Cold But Charming - Episode 12

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Steve pov:

I searched for the appropriate words to say while I drove at full speed following my Gps to the nearest hospital, I was sweating profusely with the smell of blood and pressure in the air,

sliding down the glass I realise my lips only kisses the air as i couldn't open them to utter any words now that the opportunity I have is passing by,

Watching her shake and cry silently beside me was like watching hell fire
on earth.. My heart was so pained to the extent it started to get heavy while

I register the situation over and over again with the terrible feeling that I had wasted so much time on my looks I hadn't been able to get to the scene earlier.

I could have stopped it dammit, but whatever might have happened.
This guy was brutally stabbed. 

And the reaction of Sam while she raced to the scene,  I was convinced she couldn't have been the one ...i just wish I could have gotten to the scene earlier so I could crush whosoever might have done this wicked act,  my eyes flutters closed and open when this feeling suddenly sinked in knowing Sam had a lot of explaining to do ..

I just hope she could trust me enough to tell me every details of what actually happened.

Speeding the car forward while I drive like crazy, I anxiously nibble on my left thumb while I watch her from the corner of my eyes, I noticed she'd stopped crying now looking to her left ..

As if knowing I was side watching her, she glanced side way at me, I knew even now that I held my gaze to the front, her eyes was red with tears, she studied me intently as if noticing how different and hot I was with my new hair cut, she turn her head to the wounded guy and back to the front, she was silent all the way.

I knew she wasn't at peace anymore, I swallowed with the effect her stares had done, arousing some hidden veins to my face and arms, I gapse and was beyond relieve she'd decided to let go any of her anger..

Now that I reached out my strong left hand to her soft smaller ones, I was thankful she didn't snatched it away but instead holds on tightly till we reached the nearest hospital..

Getting to the hospital didn't take longer cause of my higher speed.. I was glad I still felt the faint breathing of the guy while I struggled to get him out of the car, I had watched Sam scurry out and into the hospital to get two nurses who had came running with an emergency stretching wheel, I help them get the guy on it while I watch Sam raced along with them inside..

I entered to move the car into the parking lot..
With this faintness in my eyes I realise how my breath had gotten down on me realising the the last time I stepped foot to the hospital was when my dad was struck with an heart attack.

Just the memory I was reminded how pained it always feels if you have to loose a loved one, I bolted inside as my mind flashed to this Caleb guy with all the jealousy It might actually contains...

I wonder who this Caleb guy is to her..he must be someone very special..
My head keeps swelling all the way, with the thought and stupidly wished I was in his position,

I scan the waiting room which had also been smelling of anticeptic and spotted her instantly, I have never seen her wear a trouser but with those nice fitted black leggings I would admit she's as beautiful as the freshening rays..

The pain in my heart suddenly increases as I could see how weak and scared she was.. Now as I approach her the redness in her eyes from too much tears were clear,
I swallowed the limb forming in my throat wishing I could take away all of her pains....

I still could not believe my stubborn, angry boss could be as scared as this..
I knew all too much than the disguise she wears everytime. Seeing how emotional she could be today I knew right at that moment she's as charming as anything.
And I just damnly love her all too much to wish she would go back to her angry self.

The moment she spotted me moving towards her, she struggled and stands

I pocketed my hands in my trouser staring into her pained eyes as she avoided mine scanning my broad shoulder and biceps down ward ..
How would I really know if it was my broad chest, she's staring at or my blood stained cloth..

I noticed a mo-n came out of her throat as I pull her forward for a deep cares-ing hug, it breaks my heart to know how pained she's going through right now and not been able to do any thing about it.
I was shocked she didn't pull away as I knew I was such a mess myself smelling of blood and perfume .
I hugged her deeply savouring the way she felt so small and soft, she accepted my much bigger body sinking her sobber face into my strong chest ...

Hugging her felt so good,
Nothing is as good as the way I hold her in my arms right now...
I just felt  like locking my lips deeply into hers and tell her am right here for her..
I released her as she was still as close as anything, I swallowed as she flashed those beautiful face towards me...

I started to burn all over with need

"What did the doctor say"
I ask as quiet as possible.

"Nothing Steve, they took him immediately to the operating room and told me to stay outside "

She was crying again...

