Two Faced Lover - Episode 60

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Skylar turns at my voice and when she sights me, she quickly flings the cover from her body and climbs off the bed, rushing to me.

"Did you find him? Has he called? Please tell me he's okay"

she whisper yells. I let out a sigh, shaking my head slowly.

"He hasn't called"


her shoulders sag in disappointment as she drops her head, gazing at the floor.

"Listen to me"

I take a step closer, hooking a finger under her chin and lifting her head up . She blinks once, tears brimming in her eyes.

"Cameron isn't going to get rid of us so easily. He's going to return. I'm going to get him back, I promise. I.. I think I have a lead and if I follow it steadily, Cameron would be back with us in no time"

Hope shines in her eyes at my words and she lifts her hand to clutch my biceps.

"R..really? Umm okay.. I'll get changed and come with you..."

She looks down at herself and shakes her head. "On second thought, there's no need to change.. I'll just.."

"You aren't coming with me Skylar" 

I cut her off sternly.

"Neither is Marie. You both are going to stay put right here and make sure Sean is fine

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. Do not pick any call neither should you make calls. I'll be back"

"Julian..but I. I want to."

She begins to protest and I groan. How does Cameron manage to convince her?

"No buts Sky. You stay here... Take care"

She bites her lips, nodding reluctantly.

"Take care Julian, please. I'll be waiting"

"You wouldn't wait for long, trust me.."

I turn and dash out, pulling out my phone and sending a quick text on my way out. "Meet me at the square in fifteen."


"Hey Julian..."

I turn with a scowl. "You're five minutes late Grey"

"I know man. Sorry. Let's get down to business shall we?".

He always likes to go straight to the point. One of the attributes I love about him.

"You sure no one followed you?"

I ask, leading him towards my car.

"You know me better than that Julian"

he flashes me a crooked grin, slipping into the passenger seat alongside me.


I nod. Shutting my side of the door and pulling out my laptop immediately..

"This is where we need to go"

I point to the blinking light on the screen.

"Turn on the GPS"

he instructs and I do so without further ado.


It was thirty minutes later when we arrived in front of the mansion. It was a whitewashed mansion completely similar to Park's own mansion. The building plan was almost the same. Did this house belong to Park too? No time for questioning Julian, I scold myself mentally ,alighting. Grey follows. He lifts his head up, admiring the mansion before us.

"Who would have thought that this is the place where such dubious activities will be held?"

"This is not a movie Grey, where drug dealings and kidnappings are done in uncompleted buildings or some sh*t like that"

I say and he hums softly.

"How many guards did you say are guarding the compound?" He asks and I shrug.

"Not sure. Probably twenty to thirty. If we really wanna get inside safely Grey, then we have to successfully knock down one or two of the guards and put on their clothes. It's the best way to enter without getting caught, well as long as we manage to hide our faces pretty well"

He nods, handing me a gun. I don't even want to start wondering where he got the gun from. Probably from an unlicensed store.

"Remember Grey, we are not shooting anyone unless it's necessary. You know what to do right?"

I study the gun, fixing the silencer at it's snout so it doesn't make a sound in case I decide to shoot anyone. 


He opens his laptop, sits on a nearby rock and begins to furiously type away as I stand on the look out. After few minutes, he snaps the laptop shut. "It's done. I have shut down out all the alarms and security cameras. We have ten minutes to get inside before the alarms come back on" he tells me, pulling out a gun for himself. "Ten minutes is more than enough. Ready?" "Ready when you are" Together we advance towards the mansion.



Murderer. Disgusting psychopath.

"You f*cking.... "

"Don't you cuss at me boy!"

Rebecca snaps, glaring at me.

"You're under my mercy and I could put a bullet through your skull right now. I'm not as patient as Park you know" 

I snort.

"Why doesn't it surprise me? You and Park deserve each other. You're both deranged psychos. Lonely motherf*ckers who find joy in hurting others. You wanna put a bullet through my head? Then you better f*cking do it because if you don't and I get myself out of these stupid chains, I'll be the one to put a bullet through your skull!"

"You think you have the courage to kill me? Your wife's mother?"

She asks in mock disbelief.

"Do not underestimate me Rebecca. I'm not that sentimental. Right now, you aren't my in-law. You're just my mother's kidnapper and my wife's father's murderer and I would treat you as such"

I sneer. She stares at me with narrowed eyes for a while and then grins.

"I think I can finally understand why Park hated you so much. My God, you're so arrogant and full of yourself. I had no idea when Park asked for my permission to torture someone. I thought it was some random person but look..."

She eyes me. ..

"It turns out that someone was none other than my very own son in-law huh? The world is such a small place. You know, you should watch that tongue of yours, it's really filthy. I hate filthy things, they give me allergy. And I'm sure you know where filthy things go right?"

"Yeah. In your f*cking soul. Because your soul is so filthy it makes me wanna puke"

I shot back and her eyes narrow infinitesimally.

"If my soul is really filthy as you say then I'm guessing Skylar has my filthy soul too considering she's my daughter...."

My nose flares up

"Don't you call her your daughter. Stop f*cking calling her that? Just because you carried her in your womb for a few months doesn't make her your daughter, got it?!"

"Oh shut up!"

She yells so loudly I flinch in my seat.

"Have you ever wondered why Skylar was still a virgin when you met her? Huh? You think it was by luck or because she had such great restraining strength that she still hadn't been touched? Skylar is and was no match for any of my men and clients if they wanted to sleep with her. It was all my doing. I made sure no one touched her because she was my f*cking daughter! You think I run a damn charity organization here? Where I gather orphans and keep them under wraps and cuddle them all to bed and sing them lullabies every night? Is that how you think I got this far? No! NO with capital letters you got that boy?! I made sure Skylar wasn't touched because she was my damn daughter and so I think I have the right to call her my child don't you think?!".

She was in my face now, so close I could see the growing wrinkles beneath her heavy makeup.

"No. I. Do. Not. Think. So" 

I seethe, disgusted by this excuse of a woman. Does she really think giving such lane ass excuses qualifies her to address Skylar her daughter?


Rebecca growls softly, bringing her knife up to trail over my cheeks, stopping at my jaw and applying pressure, pushing the tip of the knife in my jaw. I try not to wince.

"You think I'm still not qualified enough?"

"Okay, why are we even having this stupid conversation over whether you're qualified to address Skylar as your daughter or not?"

She increases the pressure abd I wince, feeling blood trailing down my jaw.. A slight knock on the metal bars causes her to pull her hand back slightly.


Rebecca growls, keeping her eyes trained on me.

"Sorry boss. Mr Park asked me to bring the Lady some food"

the voice says.

Read " The Emerald Chase " by the same author ( eliza )

. Why does that voice sound familiar.

"Well then drop the f*cking food and leave!"

The man scurries inside, drops a measly looking plate of food in front of my mother on the floor and then bows to Rebecca. He turns away and accidentally brushes past me roughly, hitting his arm against my chained hand and pushes something soft between my fingers... What the f*ck? The guard who's face was covered with a cap turns away. Rebecca leans away from me and continues to talk on and on about sh*t I couldn't even understand. She had clearly lost her marbles. While she was distracted, I slowly turn the soft thing the guard had pushed into my hand and realise it was a paper. Painfully, I spread the paper open with my fingers. Only three words were scribbled down.


In my skin? My eyes bulge, head snapping up and looking up at the entrance. As if on cue, the guard stops at the door and turns his head slightly, tipping his cap backwards so His face was only slightly visible.

He winks suggestively and gives me that familiar smirk. 

I grin. Julian.

Finally. Sh*t just got real.

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