Cold But Charming - Episode 10

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Sam pov:

I glared at him with a wide eye expression and felt my hands instantly go weak..
with his back view, I could still tell he is still more of a psychopath I'd remember him to be with his normal black outfit.. A black leather jacket with a black pair of stock Jean and a  high hill black boot,
I felt frail and scared as I could remember how he'd crushed a life dog to death with just the same kind of boot,  the smirk grin at the corner of his mouth as if sensing my scrutiny ...

He turned and I immediately felt my kneels crumbled beneath me.
He is just the same as I could remember eighteen years back ...
Only looking slightly older, 

For the past seven years I haven't been without those night mares I thought I was getting over it until now,
he shows his face again..
A psychopath
~Flash back~
18 years ago.

I ran along with my two friends Maryl and grace to the school gate cheerfuly. . normally after school ends,  my dad would come pick us up, but we were surprised he didn't show up after an hour... As the three of us live in the same neighborhood,  Maryl and grace waited along with me in the gate man quarter while we played to while away time

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After some minutes,  a long black car  and a smaller red one I'd recognised to be my dads slowed and packed in front of us...
I was excited along with Maryl and grace...
"daddy daddy "
He slowly wine down the glass, 
"hello SAMANTHAN "
This dissapointed look on my face, as I knew he wasn't whom I was expecting I stare at him sadly.

I noticed the gate man recognised who he was as they both exchange greetings. 

Now focusing his gaze back at me , he smiles

"come on Sam, don't  be sad, dads just busy, hop in I will take you to him"

"what about my friends", I asked him
He smiles with a dark grin, 
The one reason why I don't really like him was his black outfit. But he was family member, at least taking me to my dad shouldnt be a big deal.
I should thank him instead cause he might have actually dropped all he's doing to come pick me up, I was immediately angry with my dad as he couldn't do the Same as he had done.

I folded my arms on my flat chest as I remain adamant wishing my mum wasn't out to Dubai so she'd come pick me up instead but what choice do I have.

"the red car behind you is taking them home instead,

I watched him narrowly,
"why are we not going together "

"Oh yes cause am taking you specially with this special car for a special treat... "

"treat  at where" I smile at him,..

"it's a secret"  he smile back,,
I  immediately hop unto the back sit at the sound of treat.. after watching the red car drove grace and Maryl away, I saw a small dog sticking it's tongue wide eye at me on the back seat .
I smiled at it

"who owns this cute small dog"

"it's yours,  I bought it for  you "
"wao, it's beautiful, while I stroke it's back, what's its name "

"it doesn't have a name yet,  you can give it a name"

OK I put my hands on my lips while I think of a name

"I will name it cutie " I said excitedly

"what  a nice name for a dog" he grined with an husky tone

I was happy and started asking him different questions about where he is taking me ..

I was glancing side way and playing with cutie excitedly showing her different tall buildings and so many cars along the road,
I noticed I was getting tired from the long drive, while I yearn occasionally hearing the sound of a very strange music..
Thought I heard "death took them away, they die,  they die"
I guess I wanted to ask him what kinda music he was playing, when everything went blank..
I fell asleep
I was awoken by the coldness of the breeze,  I yearned and stresh... Someone suddenly yanked me forward and drag me out of the car while I wrenched in pains trying to fix my brains on exactly what was happening and who was dragging me..
I noticed I was still with him as we were not home yet..  he dragged me along side of the road while he holds cutie  one leg like he would hold a rat,

I thought she sensed where we were, and started barking

Now with his hard grip on me I was crying out loud

"leave me alone, let me go, were are you taking me"
He dragged me along to a spacious space I thought I could never see its end

I gasped  "a cementry"
    His treat was to bring me to a cemetery, I was scared to death seeing too many graves around me while I kept shouting more and more

Gravestones lined the eerie graveyard, Some recently placed, whereas others, cracked and crumbling. Mould covered the engravings dedicated to the dead, trees leaning towards the stones, branches reaching out to each other.  The smell of old stone filled the dry air, weeds covering the graves of the dead,

"let me go, please let me go"
But it was like talking to airs as my word seems to die down around me

Noticing how stubborn I was
He shouted with his thick voice

"shut up,  you foolish girl,  if you shout again I will slap you you got that"

I immediately kept quiet and nodded at the sight of the darkness I saw in his eyes,,

I was so cold by the breeze,  I started to sneeze,  he took me  scrunching both our feet further on the sand and drops of dry leaves. 

I saw him knelt down at some graves and started crying..
I thought I felt sorry mixtures fear with the. oooooowwwwwwwww
sound the wind was making, slapping itself on my face and ears,,

He looks up at me and stand to walk around six different graves,

"you killed them all Sam "
I stared at him with these fear in me that he might actually be crazy, I panicked and started running with all of my might..
Thought I was running hard, but in the next seconds he grabbed my arms and yanked me forward

"where are you running to you silly girl"
"leave me alonealone"  I shouted
"you are running mad,  leave me alone"
He started laughing harder with tears in his eyes while I could see cutie stucked in between two grave barking so loudly..