"I wouldn't forgive myself if Caleb die Steve, I hope he doesn't die,"

I shake my head in disapproval wiping her tears away with my thumb

"shhhhh babe, he won't die okay"

I saw this look on her face as if I just said something odd.. But I was glad she didnt give any replies,,,

We waited for hours after opening an hospital card for Caleb, I knew how hospital antiseptic smell normally choke me bad but any thing for Sam Is acceptable ... I knew I still have to endure even when I'd noticed my stomach had start chun and rumble at the smell,

Our attempt to stop any nurses for the current situation of Caleb was fruitless it must have been really critical..
But I was glad non of them had came to inform us that he's dead

We stayed quiet most of the time as I knew I should have asked her what exactly Happened but l knew right now isn't the moment.. Cause any thing that would actually change her mood towards me I wouldn't want to do it.
Something immediately nudges me, how could I have been so stupid to forget
I noticed she had rested her head back to the wall revealing the fresh soft skin in her neck,,
I glanced at my watch and realise its almost six thirty,
I tapped softly on the now Sam who'd closed her eyes against the wall

"Sam did you eat anything today,, "

Her voice now cracking at too much tears and the lack of not talking for too long,

"I did" she said

"When Sam "
I knew she was lieing as the look on her face and her too flat stomach showing the sight of someone who'd not eaten for days, she didn't reply..

"God, I will get you something to take"

I was on my feet when she stopped me..

"It's non of your business if I eat or not Steve,  you should go home and get yourself out of those messy cloth instead"

"You're starving Sam, look at you",,

I would know any starving person anywhere, cause I knew myself how it normally feels as I had slept so many times during my school days without eating, her face was weak and dull,
God this lady is gonna starve herself to death..

"I refuse to leave until you take something Sam, knowing how my stomach was growling also from the hospital smell "

"Let me Starve, am taking nothing okay"

Sam pov:

I knew Steve to be someone who doesn't follow my orders or rules, as I now watch him race outside with this look that says...
Never am I gonna allow you starve yourself to death.. .

I was glad he didn't listen though..... cause hunger is something that could disrupt the whole system entirely ...

yet I wish he could have just leave me to starve to death rather than run off like that to get something...
My thought drifted to Caleb again

Caleb, I knew I didnt understand the situation myself or the fact that,
that heartless man had said Caleb was logging around my mansion cause he was actually interested in me...
How does Caleb get to know I live here..
The last time I remember talking to him was in portharcout eighteen years ago... Damn Caleb, what the hell Is he looking for,
How would I get in touch with any of his friends or family, cause letting mom and dad know about this would only attracts the police,

Now that he has shown his face again I know all too much I needed them alive rather than dead.. How I wish dad would only know the green snake under so many green grass was no one but his own blood brother who had molested and put so much fears in his only daughter by accussing her of his misfortune and threatening to kill anyone who she told including his own blood brother who he had eaten and dine with...

What a Ruth less, heart woven psycho, he could have easily get married after the incident ..
But he didn't,

Instead keeps on putting the blame on me and making my life miserable as his...
I saw Steve race towards me holding a small bag..
God  this guy is impossible

He sat down and glanced toward my direction

"anynews about Caleb, 

I shake my head quietly in the gesture of no..
Okay he said shifting  towards me and pulling out a sandwiches and apple juice out of the bag..

"you've got to take something Sam okay "

I shake my head stubbornly


"no" he eyed me frantically
He moved to take my hands while I snatched it away from him .

I knew steve is a very attractive guy, with his manliness and all but the last thing I would want is to see him get hurt like I had seen Caleb and cutie.
I wouldn't wish that for any one again much less him,
This expression on his face as he gently pull his arms to his side, he finally speaks

"please Sam,"

"are you seriously begging me to eat now steve" I said now feeling the worms in my stomach groan louder indicating high standard of hunger...
I could swear he heard the sound as he tries to hide the smile coming up on his lips..

"what is this about you caring whether I eat or not, not that we have any special relationship other than boss and P. A ....and you breaking my rules which I do not know whether I still want you to stay in that position or not..... So you should go to your dear Anita and plead with her to eat instead"

God what is this about Anita I seriously getting jealous now ..i had said it before I realise, and immediately regretted how it sounds

I knew he was only trying to help, but I still stobbornly let my ego gets in the way cause all I needed right now is for him to leave and stay away from me so he would be safe..

I will forget about his hug
and kisses, I will let it all go but having him so close to me, is having this effect in me I don't really want,

"I care about your well being Sam" he said,  I still stobbornly folds my hands to my chest ignoring what he said

My face immediately brighten as a much younger nurse moves towards us, Steve was quick to move as he was closer to her...

