Cold But Charming - Episode 8

Cold but Charming

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Steve pov:

Tucking the last file back in the drawer, I closed the filing cabinet and locked it with this feeling in my heart that prove no exception.
I straighten up on my chair and drew a ragged breath

Its been a whole week and I did nothing,
Nothing at all only to go along with her filthy rules,  rules I know for sure if I had to put up with in another week I wasn't sure what's gonna happen.
It took all of my will power not to barged into that office or right ahead to that mansion and tell her right in her face,  I do not care what ever decision she wanna make, I do not care anymore, she can go ahead and threw me out for all I care ...

But yet I knew being aggressive wouldn't change or solve anything,  .. All I needed is to come up with some ideas to earn her trust..
And Composing on something to come up with in the last few days had all prove effortless,
only to get myself sucked up in some kind of seduction which I had definitely regretted

I knew right from that very first day anita had a crush on me..
But how she'd manage to get my number and the address of my hotel lougue I still do not  know ..
But she'd come right ahead and visit me uninvited though, we chatted, joked, laughed,  and I manage to feel comfortable by her presence..
Only to give this surprised look when she crawls on me uninvited while I lay quietly on my bed thinking.
Even as dismayed as I was at the moment  she leaned over to give that kiss , believe me I only saw this faint smile of lost in her eyes

"Steve I want you"

I swear i do not want to kiss her back,  but I was stucked, staring at her was like staring at my charming boss, I knew I would lost in though and I definitely did, ........only to return her kiss and end up screwing her big time,
I knew I f-cked up,

But at the end of it all I apologized and petted her while she cried after telling her I can't give her what she wanted . Guess she was expecting more like graduating as a lover after what we had together,

But getting along after wards wasn't hard, even if the thought of having screw her sometimes crawls up my mind, but screwing or not , she seems like A matured lady and kinda the first female friend I had make out with here, which I had some how cherished.

Now moving towards her desk having been bored to the throat with nothing to do in my office,

I watched as she work her hands on the computer .

"busy" I call out
She glanced up smiling while I move closer.

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. I leaned over her desk realising literally some eyes around were watching our interaction

"oh steve,  you are in already but I didn't see you come in "

"that's because you were not in yet when I arrived,  have been here since 7am though, wanna make up with some unfinished assignment before the arrival of your boss."

She lifted her head locking eyes with mine with this warm and faintly teasing gaze.
"my boss or our boss"

shoting her a dismay look I finally smile
"okay our boss"
She laughed, now staring at her while she gisted on this and that,  I knew my mind wasn't with her or this conversation, and it felt crazy to think how infatuated I am with my boss and how she'd literally occupied every single one of my thoughts since the moment I laid eyes on her.
I felt grounded with this need to see her and touch her, I was snaped out of thoughts when her telephone rang

Only for me to give her this questioning look when she dropped the phone staring wide eye at me.

"it miss Lewis calling me up to her office, Its strange she just doesn't call me to her office without needing me to help her with some stuff"

My brows pinched together
"are you sure "
"very sure steve"
"OK calm down,  just go right ahead,  okay "

I saw her nodded while she squeezed a smile and left,  I followed right behind,  calling her to stay calm while I entered my office,
I heared Anita knocked twice before she opened the door, and my mind  immediately felt occupied with this different thoughtsthoughts, I hope it's nothing bad... I immediately moved towards the door that connects my smaller office to hers hoping  I find some clues of Anita sudden call to eavesdrop on .
All of my effort to hear anything bending, standing,  peeping through the key hole were emphatically fruitless .
I went outside my office and pace up and down only to keep staring at the empty door way for a long while before anita finally came out
I sighed a little,  though I didn't know what they talked about but I felt the troubling inside of me a while ago temporarily sheved, I stretched my hands fainly to take Anita's
With double questions at a time, only for her to have me stopped, with this look of anger mixtured fear, 
"I almost loose my job today cause of you Steve,  but thank God I didnt"

Appalled,  I stared down at her letting her finish the words she began.
her eyes clouded with tears

"we are not talk to each other while at work anymore or else I loose my job am sorry "
With no more than that she left me standing only to feel this shock roll over my face,,
I nibbled on what she said and close my eyes for a moment trying to control the irritation and anger treatning to explode in me.
I took steps backwards to rest my back on the wall fumbling to breath as I lifted my hands to press them on my burning face.
Who the hell did she think she is
God I would be damned if I do not confront her right now.
I turned on my heel and berged into her office without knocking and there she is staring up at me shocked with a wide eye expression, i swallowed trying to ignore how beautiful she is I knew I just broken some of her silly rules...
But right now all I cared about is confronting her, rules or no rules she can threw me out for all I care have had enough,,

I bolted forward  towards her desk, this expression on her face as she drawled incoherently

"invading my privacy Steve,  are you crazy"

I struggled trying to control this feeling boiling inside of me

"who gave you the right to decide on who to talk to me and who not to talk to me samanthan, I mean I have had enough of all this, "

She shot me a dismayed look covered in anger with this expression of trying to refrain on what she just heard me call her,,

"did you just call me.... "

I cut in on her words

"yes samanthan so what"

"Did you know the consequences of what you just said" she banged her fist on her desk as she normally does when angry..
Habits for a psycho boss

I rolled my eyes

"I do not care about consequences,  just answer my question"  I drawled

"get out of my office," she shouted.

