Two Faced Lover - Episode 59

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My eyes follow the tiny paper that slips from In between Skylar's fingers.

Marie catches it midair, letting her eyes scroll through, reading.

Her eyebrows furrow In confusion as she reads it.

Cameron had obviously written whatever that was in a way only I would understand. Perhaps and his wife too.

This paper was attached to the key holder.

The key holder was in the jeans pocket and the jeans was with me, after Cameron had thrown it at me at the arena.

Did he do all this on purpose? So I would eventually find it? I'm suddenly taken back to several hours ago when we had arrived at the club and Cameron had made a stop at the bar to have a drink.

He told me he needed all the alcohol he could get to do what he was about to do . I recall him mentioning something about having a plan.

I recall how he didn't bat an eyelash when his opponent kept swinging at him. He never made an attempt to dodge or hit back.

He never made an attempt to get up when he fell flat on his face.

Not even when he was about to be injected.

Cameron was smart. Too smart.

It was very unlikely that he didn't see that coming. I recall how he'd suddenly began to thrash about, trying to get back on his feet when he saw his mother

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. I remember how the look on his face switched from calmness to sheer agony. Everything suddenly clicked. It was all a ploy.

Cameron's ploy. He had planned it all without telling me.

He had planned to let himself get caught by Park.

But his mother getting involved wasn't part of it. He hasn't anticipated it and that's why he suddenly began to struggle. I blink.

"Let me see that"

I snatch the paper from Marie and scan through the first sentence.. There was an address just beneath it followed by something else. 

A code. Nothing but a code with

"In my Skin"

written underneath it. I frown, staring at the codes. I raise an eyebrow. What does it mean? How do I even decode this? I stare at the last words.

"In my Skin"

What the heck does that even mean? I groan, running a hand over my face. Why would Cameron write in such coded words? I have to go"

Skylar's frantic voice snaps me out of my thoughts and I look up to find her trying to push the door open with Marie holding her back. I sigh. Marie wasn't supposed to be caught in the middle of all this.

"Where do you think you're going?"

I ask, pushing the crumpled paper into my wallet and burying it in my pocket. Skylar spun around to glare at me.

"To find my husband since you don't seem to care!"

she snaps.

"To find him? What will you do when you find him? Cameron couldn't save himself how then are you going to help him? Hell, even I couldn't do a thing. I stood by like a f*cking robot and watched him being whisked away"

"The more reason i have to go find him!"

"Listen Skylar you don't understand.."

She cuts me off with another glare.. "It's you who doesn't understand! Every second we spend talking, Cameron is a second close to his death and I can't lose him. I can't lose him okay! He showed me what it felt like to be happy. He gave me a life. He gave me love even if it was just for a little time. But now it's my turn to help him I.. I can't let Park hurt him too. I love him so much..."

Her voice breaks as she begins to sob. I sigh. What do I do now? I've never been good at comforting a crying woman.

"I love him too Skylar. He's more like a brother to me. But right now, if you love him like you say, listen to his words and go pack some few clothes so I can take you all out of here. Cameron will have my head if I let Park come find you here. Go get Sean. We need to leave"


"Please! Now! Think about your son. Go get him and let's go!"

She bites her lips and scurries away towards the guestroom. I turn to Marie, an apologetic look on my face.

"I'm sorry for dragging you into all this Mar, I really am. I know you have a lot of questions and I'm just..."

"You don't have to say anything Julian.. First, Let's get everyone to safety then we can talk hmm?"

I look down at her, running a hand through her thick, brown maze of hair falling past her waist. God, she's such a beauty..

"Thank you Mar"

"Come on, I'll help you pack"

I nod, following her like a loon.. Well, I really am a loon, only when it comes to her of course.


Two hours later. We arrive at our destination. It was just a two bedroom apartment that felt cold. Too cold and unwelcoming. All the furniture were covered with dirt laced cloths. It took several minutes for Marie and I to pull the cloths off the furniture, dust flying everywhere, invading our nostrils. I let out a strangled cough through the handkerchief tied around my mouth and nose. This house surely hasn't been used in a long time. I don't even want to get started on wondering how Cameron got a place like this without my knowledge. Oh well,I guess we all have our secrets.

