Two Faced Lover - Episode 57

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"You know, pacing like that won't make the situation any better. You're just making me dizzy"

Marie says for the hundredth time and I can't help but groan loudly, collapsing into the couch. Sean who was almost asleep snuggles closer, putting his head on my lap. I sigh, entangling my fingers in his hair and massaging it softly.

"What else am I supposed to do? I mean look at the time"

I glance up at the wall clock for the tenth time in five minutes . It's past seven pm now. Almost four hours since Cameron left home. No phone call, no text messages. Nothing. I've heard absolutely nothing from him. His agitated face from earlier before he left home flashes in my mind and I can't help but get worried all over again.

"Look, the meeting must have taken up longer than necessary"

Marie shrugs pushing another meatball into her mouth. She's just been eating and eating without stopping. I wonder how a tiny person like her can eat so much.

"I heard that!"

She snaps and I look up, startled. Oh, I must have said that out loud.

"And I'm not tiny. I'm just..."

She racks her brain for the perfect word to describe her stature.


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. Yes I'm cute"

she finishes with a satisfied nod, her curls bouncing with the movement..

"Yeah sure"

I mumble with an eyeroll, leaning back in the couch.

"But seriously Sky, relax. I'm sure they're both fine wherever they are"

she says after a while.

"I hope so Marie. I really hope so" I reply pushing the anxiety gnawing at me aside.

"Now go put your son to bed. He's falling asleep"

I look down and realise Sean had fallen asleep.


I lift sean off the couch, balancing him on my shoulder, his legs dangling. He mumbles something incoherently and nuzzles his face in the crook of my neck as I take him into his room and tuck him into bed. I sit by him for a while longer, watching him sleep peacefully with no worries and I wonder, will I ever be able to fall asleep like this without worries?



I wake up to sobbing, wet and warm liquid on my cheeks and soft skin pressed against my cheeks.

It takes me a moment to realise the soft skin was actually a pair of lips. Whose lips are those? I blink, trying to adjust to the darkness engulfing me. I pull my head back and a sharp pain lances through me. I groan lifting my hand to rub the back of my neck where it hurts. It feels like multiple bees stung me all at once. Wait... Why can't I lift my hand? I lift my hand again. It's f*cking stuck. What the hell?. I lift it again, much forcefully, grunting. It still doesn't budge. The only thing that greets me is the sound of metal clanking. I can't even see anything in this dark. Where the hell am I?

"You've been chained"

a hoarse voice whispers near me. Whoever just spoke sounds like they had been crying for hours. I blink, squinting my eyes, trying to make out the face of whoever was here with me.


My voice sounds hoarse as well, too dry. I hear sniffing in the dark. Warm small hands cup my cheeks and for some reason, I lean in.


that voice. My etes widen, as that voice takes me down memory lane. It's the same voice that scolded me anytime I run from school and skipped classes. It was the same voice that spoke soothingly whenever I would fall and get hurt.


My eyes dart around, beginning to get accustomed to the dark.

"Son..Cameron oh my God. You're awake. You're awake"

she sobs, her lips making contact with my cheeks multiple times. I shut my eyes, recalling what had happened before I drifted into unconsciousness. Everything was going according to plan until I saw her. He had her. Park had my mother and he hit her. My eyes snap open, rage filling me as I trash about in my chair. That bastard.

"Where's he? Where's he?!"

I yell into the darkness and nothing but echoes of my voice replies me. F*ck!. I feel helpless. Pathetic.

"Cameron! Calm down! Please!"

"No mother! He hit you. I saw him. He hit you. He laid his disgusting hand on you and I'll kill him,I swear!"

F*ck these stupid chains. He's a damn coward for chaining me. Mother's arms wrap around my neck.

"You won't commit murder Cameron! You won't!"

She snaps and I sigh, leaning on her shoulder, wishing I could hug her back. "Why mother? Why are you here? Aren't you supposed to be in Ghana mom?" I ask after a while of silence and I feel her pull back.

