tears falls ...
I love you Sam. I will always do, am sorry, am so so sorry,

I thought I heard voices and a hand on me ,
Slowly as I glanced sideway, i smile at a sight racing towards me and all I could see next was darkness, deeeeeeeep deeeeeep darkness..

Steve pov:

Earlier to the moment.:

Joshua words of encouragement changes my mood totally, as I drove out of the company I felt a need to have an hair cut, before heading to her mansion,

After getting a newly hair cut,
I was not all too surprised by the reaction of the ladies who saw me coming out of the barbers shop..
I roll my eyes and smile as this tremors of excitement surged through me, I knew I got everything ladies would drowl at,
now walking in the most sexiest male model style towards my car, I noticed the hair in my hands coming up only to whip around seeing more stares in my direction ...

Oops I gapse

I think am fit in playing the role of a very hot model...

I haven't really noticed my s-xiness until I started looking at the mirror a week back all because of Sam,

Well I understand Anita, Cindy, Miss Etim and all other girls till now, if I were a lady too,  I would drowl,

the red traffic light signals, while I rolled down my glass, I winked playfully at a fair lady in a pay bus,
Cutting the moment , only to hear her roared with excitement like I was some kind of celebrity in turn cutting all other passager off guard
Really ..
A slow smile spread across my lips, twisting
them in before I was forced to
laughed out loud at her foolishness ...
I drove off at the instant signal of green light
Wooooooooah I shouted feeling at the top of the world with the thought of Sam drumming in my head, this feeling to lock her stubborn lips in mine again,  ....
My plans never to leave even if she sends me out a million times,
I tap on the car player and was welcomed by my favourite song
love me by Justin Bieber...
I shouted lifting my hands off the wheel and back, knowing I just couldn't wait to go see my charming  stubborn crazy boss whom I fall in love with already..
I thought I was going crazy too while I started singing along in my most aubible tone, shaking my head and waist all the way..

My friends say I'm a fool
To think that you're the one for me
I guess I'm just a sucker for love
'Cause honestly the truth is
That you know I'm never leavin'
'Cause you're my angel sent from above

Baby you can do no wrong
My body is yours
Give you little more because I love ya, love ya
With me, girl, is where you belong
Just stay right here
I promise my dear I'll put nothin' above ya, above ya

Love me, love me
Say that you love me
Fool me, fool me
Oh, how you do me
Kiss me, kiss me
Say that you miss me
Tell me what I wanna hear
Tell me you love me (2x)

People try to tell me
But I still refuse to listen
'Cause they don't get to spend time with you
A minute with you is worth more than
A thousand days without your love, oh your love

Oh, baby you can do no wrong
My body is yours
Give you little more because I love ya, love ya
With me, girl, is where you belong
Just stay right here
I promise my dear I'll put nothin' above ya, above ya

Love me, love me
Say that you love me
Fool me, fool me
Oh, how you do me
Kiss me, kiss me
Say that you miss me
Tell me what I wanna hear
Tell me you love me......

Driving back to the hotel didn't take longer "think I could take that!” I thought
Without glancing I said hello to the two female receptionist who were gapsing at my new look with a smile softening their features ....
I retreated to my room took a short shower and sorted through my sparse selection of clothes.
The blue shirt and a black jeans were already in my hands when i paused, recalling Sam last expression today,

"I hope she's okay" Slowly the consternation slipped through me bringing a new sort of feeling..
I concluded, wearing a fitted henley.  Naturally, revealing  just a hint of my bicep, and a brown fitted jean. I eyed myself a final tim  glancing at the mirror judgementally.

Gosh I knew I looked entirely different, all these for her Steve. Seriously

I hope she looks at me as those ladies does..lets just call it my wish
Feeling all too eager I drove at high speed knowing have wasted enough time to get to her already,,
I tap on my phone glaring intently at the address Anna had sent to me at the first day I resumed,,
I turned on my phone tracker leading me to the mansion with ease..