"I refuse to leave until I get my answers"

I could see the purr ignition of anger roll over her face while she picks up her cup of coffee and throw at me..
"get out you bastardized  son of bit***, fool, nonentity,"

I dodge while the cup splatters at the corner of the office..

I could see her face covered with fuse of anger  running here and there picking up and throwing whatever her hands grab at me along with those foul word,  that's beyond irritated..

I accepted all of her attacks taking steps towards her in other to stop all her childish charade before she could actually throw something that would eventually got me killed .... She walked towards her  lougue area with these tip toe angry style, I walked along with her and was fast enough to grab her hands only to look at what she was about to throw,,..
An hammer
God where the hell did she get this.

I turn behind and wrapped my strong arms around her trying  to put away the hammer in her hands while she struggled to freed herself from my hold..
"let me go you bastard, am gonna kill you, I swear am gonna kill you"

"Sam give me this, you are gonna kill me with this God, "

"let me go" she struggled
Yet I try to squeeze my thoughts away from her perfect smell, her closeness, and  how she felt smaller and soft. I closed my eyes with this effect she's having on me and opened them trying to place my senses back to the moment...

"God you are so stubborn Sam, give me this "

"you bastard, let me go, "

I finally took the hammer from her hands and spin her around, my breath was catch up as I extract every sweetness of her beauty to heart,  staring down at her I felt my veins rose and hands trembled I knew she noticed this as she tries to place exactly what's happening.. a sound escaped my lips half stated and before she could pull away from my hold i drew her more closer and gently place my lips on hers..

Sam pov:

I should have known the guy isn't the type to follow rules.. And I immediately regretted having made them instead of sending him right back at the first day.

And now as I felt his lips on mine,  my stomach rumbled not sure whether to kiss him back or not, I was so still right at first I could have been carved from rock,
But it was my first time of feeling a man this close,  and I knew right at the moment my body is gonna betray me, I trembled around his onslaught only to realize  I already open up to him while I felt his hot lips lashes deeply into mine...

Realising what I was actually doing I broke away from his hold, with this feeling of embarrassment I immediately moved towards my desk and started arranging my things into my bag..  I could feel his stares follow my every movement,
I glanced up at him with these tears locked up in my eyes,  as I could see my lips gloss stained all over his lips,

God how could I have allowed this, 

"Sam did I hurt you,  am sorry, I shouldn't have"

"Just shut up Steve" I said as this tears rolled down my face

I knew letting any one get closer to me as more of a risk in exposing whatever it is I was hiding, yet it was some how irritating to let desire have an edge  over me...
As I arrange more of my things into my   bag,  I could feel his presence behind me,,

"don't you dare come any closer Steve" I warned as this tears of regret rolled down my face..
As he trys to stop me from what I was doing I snatched myself away from his touch
"am sorry Sam,  I truly am,  I shouldn't have barged in on you like that "

After arranging my things, I stood in silence for a moment and wipe away my tears trying to get rid of this weakened state he just saw me .
I picked the phone up and ranged Mr Kingsley..
"hello ma'am "
"cancel all of my appointment today,  am taking an off.
"okay ma'am "
I dropped the phone as I took a deep breath
I hear him said softly in a low shaking tone
"punish me Sam,  slap me ,  punch me am gonna take it all in, but please forgive me, it won't happen again"

Ashamed and angry at myself I bolted towards the door and slammed it right behind me without looking back.

Caleb pov:

I watched as she drove back inside her compound and wonder what might actually prompt her earlier return,,
Well I was definitely glad at the sexy sight of her....
I watched her every move from my dark room while she locked her car and moved towards that mansion..
I wonder sometimes how she'd manage to stay in a house as big as that all alone

well it would only make it easier for no one to hear  her scream while I screw her endlessly .
You do not have to rush caleb tonight would be best to get your plans done..

I realise how her love had truly turn me into a monster,   but I wouldn't mind,  eighteen years had been damnly long enough and if turning this way for a while the only way I could use to get her,,,  so be it...

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