"You abandoned me you stupid boy"

I shake my head

"Mother I didn't.."

"Shut up!"

I clamp my mouth shut at that.

"You abandoned me. When was the last time you called me? How long has it been? I missed you. I wanted to see both my sons so I took the initiative to fly down here to see my son. I... I got to the address you gave me months ago and met this man.. He..he told me you had moved out of the penthouse long ago. He told me he knew where you currently lived and could take me to you. He even knew Julian, my name, your father's name and a lot about you. I know I sound stupid but I believed him and followed him.."

"Of all the things that you are mother, stupid could never be one of them"

"Mother, please tell me dad isn't here too. Please"

I plead. I don't care about me being here. But I couldn't bare it if another loved one gets tangled in my mess.


she shakes her head slowly in the dark, sniffing

"Your dad is back home. I travelled alone"

I heave a sigh of relief. At least dad is out of this. Mother c*resses my scalp and I sigh in contentment, recalling how Skylar loves to do that. Skylar. I hope she's okay. I hope she and Sean are safe, away from all this.

"I'm going to get you out of here mother. I promise I will" 

I mutter, not sure if she heard me. The fact that she's hugging me right now and her hands are in my hair means one thing. Her hands hasn't been chained like mine. Just her legs. Perhaps Park took pity on her considering she was an older woman. I have to use this to my advantage. Somehow. I look up suddenly, my eyes trying to find hers in the dark..

"Mother listen...."

I'm cut off when the door suddenly opens and the light comes on. I cringe, squinting my eyes as it burns from the light.

"I see mother and son are already bonding huh? Sweet"

"You bastard! How dare.."

"Mother, don't"

I hiss lowly, warning her.

"Don't talk back at him. He's dangerous"

She furrows her eyebrow in confusion as if to ask me what kind of mess I've gotten myself entangled in. I sigh, shaking my head.

"You know Cameron, I must give it to you. You're good, smart. You managed to fool me and it's very rare for me to be fooled especially for weeks. Hmm, I'm not mad you know. No, not at all. I'm impressed. God, you fooled me so much so that you got married to my precious cupcake? My Skylar? You f*cking got married and popped her cherry?"

Park growls, advancing closer. I blink. He isn't angry about the fact that we deceived him but he's mad I took Skylar's Virginity? Okay that's sick.

"You know, Skylar is one of the few women in my camp who haven't been touched by any man. They were exclusive. Especially Skylar. She was my favourite. My best seductress and spy. She could make any man wet his pants by just blinking her eye. She was that good. Wherever she walked, heads turned. You... "

he points at me with the knife in his hand.

"You were supposed to be her last and final job. After you, I was going to make her stop being a spy and make her my mistress. I was going to pop that cherry. I was going to make her mine! And you! You little excuse of a man secretly got married to her? I could have forgiven her, you know. For deceiving me and all. But she had to go fall in love with you. That b*tch..."

"Do not call her a b*tch you f*cking retard!"

I seethe trashing in my seat "Did you really think you could make Skylar your mistress? After everything you've done to destroy her life? Let me tell you something Park f*cking Greene, no woman.. I mean no woman, both sane and mad will want to be with a man like you. Unless of course you force them. You repel me so much even the mention of your name makes me want to gag! Your parents must be so ashamed to have given birth to a failure like you."

I spit watching his eyes darken with fury. Nose flaring in anger. I watch, unperturbed as he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a gun. He aims it, ready to puul the trigger when another figure barges into the room.

"That's enough Park!"

The feminine voice yells with command and Park freezes, his hand lowering automatically.