The estate seems to be an opened neighbourhood,  I sighed smiling at the sight of the mansion, rounded around it was a small white gate, revealing almost every single piece in it,  the pool,  the louge area, just the flowers and beautiful trees tall enough to outdone it look making it look perfectly structured,
a small beautiful bungalow elegantly built beside realising it might be the building Mr Lewis was talking about 
I move rather slowly with my heart in my hand, I could see her car packed in the garage, letting my mind raced more at the thought of her being home...
I move forward glancing at my self
Not really knowing what to meet,, 
I immediately muster up getting myself ready for any of her attack...
I went inside talking a few steps  only to catch my breath at a sight not far from me
A guy in pool of blood wincing in pains, I jumped feeling my blood rushed to my leg, all I could gasp out aloud was sam name, I race towards guy like a person who had been striked with an electric wire, catching my stares from this shocking sight, I bent to touch the guy as I feel this knotted feeling in my stomach

What the hell happened here, gosh were is Sam,
I shouted in wide eye expression
Only to look up as she raced from her front door towards me

Steeeeeeve ,,
She was panting heavyly, sweat all over her face like she had run a marathon race,  shaking all over she gasped, this shocking expression on her face as she covered her lips with her hands ...i have never seen her  this shocked with so much terrors and fear,, 
I noticed this tears in her eyes gasping with bewilden expression
"what the hell happened here, Sam," I said at the top of my voice

"God Caleb, caleb noooo", she shouted..

Steve don't let  him die, let's carry him please. 

At the sight of those tears,  i felt as if I just swallowed a razor blade, making my gut pinched so hard, I was already sweating myself,  the feeling as if,  I was the cause of all this at the beginning, if I hadn't kissed her and she left that way, this scene, I couldn't really placed in my head, wouldnt  have shown up..
Thought she never had any friends,
Where did she know this Caleb from..
Caleb she kept crying all way

I struggled with all of my might to raise up the guy telling her to move aside, he had fainted at the lost of blood though, but I noticed his faint breath, as we both raced towards her car,
She struggled the key on the ignition trembling with lot of tears falling miserably from from her eyes..

"Give me the keys sam," I took it from her staring into her eyes I could see as the overwhelming tension seeped through it,,,

What exactly really happened I thought.
The thought of  those hammer  I collected from her  earlier flashes  through my mind

"oh did she do this
....  Never she wouldn't..
Watching her race to the other side to take her seat, I started the car as few sand spewed behind the tyres... Pressing the acceleration, I screeched the car out of the mansion and into the drive way ...

I just hope the guy survived,

So what do you think guys do you actually think Caleb deserves a second chance...

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  • Favour Abhatue picture
    Favour Abhatue
    I really hope Caleb make it alive but Steve too is not even safe around her. Nice one
  • Miksi Coffee picture
    Miksi Coffee
    I'm loving the story...Next episode pls
  • Adeoti Akindele picture
    Adeoti Akindele
    Who is this mad guy behind all this sef. Caleb doesnt deserve death but it serves him right. Weldone Amina
  • Ngozi Awagu picture
    Ngozi Awagu
    Chai! Caleb my brother na so the world be? Man propose
  • Esther Mutunga picture
    Esther Mutunga
    Sad for Caleb to land in the hands of a psycho........but thank God Sam is safe for now
  • patience Nifemi picture
    patience Nifemi
    Caleb must not die that uncle must be really mad for blaming Sam for the death of his family
  • Jennifer Aboagyewaa picture
    Jennifer Aboagyewaa
    Calabasas has to live to tell his tale of how he got stabbed. That evil and delusional relative of Sam should not get away with it.
  • Ucheoma Rufus picture
    Ucheoma Rufus
    Caleb should not die, he us love only thst he doing know right way to go about it, but tgat devil uncle of Sam will not go unpunished
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