"You should go take a shower Marie, you might catch a cold. I'll sleep here on the couch" 

I say to her, untying the handkerchief.. I really don't mind sharing one room with her. I really don't. But right now, I need her distracted for what I'm about to do. Skylar already as her hands full trying to put Sean back to sleep.

"Uhh. Right..."

She mutters and walks away. When she'd disappeared into one of the rooms, I plant my butt on the couch, not bothering to dust it and pull my wallet out, fishing for the paper. Pulling it out, I smoothen it and read through the codes over and over again. What code is this? I furrow my eyebrows, thinking hard. What is Cameron trying to tell me. I blink, studying the codes carefully, letter by letter. There was a mixture of alphabets and numbers. Well that's a weird code. Even I have a weird code as my password come to think of it. It takes me a silly amount of time to realise the code was actually the password to my laptop. The code had been written in vice versa. I face palm. How stupid of me. How come I didn't realise this? Quickly I rummage through the small bag I had brought and pull out my laptop, putting it on immediately. When it comes on, I type in my password. Now what? I lean back in the couch, staring at the icons on my laptop like a maniac. I don't even know what I'm looking for on my own laptop right now. Why would Cameron write down my password and not give me a clue what to do next?. Does he think I'm that smart to figure it out? Dear Lord. My eyes roam aimlessly on the screen until my eyes land on a particular new folder sitting alone at the center of my screen. It was isolated. All the other icons were together on the left side of the screen.

"What's this?"

I move my cursor to the folder and double click. How come I've never seen this before? The folder opens to reveal an application. I click on it and it opens. I frown, noticing the application immediately. It was a tracking app. But what will a tracking app be doing on my laptop. I don't remember installing any such thing ever. Something catches my attention and I zoom in. The unmistakable tiny red blinking light was too hard to ignore. A tracking app? And it's actually working? As in it's currently tracking a device somewhere. But who? Where? I open the paper again, reading the last part.

"In my skin"

In my Skin. What the hell does this mean?. How does this fit into all this? What is Cameron trying to tell me? What's the connection?. A tracking app. An app that's actually currently tracking a device in a location I can clearly see.. In my skin, in my skin, in my skin. I repeat, continuously, slowly, trying to find the connection here. Tracking app. In my skin. I blink, shooting out of my seat.abruptly. way. Cameron wouldn't go that far. Would he? Would he?.. Of course he would!. Cameron is that crazy he will actually go that far.. My eyes go back to the laptop, the red light was still blinking. Cameron wanted me to find this. I stare at the paper again and then turn it around.

"Come find me"

was boldly written behind the paper. (In my skin.). (Come find me..) I blink, laughter bubbling out of me as I shake my head.. Of course, only my crazy ass friend would do that. Of course. I laugh some more, recalling how I'd once told Cameron of a certain blockbuster movie I had watched where the antagonist cut the wrist of the protagonist and inserted a tracking device as tiny as a pebble and had the skin stitched after. Thought it hurt, it was the most perfect and unnoticeable way to track someone down. How and when Cameron managed to get all this done, I have no idea but I'm hella proud of my friend..

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. I grin, reaching for my cellphone and dialing a number. I knew the just the right person to call for help. My eyes were trained on the red light that was still blinking as I waited for my call to go through. I only had to wait for only a few seconds before the call was answered.


The deep, husky voice fills my ears.

"Yes..hello. I'm guessing you know who's speaking. I simply called because it's finally time for you to repay the favour you owe me."

I say, shoving my hand into the pocket, eyes still trained on the laptop screen, afraid the red light will suddenly go off and I'll lose the only chance I have to save my friend..

"I know I owe you a favor Julian. Just tell me what I need to do and it shall be done. I'm at your service"

the voice replies and I nod satisfactorily.. Good. Perfect. Hang on Cameron, I'm coming to get you.

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