Cold But Charming - Episode 13

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Sorry the episode came late guys,  was so busy lately 


His gruff confession of love touches me deep inside,  I knew have heard a lot of guys say that to me, but his was different...  So different it started unleashing a yearning have never felt before...i never wanted him to stop but I knew all too much for his safety I had to.

"Steve please stop"
I whispered between kisses feeling too weak to get away from his hold.
Slowly he released my lips as my heart start to stutter in my chest knowing how I almost confess about my psychotic uncle to him tonight.
My body began trembling around his onslaught as I released my hands around his neck, I could feel his breath fanning my lips and hands trailing from my back down my waist.

"Let go of me Steve "
Now struggling to get off his laps, he pull me back carefully holding my face firmly to his  again

I closed my eyes as more tears falls not wanting to look at him,
I know all too much I was too weak to shout or fight him,

God he's the most  stubborn guy I've ever met..

Realising how he'd manage to see all of my weakness and fears, this embraced feeling flushed through me knowing how I had also return his kiss so hungrily and allow him touch me like that..

He touched me,

"hey look at me sam"

"Just leave me alone Steve" I said weakly...still with my eyes closed knowing he's as close as anything .

A heartbeat of silence reverberated between us...
i opened my teary eyes slowly only to realise He was looking at me quietly, his intense protectiveness sending a tingle of awareness and desire rip through me,

Why is he so good looking..

"Am not gonna leave Sam, you know that, so it would be best, if you tell me everything. Who's coming for me." he whispered ....

Shaking my head in a gesture of no away from his grip,... he grabbed it again.

"hey, hey, hey listen sam, just trust me okay"
He whispered with his fore head against mine, feeling his thumb clearing my tears away, as I stare down at his lips,

"you have to leave Steve please just leave"

I knew my pleading would have no form of effect, cause he is one of a guy who never listen to me, he never listen dammit,,.
My heart swelled with emotions knowing with so much intimacy we had today am never gonna forgive myself if anything happens to him,
The feeling my psycho uncle might be some where watching us came to me, I immediately thought of how he matched cutie, and imagining how cruelly he would have stabbed Caleb, I started to tremble feeling my heart pound in my chest.

"Sam please just tell me all I need to know,  I'll protect you "he said, I suddenly get myself away from his grip and stand, wondering where the power came from,

I heard his sigh as he rested his head back to the seat,
I casted him an edge nervous glance,

"am gonna go get a taxi, if you refuse to leave me alone"

The realisation that I got no cash on me nudges me, but to get him far away,  I stubbornly turn on my heel heading for the road instead..

"get in the car sam" I heard him call out

Who the hell is he to order me around..

I bolted to the road instead, awaiting for any available bike or taxi, I stood for a moment only to turn to the direction I left seeing total darkness
Silence ..
the street and hospital light
Showing their flickers around...

I turn sideways  to glance at few people awaiting for available taxi too, non was steve...

I knew steve isn't the type to seat around there without following me..

"Where the heck is he , "

"Steve" I whispered
A thousand flies took flight in my stomach as  it nudges me,

"Steve" I try not to shout while I turn  to run back to the car with the little strength in me,,
My eyes widened, the car was still wide opened and empty

Steve, I call out realising I couldn't cry anymore after too much of tears today,  Instead i started shaking all over,

Steve, I call out again and began searching the car like he was some sort of pin,  every where, under the car carpet, the  locker,  ...everywhere .
I am so messed up right now

My head began pounding all the way as my stomach started groaning like hell..i felt too weak and so so hungry ... my heart suddenly stopped when I noticed a shadow behind me,  I jumped and straighten my posture only to see him staring down at me  looking calm as have never see him before..


I shot him this angry look as my muscle tickled in my jaw. I closed my eyes trying to stabilize my breath. Only to open them now seeing a smile curved his mouth

"thought you left, did you forget something"

Realising how his trick had worked perfectly on me, I clenched my fist and turn to leave, he catches my hand half way, and drew me closer to him,
I noticed he wasn't in his messy cloth again and started to wonder where he get to change..

He traced a finger along the edge of my face,  tucking a strand of my braids behind my ears,,
His mouth parted as he tilted his head sideways and back..

"Believe every word I say Sam,  over my dead body would I allow you go to that mansion alone tonight"

Weakness flickered across my face knowing how I have lost so much of my  strength to hunger and deeply regretted not accepting his offer to eat earlier...
I wish I could fight and shout at him but I couldn't  ..
He took a step closer, he was so close I started inhaling his masculine scent, so close I felt his breath on my cheek , I was closing my eyes all the way thinking he wanted to kiss me only to open them wide realising how he'd swept my foot away from the ground.
I was so shocked by his action as he move with an unsmiling face to the other side of the car carrying me along as if I weigh next to nothing.

