Cold But Charming - Episode 2

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 I wasn't able to update earlier guys,, sincerely the electricity system in my area is so bad beyond words can tell.

I hope u enjoy and pls try to drop a comment and advise loving Caleb on what to do..  Thanks

Caleb pov:

I watched her and wonder sometimes why cheerful little Sam had grown so cold and charming 
but I tell you my feelings for her haven't changed a bit

I love her knowledge and enthusiasm, 
I haven't seen her smile in a long time but hell even with the frown she wears everytime she's magnificent, 

I love the way she kicked her boot angrily to the air only God knows on what... 
I loved the way she holds her perfect long arm around herself to, ward off the chill after her morning jug.. 
Her sight was always breathtaking along with the azure skies speckled with occasional fluffy clouds misted gray green peeks far in the distance as it shimmers on her beautiful skin and the emerald blue of her pool, 
I can't believe I left everything  and followed her here.
I watched her mansion pitched attic from afar whose high peak rose a central brick chimney, the beautiful design became a daily interest all because of her.
I loved the way she sits back in the silent appreciation in the trellised breezeway admiring the feel of the air, I love the woman she had grown into,
her full tempting s-xy curvy shape.. 
Whenever I see her like that God knows I always wish to take her in my bed and screw her like big time. 
I watched how she lithe her body balance on her balcony while she talk on phone 
I watched her and admire the way her features heal the flow trade wind... the way she walked and wander across her yard sometimes feasting on the beauty of her surroundings 
I bought a house just a few blocks across from hers just to stay by and watch over her,

All my life have been wanting to tell her how I feel.

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. But heck her face was always in the stripe of anger, whenever I stayed by to watch,
Guess I've stored that playful
remarks in my heads while we were kids 
She suddenly shut everyone off, including me, 
"Me me me damn it"
how can she shut me out of her life me of all people,  
I remember how I normally made her laugh out loud while I read her favorite comic strip book in an acting mood at eight while I was ten.
I remember how I normally played with her hairs,  
how we normally throw pillow and run around her room then

Damn it Sam,  how have you lived to forget me so easily cause I've never for once do. 
And I would be willing to leave everything behind me, my dreams,  my inheritance only to get your attention. 

I found out after our senior grade that she went to the United State to study.
I immediately convinced my parent who were wondering were my dream of becoming a Nigerian famous actor went to... 
I shut all of that off because of her. 
I loved the way she rejected so many men who had been willing to love her endlessly, 
Which had made me so calm and stepped back for a whole 18years thinking she would get over whatever it is bothering her.... 

But nah i don't think she got over what ever it is she refuse to share with people even her parents. 
I remember logging against their entrance door asking her mom about her where about only for her to show up and clenched her fist at me warding me out of her house and life, 
Funny right

Even been at the age of ten, I tell you I had cried silently in my room for days like zombie

But I refuse to accept defeat..
Am willing to let my fears down and go right now to tell her,  
To tell she's been in my heart for too long, 
to let her know she can trust me with anything and whatever it is bothering her. 
To let her know I want nothing but to hold her in my arms.. 
Live as her husband while she bear my kids, 
To tell her, I can be damned or die if I don't have her in my life. 
To tell her I loved her with all my heart and soul.

With deep breath of clean, cool air,  I conjured her earlier  images in my heart how she had glanced at her watched while she walks towards her car with those perfect long legs,  
I blinked back tears and brush my hands through my small curly air,
God am such a mess. 

I moved in front of my dressing mirror and stand for a minute taking a long look at my image. 
Beautiful biceps that bulged beneath my black botton up,  my sleeve were rolled up so far and every muscles were exposed.  
I finally smile at the nice image I saw,   
I hung my neck and rubbed the taut muscle of my neck.. 
And now how am I gonna make it so real,,
She might not even remember my look but trying makes an effort

With an onset slow creeping mortification I backed blindly to my bed and sank down at the edge. 
As always the emotional meandering I felt send a shudder through my heart
It's either now or never
I picked up my car keys and went outside. 