"Get out. Leave us alone"

the feminine voice commands again, in a much calmer tone this time and Park bows to her and exits without another word. I blink. What the f*ck? What did I just witness? Did a woman just command Park and he obeyed? Hell, he even bowed to her! Am I hallucinating? I watch with weary eyes as the woman comes into view, bright red high heeled boots clanking on the floor as she walks steadily, head held high. Her white flowery dress clinging to her body like second skin. Face perfectly made up, dark hair accentuating her face. Her wrists were decorated with shiny gold bracelets. Everything about her screamed money, confidence and power. She looked extremely extravagant. What will a woman of her caliber be doing with Park? And why did he obey her? She looked about the same age as my mother. Finally, she stops in front of me and stares down at me, runs her long manicured fingers through her hair, a smirk playing at the corner of her lips. Her smirk. It suddenly reminded me of someone. Her dark round eyes. Reminded me of someone. Skylar. She reminded of my wife. I blink. Her features, her eyes, lips.. F*ck.. She looks like an older sophisticated version of my wife. No... I slap myself mentally. Don't be stupid Cameron. Skylar's parents are dead remember? Dead! Dead and gone! And there's no way they will be involved with Park f*cking Greene. And there's no way her parents will kidnap their daughter's husband right?. Right? Someone please tell me I'm right.

"Hello Mr Knight."

Her smooth voice draws me out of my thoughts.

"My name is Rebecca. Rebecca Sampson"

Sampson. The same surname as Skylar. No...

Read " Unattainable Perfection " by the same author ( eliza )

. No way. No f*cking way. I think I've been drugged. Yep, I'm high.

"I'm Skylar's mo..... Oh wait, should I say your wife?. Yeah...I'm your wife's mother. Rebecca Sampson and It's nice to finally meet you."

Mother? What the f*ck?



Sorry for making you guys wait so long. Exams have began and well, I fell sick for a while. I'll post another chapter as soon as I can. Please don't forget to leave your comment guys, they make me want to post more and more.. Lots of love..

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  • Maryam Ali picture
    Maryam Ali
    Wattttt??the story gets more and more interesting, p,s I love the twist in the story
  • Lydiah picture
    what the hell, hope she will help us get out of this mess if not for any other reason but for Sky's sake, thanks Eliza wish you well
  • eliza picture
    thank you @ Maryam. I'm glad you like it
  • eliza picture
    thank you too Lydiah
  • Sara Jehana picture
    Sara Jehana
    Whaatt???? I didn't see this coming
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Exams fever? Lol...get well soon dear and all the best in your exams. As for Skylar's mum, I'm really not surprised, remember Julian's findings? But she's a pathetic excuse of a mum. Thumbs up girlfriend
  • eliza picture
    me neither @ Sara
  • eliza picture
    lol Bennie. I got the exams fever. thanks hun
  • eliza picture
    lol Bennie. I got the exams fever. thanks hun
  • eliza picture
    lol Bennie. I got the exams fever. thanks hun
  • eliza picture
    lol Bennie. I got the exams fever. thanks hun
  • Ayomide Huntress picture
    Ayomide Huntress
    I blv Cameroon has forgotten about his suspicious about the Skylar family ni cos I remembered there was a day he asked her if she saw her parents corpse and she said no bcos it was a plane crash and they won't b able to recognise them and Can told Sky the crash that happened that year wasn't severe and if it was she won't even see their cloth... Weldone Eliza and pls babe don't fall sick, success all the way
  • Confy-Dencie picture
    Oh em gee! Some people re not worth to be called mother. Maybe Skylar isn't even her biological mum. Kudos Liz, hw is ur health nw
  • Confy-Dencie picture
    Biological daughter* i mean
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    Chai so Sky's mum is in cahoots with Park? I wonder why they faked their death....hunny hope you're feeling better!
  • Racheal Rakel Namz picture
    Racheal Rakel Namz
    Get well soon dear
  • eliza picture
    thanks Ayomide babe
  • eliza picture
    I'm better now confy. thanks luv
  • eliza picture
    I wonder too @ Pamela. I'm doing good hun
  • Amma picture
    my oooo my
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