He opened the door and place me down gently. While he close the door, I struggled to sit straight as this dizziness arouse in my face thinking I would faint in any moment. I closed my eyes.

In the next moment I felt his presence beside me and struggled on my seat ......
as if noticing I was  too worn out to do anything, he reached over to help me with my seat belt,

I hear him start the car engine as he pulled on the gear.. I opened my eyes dazely to the movement and noise of the car engine, I found out how deadly weak and sick I was, slowly I closed my lids as everything around me went blank...

Unknown pov:

Slipping to the darkness around the hospital walls, I slithered back to direction I left the car
"how far, " jaguar called out  ..

"drive to the other side so I could get a better view " I said

Jaguar moved the car and packed at the corner I ordered him to, I immediately dial his number

"it's me boss"

"any news"

"yes boss, a guy name Steve has been all over your niece since the scene sir,  from the view am seeing now, I think he might actually be her boyfriend."

"Steve,  the named sound somehow familiar, boyfriend really, thought you said she never had any boy with the way she shut everyone out of her life."

"Yes boss that's what we thought untill now"

"So whats he doing with her "

"Actually kissing her sir"

"Hahahahahahaha, oh oh so Sam is testing my patience now, after all of my warnings, she haven't learn from the one I stabbed today, if she think she can have the life I lost all because of her she missed it  never... "

"So boss should I treat the guy f-ck up"

"No no no,  not yet... Let her enjoy every moment with him now,  cause the next thing she would be doing next is moarning his death.."

He laughed from the other side before speaking..

"What you will do for me is this,
cause I won't be around to monitor you guys cause of the meeting am going with her dad tommorow in portharcout, tell others about it so you would split yourself,  track down their every movement and keep sending the details to me, and never strike until I tell you to okay "

"Okay boss"

He disconnected the call as I sat with  Jaguar in the car watching their every movement ..
Jaguar and I were smiling all the way..
Thinking of the way it would feel like when I have to pull my trigger to blow the guy head off, I just can't wait as my hands started inching,
It's been too long I killed someone mehn but right now I have no choice,  I  got to obey the boss..
I tapped my gun and kissed it

"Jaguar let's move"
"Okay boss "

Tyres screeches
Sam pov:

Fatigue weighed on me the next morning as I became dimly aware of the sound around and the softness of the bed beneath me. 

Memory hit me like a blow as I sat up with a little stifled cry.. My tired eyes meeting Steve cool gaze as he sat right beside me on the bed,  his face more brighter and looking handsome as ever,
"talking about the Sleeping Beauty," he  said smiling

"Good morning, how are you feeling now"

"Morning, am fine" I replied as an embarrassed feeling nudges my form...

Of course i remember I was too weak to do anything last night and he had helped me with almost everything,
Yes he feeds me and what.. Oh my God I gapse realising what he really did..
I struggled to sit straight while he offered me tea,

"Drink this dear" I stare at him archly with what I just heard him call me, gosh why is behaving like he my dad right now. ,

I watch him stir the tea before reaching it out to me, I took it and drank obediently feeling as it run through my throat like fire ..
I watch him sulkily over the rim of cup as different question began running through my mind,,
I know I was in a polo which should be his cause of the much bigger size but I couldn't remember much after he fed me something last night..
What did I eat and after then what happened..
Then the flash back came  ,
putting down the cup I started to squeeze my face to a frown...

"Why am I in your shirt steve"

We lock eyes for a moment as his brown eyes surveyed me wryly..
My nose started to inch as have never noticed till now how truly handsome and hot he is, It was inching so bad,  I just have to look away and stylishly scratch it...

I side watch him as he smile a little before speaking..

"The shock about Caleb and how you stubbornly skipped a whole day meal made you sick Sam, so I had to take care of you"

Anger flared through my eyes as I narrowed my gaze to his

"What!!!, you taking care of me doesn't give you the right to strip me out of my cloth,  look at me" realising I wasn't wearing any thing beneath either"

"You were sweating profusely, I had to... "

"God" I covered my hands on my face as this heat rose from nowhere, have never felt so embarrassed in my life.

"You are impossible Steve, letting you kiss me doesn't give you the right to do anything you like with me, are you my husband or what "

  he stands

"well fine, am planning to be"

"God Steve," I angrily throw the pillow at him as he catch,

"aren't you planning to get married one-day, cause I would be the most happiest man in the world if you'd agree to marry me, "

He laughed playfully moving into the bathroom before calling out.

"and making some babies, as many as you want, am okay with it"

Gosh I was groaning angrily all the way

He came back holding a towel, I gapse as he was now shirtless visibly showing a much bigger and stronger chest,  big biceps and six packs...

