Cold But Charming - Episode 3


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Sam pov:

You might wonder why my turning cold had also affected my interest in getting closer to men.. Hell no it shouldn't be
But I choose this part cause I want to and my reasons remain closed.
Just that I felt am the reason why .......
Why why why I refused to say even to my therapist..
It was really hard for me to start with that attitude of shutting everyone off at first.

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. I mean everyone even my parents but I tell you I've started to love it... . Love been so cold and charming,
It's just like a power overwhelming me which in turn had taken a lot of part in me..
Been angry at myself, my parents and the people around me had been my daily routine ever since I was eight and now I guess eighteen years is long enough to get accustomed to it,
I could remember that year my loving mother had taken me to a therapist who had diagnosed me with aspergers syndrome..
Guess I only got angrier more and more refusing to disclose my  issue with the therapist who in turn got tired of me for being a stubborn little rugged kid..

My parent got tired of taking me to the therapist after three long years without change, only to leave me be,  while I continued with my normal cold attitude,
I knew my mom had been stressed out wishing me to be like other kids.

But so sad I refuse in caring about whether she's worried or not,  she's my strong mom and she'd get over it,

My dad had gotten over it before my mom does though but I still felt some part in him wish I could change back to my normal cheerful self, but how is that even possible, after that memory....hell it can't.. And am willing to stay like this for the rest of my life,
Cold but charming

I stormed out with all of my might only to see his irritating gaze steers apologetically at me,,

I frowned and surprisingly hear myself shout in frustration.,
"listen Sam" he walks slowly towards me in a gesture of telling me to calm down,
God this guy is totally crazy

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Where are this damn security men I murmured angrily to my self.
Of course this guy is rich he had bribed them just the way he bribed Maggie only to have him stay around
Those damn security I swear they are gonna loose their job today.

I  stepped away from him immediately racing towards my car.
'"you are crazy" I shouted at him while he raced along with me to my car
"you are mentally tormented,,  I swear am gonna accuse you of stalking if you don't back off from me right now" I said continuously not giving him a bit of chance to speak..

I suddenly see him beside me while I fumbled my key on the door but damn it,  it wouldn't open,
I peep at him with the corner of my eye only to see his strong hands cocked on his hips,  I saw his eyes  skimmed my back,  and back to my face, making me feel an inside worm crawl to my face while I curse under my breath

"sincerely I couldn't pinpoint what's making you angry Sam,  I only appreciate you,am not gonna hurt you" I heard Mathew said in a most rocking tone.
The fire in my eyes glared with anger while I closed my hands clenching my fist hard.
"Mr MatHew get out of my sight" I scoffed in a warning tone.
"no I won't Sam,  I love you, "
"I said back off" I warned again

"I need you Sam, is it not obvious to you am crazy about you"
He said moving forward his eyes totally on me like a prey...
I immediately swing the way i normally see in jet li movies and landed a blow on his nose,,,

"Yeeeee" I heard him make a painful noise bedding to hold his perfectly brushed nose

"serves you right " I almost spit spanking the word wickedly

"if I ever see your dirty self near this company or around me,,  I swear you gonna smell your sorry ass"
Steering at me with a more wider glare, mouth wide open while still using his left hand to hold his nose... I immediately hop into my car,,  reverse and drove out of the company almost crushing him with my tyres,,
"fool " I shouted out at him so he could hear..

Caleb pov:
Oops I feast on the scene like some sort of movie and nearly fainted.. Remaining small sha ,, but guess I didn't..

I never realised Sam had turn this mischievous,
That guy just asked her out and she did that..
Mother of Jesus I said rolling my eyes ...
If I happen to take a move how much of this Is she gonna do..
For a long time I didn't move at the spot.. Only to recall what had actually happened in front of me a while ago.
Suddenly realizing have been carried away I shifted my move and bolted forward towards my car with the large banquet of flower .
I remember growing impatiently today just come by and tell her how I've felt about her all this while,
But what I saw just few moments ago....could sweep a man off courage.
So am I gonna just watch her from afar for the rest of my life
Am twenty eight for Christ sake.. Most of my mates are married with two or three kids at least.
I entered my car and steer into space for a long time only to hear my phone buzz out sweeping me off thought ...
It was my mom,  I wouldn't want to deal with that right now I pulled the gear , reversed to my left and drove out of the company with perfect long time plan on my mind,

God am gonna get you Sam.....
If I don't, no one will,

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  • carmen picture
    Watz wrong wit dis girl self?
  • Op. Amina picture
    Op. Amina
    Lol, charming girl with plenty attitude ...thaks for commenting @carmen
  • Maame Konadu Fredua picture
    Maame Konadu Fredua
    She is irritating.. So full of herself.. Probably a lesson or two taught her will di
  • Favour Abhatue picture
    Favour Abhatue
    So she even knows what she is doing, rubbish. Nice one
  • Oluwadare Mojisola picture
    Oluwadare Mojisola
    There has to be a reason for her coldness
  • Blessed Daniel picture
    Blessed Daniel
    Bad Guy, Stil Want To Try. Ok U Cn Try O. No Harm In Trying Shaa. Lol. Nice 1 Writer
  • Op. Amina picture
    Op. Amina
    Thanks for commenting pals, yes is a big reason for her anger dear... Follow and read more..... I hope you guys are loving the intriguing romance suspence..... It's just beginning dear cause there's A lot more to come and some characters yet to be introduced like the main male character ... Steve gold...thanks for following pals
  • Olaleye Adedamola picture
    Olaleye Adedamola
    What is wrong with this girl. I know there will be reason why she behave like this bcoz it like she hate men... Good work Amina
  • Kenny_D picture
    Maybe she was raped wen she was small dat was y she hates men.... Abi wat cud cause dis sef?? N for caleb I think he doesn't av position u go wait tire, better move forward cos she can't even recognize ur presence! 28??? N u don't even av a fiancee?? Haa! Thumbs up @ amina
  • Op. Amina picture
    Op. Amina
    Lol funny, funny you @kenny thanks for the comment
  • Lo is picture
    Lo is
    Nawaaaa.... I have a feeling our villian is caleb oo
  • Op. Amina picture
    Op. Amina
    Thanks dearie @lois
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