Cold But Charming

Samanthan Lewis began turning all pique and cold at age eight, becoming angry wasn't enough but shuting most of her friends off, staying alone more often and sentimentally rage at anyone that crosses the intense in her was hell of a one to deal with. 
she stays silent,  wise enough at age eight to keep secrets behind her coldness from everyone .....  everyone including her parents.... how odd . ........initially as a parents they grew more worried and took her to a psychiatrist who told  them a situation of anger at a very young age of hers was nothing but aspergers syndrone which can only be controlled if she embrace others and not feel dejected .
That was what her parent believe she was suffering from.. Though
Little did they know behind her anger are memories from eight years old which had perfectly hunted her throughout her years.... 

of course she's smart, spunky and extremely geogeous.. it was like she had everything.. now growing into a beautiful tall s-xy CEO of Lewis Inc had left all her admirers and workers in the state of awry to wonder how someone this cute and rich had become so bitter. 
of course she's smart, spunky and extremely geogeous.. it was like she had everything.. Now handsome Steve gold was transferred as her personal assistance from portharcout to abuja, although he hadn't seen her but he had satisfyingly heard a lot about her bossiness which he had despite so much and felt worst at the realisation that he had to start working with her. 
All he thought at first was she is just being a spoilt silly arrogant rich brat.. But what he saw when he starts work was pure beauty pashed with loneliness and pains..pains buried for a long long period of time. he was as sure as heaven that behind her anger and bitterness are reasons
 and damnly crave to know more about this cold chaming boss of his   which he was willing to unfold only by getting closer to her. 
Now in the process of getting his personal quest done he began finding himself rehearsing on how to approach her., 
began realising how so much he had drown forgetfully savouring her beauty like airs.
began taking time on his looks which God himself was aware he had never paid attention to. 
began thinking of his loathed words never to fall in love again as stupid ... cause he already find himself heads over in love with her. 
.. #now will he be able to see the charming part of her , or the other way round like being thrown out of the company to the nearest street 


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