God why is he so s-xy,

"and the girls to look exactly like you " he said

I wasn't replying as I was now gasping at his body all the way wondering how I really cope without any man all this years,  a grown up man like steve..i realise he was now closer to me on the bed before I finally snap out of my daze,

"hey hey miss"

"what ", I snapped out feeling so embarrassed

"I won't tolerate you staring me that way miss lewis" he smiles

"I wasn't staring"

"you are, and it's burning me up like hell "

I stare up at him,  as he was now so close as anything,  he wasn't smiling either. I was so confused as I didn't know whether to push him away or hold him... He touched my face, searching my eyes as if he would swallow me up in any moment..

"what are you doing to me steve" I said

He smile,

"nothing,  I should ask you what you are doing to me "

I was opening my mouth to say something  when he stops me

"shhhh," he puts his finger on my lips
"I want to kiss you Sam ,  if you don't want it it's okay I won't do it"

I couldn't reply to his word, as I was so confused as any thing,,  have never felt so disorganised in my life.
I reached out my hands to his strong chest touching him all the way,,

He started laughing

"your touch is tickling me Sam "

"really" I laughed back,

"come here" he struggled to raised me up as I was now sitting on his laps

"God,  you are big woman,"

Feeling shy, he tipped up my face to his unsmiling one.

His gaze met mine for a moment locking his brown eyes to my grey ones

"what" I said softly

"I love you , Sam"
"have loved you from the very first I set my eyes on you .. I know truly I can't take care of you as much as you've already done yourself, but give me the chance to be your guy,  trust me with whatever it is you are hiding, and I assure you, you won't ever regret it "

"nooo steve" I said as goose bumps rose in my face,

"give me time to think about what you said, I can't trust anyone yet, am so confused right now, I don't know what to do"

"I understand you Sam,  take your time"

Steve pov:

Pressing my lips to hers while I taste her stubborn sweetness I realise sam is someone I would never ever let go for anything even if it has to cost the last of my breath..
What ever it is I know there is a lot at stake , and protecting her would be only way to show her how much I trully care about her ..

I know it's as easy to say than do, but my world is as much as  incomplete without her .. And am willing
So willing to risk every moment of it to have her as mine
Now realeasing her lips to stare at the need beaming in her eyes . I gently caressed my thumb on her face..

I love you Sam, it's you and only you.... 





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  • Favour Abhatue picture
    Favour Abhatue
    Wow, this love is going so deep, I love this but I really wish Sam should confined in Steve & trust him with her life. Nice one
  • Loveth Dennis picture
    Loveth Dennis
    Wow i Luv how this is going
  • Adenekan Oluwabukunmi picture
  • Blessed Daniel picture
    Blessed Daniel
    am luving dis like wow! nice 1 writer
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    Oyebode Florence
    Wow Getting more interesting
  • Olayemi Ibikunle picture
    Olayemi Ibikunle
    1st tym commenting, I am impressed keep it up
  • Op. Amina picture
    Op. Amina
    wao @olayemi,,thanks guys,, your comments are the best.,,
  • patience Nifemi picture
    patience Nifemi
    I love this story,it is so interesting and lovely can't wait for the next update
  • Jennifer Aboagyewaa picture
    Jennifer Aboagyewaa
    It's a start Sam but confide in Steve and get proper protection. Mine! Her uncle is very wicked and twisted in his mind. He is even meeting up with her father like nothing has happened.. loving this story please keep the update coming on time. Well done.
  • Adeoti Akindele picture
    Adeoti Akindele
    Sam is still that loving girl hidden behind a shadow! Let her trust Steve and confide in him their love would fight and conquer at last. Amina big gugs here
  • Adeoti Akindele picture
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Am scared for Steve, hope nothing bad happens though, great story Amina, kudos
  • Olasumbo Ayodeji picture
    Olasumbo Ayodeji
    Wow!!! What a foolish uncle
  • Eniola Ajetunmobi picture
    Eniola Ajetunmobi
    Intriguing. When is the next episode please.
  • Ucheoma Rufus picture
    Ucheoma Rufus
    If she tell Steve everything, it will help him to know how to watch out for himself and her. Lovel story
  • Chinenye Maureen picture
    Chinenye Maureen
    Wao! Can't keep calm again... Dis writer, u deserve some accolades
  • Op. Amina picture
    Op. Amina
    Lol @maureen .....thanks for reading
  • Awwal Ridwanullahi picture
    Awwal Ridwanullahi
    Wow!lovely story Keep it up dear
  • Op. Amina picture
    Op. Amina
    Thanks @awaal ...thanks for reading to the end
  • Lo is picture
    Lo is
    You no I'm with u all d way na..... just....move on
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