Two Faced Lover - Episode 61

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My eyes follow Julian all the way until I lose sight of him as he takes a sharp curve and disappears down the dark hallway.

My eyes snap back to stare at Rebecca who was mysteriously still rambling on and on about God knows what. I roll my eyes. She's really losing it. Suddenly, she spins around to face me, pointing her knife at me.

"...ungrateful . F*cking humans. After everything I did for him, he tried to report me to the police. Stupid.. Man"

"Crazy. Totally crazy"

I mutter with another eye roll. Seeming to have heard me, she stops talking and glares at me.

"What did you say?"

I look up at her, a slow smirk creeping up my face.

"I said you can s*ck my d*ck"

She sucks in a breath as her eyes dilates, nostrils flaring.

"You little...."

She lifts her hand and swings it in my direction, slapping me with the back of her hand. The force causing my head to snap in the opposite direction. I flex my jaw, easing the pain in my cheeks. Damn, this woman does know how to hit hard.

"You. You're an arrogant self-centered fool who's been getting on my damn nerves from the second I stepped into this cell. I wanted to spare you, you know

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. Or at least give you a lesser punishment considering you're my in-law.."

She spits.

"But not anymore I told you I didn't have the patience and heart like Park. Start counting your hours pretty boy. This will be the last night you'll ever spend on earth"

she turns and storms out angrily, a guard appearing and shutting the metal gate. The metal gate opens almost half a second later. Park strolls in, smirking and I roll my eyes.

"Really? Can't you let me be for a second? Isn't it enough that you brought me Here? Are you that obsessed with me?"

His smirk falls and a scowl replaces it.

"Your dirty little mouth will get you in a lot of trouble Mr Knight. Watch it" he sneers.

"Else what?"

I challenge eyeing the hand that gripped the gun tucked in his holster. His lips twitch. I was testing his patience, I knew that very well but I needed him to see how much of a damn coward he was. Hiding behind a woman's shadow, obeying her every command yet when he was outside, he acted like the Omega. Pathetic.

"What? You gonna shoot me?"

I gesture to the gun with my eye.

"Or you gonna chop off my fingers? Which is which Park?" 

I pretend to be in deep thought for a while and then smack my lips together..

"Oh right! Silly me! You can't go ahead without the almighty's permission right? I mean your bos. You can't kill me even if you want to"

He takes a step forward, ready to lunge at me.

"Uh uh... Tsk tsk tsk.." 

I shake my head disapprovingly, wagging my fingers through the holes of the chain.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you. I suggest you wait for your boss's command before you can touch a hair on my head"

Blood rushes to Park's face as it reddens with anger. If this were one of Sean's favourite cartoon shows, I'm sure steam would be coming out of his ears.

"Run along now Park.. I'm sure your boss must be looking for you to send you on an errand. You don't wanna keep her waiting do ya? She might get angry and punish you. Run along now. Chop chop! Off you go!"

I shoo him like I would a lizard on my porch. He glares at me so hard I thought his eyes will pop out of it's socket.

"I'll make you eat your own words Mr Knight. Mark my words"

and he storms out, slamming the metal bars noisily. I sigh, leaning back in my seat.

"What's wrong with you Cameron! Are you trying to get yourself killed or what huh?"

Mother who was silent all along suddenly yells, pushing herself up from the floor. She glares daggers at me.

"Mother.. Just relax I promised to get you out of here and I'm doing just that. Just please trust me"

She huffs.

"You've always been spontaneous and stupid Cameron. Your sharp mouth will get us into trouble you stupid boy"

I grin

"I love you mother"

She narrows her eyes at me and sighs, lowering her gaze to the plate of food on the floor.

"You should eat"

"I'm fine mother... You're the one who needs to eat.. Go on, I'll be fine"

"Do not make me slap you Cameron Knight! We are trapped here. And perhaps might never see the daylight again. Or worse we may get out of here, but dead. Stone cold. So you better shut your mouth and eat Cameron or God help me...."

She trails off, letting the rest of her threats lingering in the air. Tears gathers her eyes and she rubs it furiously, glaring at me. I could tell she was trying hard to keep it together. I sigh, guilt gnawing at me.

"I'm sorry mother. Here, I'll eat" I open my mouth so she can feed me.


I groan, stretching my legs through the chains. My back hurt from sitting in one position for so long. My arms hurt. F*ck everywhere hurts. I don't know how long it's been but judging from the total darkness surrounding me and the silence outside, it's probably pretty late. So late almost everyone must have gone to sleep. Perhaps it's midnight. I let out another groan, resting my head on the headrest. At least they were decent enough to put me in a slightly comfortable chair. Where the f*ck is Julian? What's happening? Why is it taking him so long? Suddenly, the locks on the metal begin to jingle. A moment later, the metal bars are pushed aside as someone steps in.


"F*ck Julian! What took you so long?"

I whisper as he advances closer.

"Sorry dude. Every guard here is assigned to a particular spot and you aren't supposed to move until you're ordered to. I only came here to take back the plates. I'll be back once everyone is asleep. It's almost one am yet these guards are still awake"

he whispers. And I nod.