He dragged me back to this same  graves ,

"if not for you they wouldn't have die"
Look, he started pointed at each of them,
"my wife,  my mum,  my dad , my sisters and my three sons "
I  remembered my dad had told me he lost his parent and two of his siblings, but he had never told me how exactly they died, or whether these people had all die miserably on the very day I was born, but he did say it now,
He said it to the extent I started to feel my stomach hurts and rumble
The fire eat their skins, they melt, burn,  cry,  struggle,  it burned deep to the bone, you could see the skull, they didn't die yet but burn,  burnnn
I started crying with fear,
"I didn't kill them they had an accident "

"Shut up you foolish girl" he shouted. ,

"You did kill them,  you are a witch,.... Sacrificing all of the people have ever loved in life to your fellow witch
just have it mind you did kill them,  get it stored in your brain "
He sparted out

"and if I ever hear you say these to any one. I would crush them, "

He ruggedly took cutie who was still barking  in the middle of two grave.
Threw her down and started matching her with his heavy black boot angrily along with tears and laughter  

I panicked with tears and  fear shouting all the way

"pls don't kill her, cutie, noo"
And she stopped barking
Cutie remain still dead with her eyes and tongue strucked out of her skull....
Splitter of blood all over
I shouted, clinging my ears closed


He pulled my hands away from my ears, fixing my face to the dead dog

"look at this,  if I hear you tell anyone,  I mean anyone,  including your parents, or any other person,...they would die, as cutie die, Miserable death,  you got that"

I was crying harder not answering

"you got that "  he said loudly slapping me slightly

I nodded.. And he pushed me further
While he dragged me along, all I could remember was how he had matched  the innocent dog to death... How he had talked about the death of those people
So heartless, a psycho,  bastard, I wailed the curses inside of me wishing I could say it out

He dragged me towards the car and throw me inside..

Read " Her Secret Lover " by the same author ( Op. Amina )


He moved around the car and entered

"now do you enjoy the treat"
I was still crying, scared to death not answering
"answer me you witch "

I jump with fear while I nodded.

He laughed and turn looking at me through the glass

"now clean your tears sam"

I immediately did it with shaky hand

"so here we are,  let's go home"
He laughed out loudly playing the song once more

"death took them away,  they die,  they die"........

And it all started

I chased every single person away, so they won't die miserably as those people and cutie died..

~flash back ends~

I could see the wider grin on his face as he stared into mine

"oops here comes our pretty little killer"
I swallowed uncomfortably now glaring at him angrily

"i told you, I killed no one,"
His laugh filling my room  as he walked towards my balcony and back

"oh samanthan, I told my boys I wouldnt believe it until I see you with my own eyes,  look at you,,. You look exactly like your mother ..."

"so you say"

"oh so I say,  and I see "

He moves further towards me while I move back .

"you've grown so cold and charming , nice one girl, my boys told me everything,  how you chased everyone outta your life and how you'd ended up in this big mansion all alone "

He clapped and laughed

"wao, shutting up everyone off is the best not to open your sticky mouth to that event, cause the last thing I  would want is to see your father,  mother, therapist or anyone  you ever told die miserably as cutie,  remember "

He laughed and brought out a knife from his pocket,  long and sharp streaked with blood

"Who did you kill" i said through gritted teeth feeling irritated...

He laughed and moved towards my bed to sit... I felt my stomach cramp by the blood stain and the sight of his dirty self on my bed

"well my boys told me about some guy who might actually be interested in you,  so when I came around,  I saw him logging around  so I stabbed him.. "  he said frowning

"what, "

"yes" he said with an heavy tone and this eyeing look in his face...

I immediately thought of steve, did he followed me here,  it can't be, it can't be
"noooooooooo" I screamed
"yesssssssssss" he screamed back laughing...

"yes, that's how I love it,  for you to cry,  and shout,
you don't deserve to be happy sam,, I am bitter,  so you'll be for the rest of your life,,  and if you try sending people to kill me,,,  you would be surprised those people actually work for me.. "

He smirked aloud moving forward to take the small knife in my hands

"so you actually wanna kill me with this, ehn"    he started laughing aloud

"stupid girl.."

"where is the person you stabbed "
I said squeezing back the tears in my eyes, realising how he had totally gone so worst through the years Than he is before...

"He's down stairs,  still wrenching in pain,
he glanced at his wrist watch his expression emotionless
"he  still has twenty mintes more to live" he laughed

"what,  how can you be so heartless, you bastard" 

The inside of me was wailing at the thought of steve, memories if his  hot lips lashing  on mine flooded through me as I immediately rushes to take my car keys and race down the stairs, I could hear the sound of his laughter while I fumbled my way out, I ran down the stairs almost falling with my heart pounding hard in my chest, my head whirling,  my eyes blurry,  and the blood inside of me rushing up to my skull

Sweat brims fall over my face, while I struggled down the stairs and out, I was brought to an abrupt stop,  when I saw him there with a wide eye expression,



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