"any news nurse"

I saw her looking at steve in a way I couldn't explain, she is much fairer as I could noticed the way she's blushing so hard.. I immediately moved in front pushing Steve behind me..
Now aware of my presence she said in an hurried tone...

"the doctor needs your attention,, "

I could see the way my stare had an effect on her as she squeezed her hands on the file she's holding rather shakingly..

"the way to his office miss cynthia" I said seeing the round logo clip on her chest indicating her name

"that way ma'am," she pointed towards a corner, to the left,"..
and Leaving us much hurriedly than I had expected...

I moved quickly towards the doctors office, noticing Steve was following behind

After a short walk which felt like an eternity, we finally enter the doctors office as he called us in after a short knock... His little office was painted in smooth white gloss with  paper covered bed and small desk covered in various instruments my mind began imagining as cruel torture devices cause I'm not a big fan of hospitals or doctors or being sick in general so I usually avoid them whenever possible.
  However, every now, as the sight of blood and dead people normal scares me alot..

I haven't seen them carry any dead body out which I was glad with...
We sat down and my mind immediately flashed back..... eighteen years ago,  to doctor tommy ..

"have your seat" the doctor gestured ..
He was much more younger than I imagine.. In his early forties I think
I did as I watched Steve took his too

I'm doctor Matine,

"nice meeting you,doc" Steve replied as I was too scared by the look on the doc face that it wasn't any good news

"who are you to the patient "

"friends" Steve replied

"OK the wound is nothing but a knife pierce and I assure you I know, the different between an attack and accident... From the cut I could tell the person was much more skilled to have been able to time his death, but thank God  you brought him earlier, he's slowly responding to treatment though but I assure you he will be fine...
His condition is still critical due to the blood loss and all, but you can check back tomorrow, you can't see him today..

Steve nodded, I was catching my breath all the way, this relieved feeling to know he'll be fine

"but" doctor matine said
I still felt a need we should notify the police on this....

"Did  you see the attacker so the police would easily assess the situation to avoid any form of risk which is now posed on the victim... They would make every necessary investigation so such act on the victim won't be repeated .. I mean the guy narrowly escaped from death .,"

I was shaking not knowing what to say .....steve noticed this, reaching out for my hands, he took them and squeezed them lightly..

"actually doc, I think he would be the one to answer that, cause we only got home to find him in pool of blood, so we rushed him down here, "

"okay " doctor matine said,,  I'll advise you stay away from the crime scene for a while, till he wakes up to explain what actually happened.

"okay we will doc" Steve said standing to take the doctors hands, I shook hands with the doctor too while I allow him holds my hands along with his towards the door and out of the hospital.. It has gotten so dark outside, we hadn't noticed cause of the hospital light..

I straightened my posture when we got to the car

"you heard what the doctor said Sam, the mansion is now a crime scene,  so you should stay away for a while,"  Steve said

He opened the door while I entered,  he rounded to take his seat .

"where do you expect me to go if I had to stay away from the mansion, " I said with a ferocious frown on my face

"the hotel I stay in Sam"

"rubbish" I shouted, I got down from the car angrily and rounded to his side, I jerked the door open...

"get out Steve,, am driving my self home, you can look for a cab or something and go to your damn hotel cause to hell am I ever going with you"
this fear mixture fury burning in my eyes

"since you refused in telling me what had actually happened to that Caleb guy back there... I tell you over my dead body would I allow you, go to that mission alone" he said at the top of his voice...

"you are a psycho Steve,  get out of my car, he's gonna come for you too why can't you just understand" I had said all too loudly before I could stop myself "

"whos coming for me Sam" he asked  repeatedly, all I could do was ignore his question and started dragging him with all the remaining strength in me so he could get down from the drivers seat,,

"who's coming for me  sam"

all the effort I put in was like dragging airs, non was futile... he was just too strong..

"please get down steve" now with tears running down my eyes while I weakly dragged his arms ...
Before I could sense what he'd done, I  found myself now on his laps,,
Catching my chin with his thumb and forefinger, he forced my gaze to his...

"I do not care whosoever might be coming for me Sam," he was glaring deep into my eyes as our lips was only mare inches apart..

"I love you, and only that matters "

I couldn't broke away,  the guy was too hot, too hot,  I forgot my senses and all the dangers around me as I started burning with need ..he care-ses his hands on my neck and down, staring at me in every inches like he own me..  A gapse leaves my lips and before I could stop whatever he's doing to me, his lips immediately seized mine, holding me intently for a deep deep kisss
I rounded my arms around his neck instead opening my lips to meet his more than half way. .

It just felt like heaven.

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