"Once everyone is asleep everything will be in motion. I just wanted to make sure you're both okay"

"I trust you"

"Alright. I should get going before anyone gets in.. Here, use this for the mean time"

he pushes something in my hands and I realise it's a pin. Am I supposed to pick the lock with this pin? Of courses you are Cameron. I roll my eyes at my thoughts and then groan. I'm becoming just like Skylar. Rolling my eyes every second. Julian gets up and turns to leave

"Hey Julian.. Ugh.. Do you think I could talk to Skylar for a while? Maybe send her a short text? She must be balling her eyes out. Is my phone with you?".

He frowns.

"Phone? Your phone isn't with me".

Now it was my turn to frown..

"It was in my jean pocket. You haven't seen it?"

He shakes his head..

"No. The only thing I found were your keys and the paper. Perhaps your phone fell out during the commotion at the arena"

I bite my lip, sighing. I really wanted to hear my wife's voice, even if it was just a second. I hope she's okay.

"It's fine.. You should go Julian before any one suspects you"

I say and he nods, scurrying out and locking the door. Silence engulfs us once more.

"Skylar? Who's Skylar?"

Mother asks and I shut my eyes. Great, now I'm in for a long ride.

"My wife mother".

Her eyes bulge.

"Your wife?! Cameron Edward Knight!"

she almost yells and I flinch at the use of my full name.. Great.

"It's a long story mother. I promise to tell you everything once we get out of here."

She narrows her eyes at me for a while and then huffs. I sigh. This is gonna be a long night. I can't wait to get the hell out of these damn chains.



I lay in bed, eyes wide open, unable to sleep. My thoughts are occupied with the whereabouts of Cameron. Is he safe? Has he been beaten up? Is he being tourtured? Is he bruised? Has Julian found him? Is he thinking of me? Just like I am? God! I groan rubbing my face up and down furiously, keeping the treacherous tears at bay. I'm helplessly in love. And scared. So scared. I pick up my phone and glance at the only photo I had of Cameron. I had taken it on our honeymoon when he'd fallen asleep with his head on my chest, arms engulfing me protectively after our love making. I remember how I had watched him sleep for several minutes while my fingers traced every contour of his beautiful face. He was and still is the most gorgeous man I'd ever come across. And I love him. And he's in trouble, because of me. Just because of me. I roll to my side on the bed, dropping my phone on the bedside table. It rings almost immediately. I go to pick it up when Julian's warning about not picking any calls comes to mind.

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. But what if he's the one calling? I sit up and pick the phone. Cameron's name flashes on the screen and I jump off the bed, almost squealing with joy. I rush out of the room and into the living room to prevent waking Sean up. I stare at the screen for a second longer and answer it with my heart in my mouth.


I say with a little uncertainty. The line was quiet for a while..


My heart soars. Only one person calls me that.

"Oh my God Cameron! it's really you!"

I exclaim

"It's me princess. Open up. I might pass out if I keep stranding here" He's here?. I glance at the door. "Hang on!" I rush towards the door, unlocking the burglarproof first and then proceeding to turn the key that was already in the keyhole. I push the heavy door open.

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  • Destiny Benson picture
    Destiny Benson
    Hmmmm Skylar you should have listen to Julian not to pick any call
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Ha Skylar, you're too stubborn, OMG! I hope nothing bad though...Eliza, please clear this suspense for us. Thank you
  • Confy-Dencie picture
    Sh*t!!! F*ck you Skylar, u re doomed. Think before acting, after all the warning. How can u nt know ur hubby's voice. Gosh, Eliza save Skylar nd Sean for me oo
  • daria picture
    i feel maria is involved cos there is no way pack could have known the new address and lets keep fingers crossed maybe Cameroon is now freed i hope so
  • ILoham Enchanteur picture
  • eliza picture
    she should have @ Destiny
  • eliza picture
    lol Bennie.. you're welcome
  • eliza picture
    lol Confy please calm down
  • eliza picture
    let's hope she's not @ Daria
  • daria picture
    eliza pls can you update one more today since you haven't uploaded for a while now pls
  • Lydiah picture
    shit, what now Sky, Eliza we at your mercies, thumbs up
  • eliza picture
    I'll try and update another one tonight @ Daria
  • Ajoke Oluwakemi picture
    Ajoke Oluwakemi
    Like right now am really angry at Skylar... how can u not listen to simple instructions don't pick Cal and no open door for anybody wht is ur problem.... hope dis ur stupid mistake won't curse u life or Sean life sha....thks Eliza more ink to ur pen
  • Eunice Ache picture
  • eliza picture
    i feel your frustration @ Ajoke. thanks
  • Amma picture
    which door did she just open?? lemme go back n read again... maybe I'm imagining things...ha!!
  • YO DE picture
    YO DE
    Fuck,i hope this is not a setup
  • Ayomide Huntress picture
    Ayomide Huntress
    Even if Cameroon is free he is not wit the fucking phone for Christ sake, Skylar listen to me and stop this stupidity
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    Oh Skylar you're such a goner
  • Demsy Francis picture
    Demsy Francis
    Skylar you need some brain reset. Mtcheew.
  • Orji Christiana picture
    Orji Christiana
    Na who send u? Skylar
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