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Cold but Charming

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Sorry I wasn't able to update on this story for a while pals..  Just that I went for an important ceremony faraway from Lagos ,,though I went along with my book but I wasn't chanced to come online At all.

Read " The fugitive " by the same author ( Op. Amina )

. ..but now am back home. 

I hope you Guys enjoy and After viewing don't forget to drop your comments and likes thanks a million . 

Sam pov:

My head was whirling as I drove to where ever turning from street to street. 

I suppose mathew should be grateful I hadn't lost much of my temper and given him a double headed blow both in the nose and eye,
I mean why can't they understands I don't need any one of them, it would only make things worse for me,
I am helpless to do anything about this whole mess,
Tell me is eighteen long years not enough to turn as wild as this or .

But if I had to start blaming, I would blame them more,,  more as much as I love them...
Even if I had to avoid them to make things less worse.
And now as much as I had live to get punished for the mistake that isn't my fault ,
sometimes It felt so exhausting,fraustrating and void to the fringes of my mind , but what am I to do am left with no choice .
If I hadn't been born to this world non of that would have happen or turning a victim to make up for someone else's  mistake wouldn't have show up either
which had been an ache in my heart for the past eighteen years,
Eighteen long years of been cold and charming I tell you as much as have grew to love been this way, I hate the way it's killing my heart slowly, slowly and perfectly
I slid my hands from beneath me and placed both on the steering wheel to take an exit ramp off the divided highway..paying close attention to the route am taking I put it to speed..
If I go back to that office I might take  some more drastic decision I wouldn't wish to take
so right now I just need someplace to calm my head , I took a turn and realised the afternoon which had seems hot  a while ago had turn clouded with the whether,
I finally pulled to a restaurant, it was a medium fast food restaurant advertising some fresh seafood which I'd prefer. . I pulled to the parking lot, entered into the restaurant and order some speciality as I inhale the blend of fresh fish, milk, butter and seasoning.
The cold breeze which signals the upcoming rain make a calming atmosphere circulating it's airs in turn calming the nervousness in my mind

I drew a deep breath satisfactorily after eating and drew my gaze to the waiter who had presented himself after gesturing out to him

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. I studied the bill took out some cash in my bag and handed it to the waiter who disappeared to get my change.
While waiting i shifted my gaze to the brilliant and orderly arrangement of the restaurant which had a lot of people coming in and out, some sitted making me smile at the realisation of how my mind had felt so calm out here for the first time...
Mmm hope no one had seen me smile.
I immediately catch my breath at a sight,
In the far corner of the room leaning forward comfortably on his chair was Caleb Justin
Caleb I murmured
Whoop, even with his matured frame and burged biceps I recognised him instantly
his look was just the same,his eyes and the little straight nose of his ... His face down lost in the coffee in his hand as though like a person lost in thought, he didn't see me though which I was definitely indeed grateful for..
Thought all he had was in portharcout how come he is here in Abuja.. Well how would I know cause I remember having  chased him outta my life.. Warning him never to show his face around me again..
Seeing him now all grown strong and good looking I can't believe it's been eighteen years, eighteen long years
I immediately frown at my thoughts but what difference does it make.
Not that I needed his friendship anymore or something. I ended that a long time ago ..i ended that with everyone
The waiter reappeared with my change,  I stood immediately
gather my things and made my way out of the restaurant towards my Mercedes brabus.
I hop inside my car before I heard the tap of rain on its roof,  I watched the sky and knew there's more of it to fall through the day.
I watched as the fat drops of rain began to fall,  blown side ways and upside down by great gust of wind.
Well I had seen that coming earlier..

I sat down for a while awaiting for the rain to lessen a bit when I heared my phone rang welcoming the cool airs with the nice voice of celindion ..
i gapse at the thought having known I never received any calls apart from my parents or the company...
I glanced at the phone only to see my office line on the screen .
What now
I grabbed my phone at second ring
"hello , it Mr Kingsley mam"
"yes, what is it" I said aloud  knowing Mr Kingsley to be an old employee of my dad who in turn always feeds him with every details of the company,  I tell you whenever I see the face of that old man I just hate the fact that,  I wasn't able to sack him...

The network wasn't able to let us get through you bef......

"I'm fine ,, so what"
I heard him sighed at the other end before he continues
"there's is a transfer worker from portharcout,,  Mr Steven Gold awaiting your arrival mam"

"Transfer worker " feeling surprised knowing it to be from my dads

"should I put him through mam"

"no,give me ten to fifteen minutes,  I would be at the office, "
"okay mam"i heard him hang up the phone at the other side

I immediately bridled with words in my mind which in turn remained unspoken, 
I  reassure myself my dad must have a big explanation for this...
Sending someone down here without my consent or approval..
Is he kidding me
Without caring about the heaviness of the rain,, I drove out the parking lot.. Turn a speed to my left splashing a satisfactory water on people besides the road.. Without waiting or taking a second glance at their roar.. I speed off

Mtchewww who cares, I groaned angrily

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  • Maame Konadu Fredua picture
    Maame Konadu Fredua
    This girl need to be taught a lesson for real.. Like "who de hell does she think she is" should come from somebody addressing her so she knows there are others who doesn't give a hoot too
  • Op. Amina picture
    Op. Amina
    haha haha,,, @maame ...funny u ooo
  • Op. Amina picture
    Op. Amina
    haha haha,,, @maame ...funny u ooo
  • carmen picture
    She's behaving like a bitc
  • Jennifer Aboagyewaa picture
    Jennifer Aboagyewaa
    Still unsure where this story is taking us but content to carry on reading. I wonder which of these guys will break into her reserve .
  • Amma picture
    splashing water on people and not caring?? she needs to be taught a seriously!!
  • Favour Abhatue picture
    Favour Abhatue
    What rubbish, I hate this girl, who the hell does she thinks she is? Splashing water on people & doesn't care, hmmmmmmm.
  • Adenekan Oluwabukunmi picture
    Adenekan Oluwabukunmi
    I jst know there's a reason f her attitudes. She's so mean .
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    She's so mean,someone needs to teach her a lesson
  • Kenny_D picture
    Hmm dis is getting more interesting .... Punished for d mistakes that is not her fault?? M getting more suspicious abt that line, Definitely she's been depressed of something or mistakes that is made by her parents or family.. I throway salute for u @ aminat
  • Op. Amina picture
    Op. Amina
    Salute back @kenny thanks
  • Lily Fowler picture
    Lily Fowler
    this lady is a bitch.spoilt brat i hate her already
  • Op. Amina picture
    Op. Amina
    @lily lol .....I hope you don't hate her too much oo ... Thanks for reading ..... And bear with me any clashes of spellings ..... Most are typing errors... Hope you enjoy
  • Lo is picture
    Lo is
    While she acts like a bitch...which mistakes... Not hers...she's now paying for...Amina your suspense are second to none oo
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