The cool breeze hit my face while I moved simultaneously to my car, it was beginning to get hot making my skin twing at the brighter sun, i quickly get to my car,  hop in clicked on the seat belt and drove offoff.  I arrived at the flowers shop after ten minutes of drive
a middle age weiry woman attended to me. 
"Which type of flower sir"
I smiled at her 
"any best to appreciate a lady" i said 
"OK" she turns picking up a bouquet, mini-sunflowers with white daisies and purple asters. 
I immediately fell in love with it.. search for a label, a card, anything that can send a message I said
I end up buying a thorn 
Pretty much the woman said
all I could do was squeeze a smile

I guess my writing went well I said in my thought while I drove towards the car park of Lewis enterprise .
I watched how people go in and out, I turn a gaze at The flowers beside me and found its rather cheap... but to be as sincere as possible I hope.
She accepts this........ 
I got down from the car and strode rather slow towards the entrance step with the large banquet of flowers in my hand... only to see her stormed out making my heart skip a bit, she didn't see me though cause they were a lot of people around, I took a deep breath while my heart release a pounding like never before, 
I gasp savouring her natural beauty like airs which was now blooming like a garden of scarlet puppies with anger 
well to me it wasn't new, her face was always masked with anger anyways.
I straighten my form periodically flexing my right shoulder. 
I could swear the rage I saw in that pretty face of hers could kill.

I still do not budge I tell you 
am willing to do this and holding back now won't make any kind of sense.  A gruff sound not far from her interrupted my attention only to  glance at the scene to see a tall good looking guy, He had an obama cut, scy-shaped eyebrows. His and half-dome cheekbones sat above an oaken jaw. His broad shoulders were part of his burly physique with a nice blue suit, He stand beside his blue Range Rover and steers apologetically towards Sam..... 
I nearly jump when I hear her shout rather in frustration. 
l swear with the sound of that my kneels almost crumbled beneath me while I open my mouth in agape.. 

What an attitude 

God I almost fainted. 
 whether to still go with my plan or not... I remain confused only to steer at the scene like some lost child.. 

What should I do now? 

. .

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  • Emmanuella Amaluchukwu picture
    Emmanuella Amaluchukwu
    Better go back,and come back wen she is in a good mood. Nice story.
  • carmen picture
    He shud let her be 4 now
  • Opeoluwa picture
    Caleb should better go back if he knows what is best for him but Amina you didn't mention anything about Caleb in the intro
  • Op. Amina picture
    Op. Amina
    Lol,, I only narrate the small part of the story at the begining focusing on the main characters which are Steve and Sam..... And the prologue which is the intro only highlights to the reader as the age the main character starts to turn cold... Other characters show up at the onset of the novel.... Which is just starting..... Thanks dear
  • Oluwadare Mojisola picture
    Oluwadare Mojisola
    For now go home and come back some other time
  • Blessed Daniel picture
    Blessed Daniel
    Sam Will Come Around.. Kudos Writer.
  • Jennifer Aboagyewaa picture
    Jennifer Aboagyewaa
    Hmmm! Where this story is leading to but happy carry on and make sense of it. Was this lady molested as a child and has resulted in the anger towards people? No one changes overnight unless her trust was broken by someone she held in high esteem. Hmmm! I give up guessing. Next episode please.
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    Going back home is the best solution
  • Kenny_D picture
    Go back sharparly, else he wud be disgraced
  • Op. Amina picture
    Op. Amina
    Lol @kenny d thanks
  • Op. Amina picture
    Op. Amina
    Thanks guys
  • Lo is picture
    Lo is
    Caleb....d way ur babe dee vese Soo...see no just only go house ..... Just forget about her ooooo
  • Alexander Alexandra picture
    Alexander Alexandra
    no even think of "good mood" d story says she s always angry which means no good mood
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