Two Faced Lover - Episode 18

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It all happened within the blink of an eye.

One moment I was standing near my car, staring at the bag that contained my blazer and wrist watch after that Sky girl had walked away. 

I was mad, enraged.. After my match, I had gotten a call from Julian while in the changing room.

I hadn't waited for Julian to complete his sentence before I knew what was going on.

That f*cking bastard was two timing me.

Three nights ago, after leaving the club I had gone to the secluded park because I needed to be there.

I almost died that day. Save for the nagging voice in my head that had told me to check everything through and though before getting into the car.

Yes, I'm not just a fighter.

I'm a racer too.

I race cars.

Sport cars to be precise on a secluded park with a whole lot of others.

Well, it's illegal too but I couldn't care less . It's the fastest and harmless way to earn money.

Well, I didn't really need the money considering I have a small company that I'm running.

I won't call it big because it's not not.

But still, I'm able to feed and clothe myself and pay my workers.

Let's just say fighting and racing are just distractions.

Distractions to keep me busy.

So my mind doesn't have to wander off into the past anytime I get an alone time... And three nights ago, I was due for another racing competition and miraculously just before the whistle was blown, I found out my brakes had been tampered with.

I would have f*cking died if I had gotten into the car.

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. And Julian had called because he found out who cut my brakes. 

I already had a guess.. That stupid stupid bastard.

I was enraged and blinded with fury, letting it all out on Skylar when she approached.. I had said everything I felt about her, describing her as the prostitute and opportunist I though she was and all.

I was supposed to feel good after but I did not.

Watching the tears flow freely down her cheeks as I insulted her sent an unfamiliar emotion surging through me.

And when she turned and walked away, I was suddenly empty.

I was still cursing myself for letting my anger override my sense of judgement when I heard it.. Her screams.

The horrible, loud screeching of car tyres.


The shout came again.. I turned.

"Get out of the way"

my head snapped, my eyes landing on the red mustang speeding towards me.. F*ck! Before my brain could register what was happening, I was suddenly pushed aggressively and I landed on the floor, a few metres away from the gift bag. 

A strained, painful groan fills by ear.. I look up.

I wasn't prepared for what my eyes beheld.

The car crashed into Skylar, sending her toppling over the hood of my car, falling on the other side.

Horror fills me as I scramble off the ground just as the red mustang reverses and drives away, speeding as fast as it had come.


Later I would find out who stared to do this.

People were rushing out of the club now, hearing the commotion.. With my heart in my mouth, I run over to her.. She lay limply on the ground, a huge gash on her forehead, her entire face bloodied.

A small line of blood flowed down the side of her lips.

Damn it.

It was her.. She pushed me out of the way and got hit instead.. Even after everything I said to her, she still returned to save me.

Why Skylar, why? Why won't you let me continue being a bastard without feeling remorse?

"This is not a f*cking comedy show. Someone pick their f*cking phone and f*cking call an ambulance!" 

I yell at the damn gossips who've surrounded the parking lot staring at me like we're shooting a f*cking movie scene.

"F*cking call an ambulance!"

You're gonna be okay Skylar.

Stay with me.


I stare at the small cell phone I had taken out from Skylar's purse when we arrived at the hospital.

It has been ringing nonstop for the past thirty minutes. 

I really do not know if I should answer it or not.

Will I be breaching her privacy? Because I sure as hell would hate it if anyone answered my calls without my permission..

"You should answer it. Whoever is calling has the right to know the girl's been hospitalised. She needs to go in surgery as well and a family member needs to sign the authorization forms first"

Julian says from beside me.


I say.. "What?"

"Her name is Skylar. Not girl"

I correct him.

"Umm. Oh.. Right yeah Skylar. Please answer her phone Cam."

I sigh. Mrs Monroe flashes on the screen as it begins to ring again. Pressing the answer the button,I place it against my ears.. "Hello? Skylar? Oh my God I'm so worried. You promised to return in an hour and it's been almost three hours now. Hello? Sky? Please tell me you're okay. Sean won't rest until he speaks to you. Say something! Sky?"

The woman bombards me with questions.

"Umm.. "

I clear my throat. There was silence at the end of the line untill she spoke up.

"Who is this? And what are you doing with Sky's phone?"

"Actually ma'am.. She got into an accident. And we're currently at the hospital"

"Oh...oh my God... Accident?"

She shrieks. Guilt prickles me.

"Yes ma'am. I will text you the name of the hospital and address"

"Okay. Please do... I'm on my way..."

She hangs up and I proceed to text the address to the number.. Done, I let out a sigh leaning back in my seat.

Please.. Please let her be okay..


Almost thirty minutes later, a middle aged white woman rushes into the hospital, walking straight to the receptionist asking her something with an agitated look on her face.

The receptionist pointed towards our direction and she turned, walking towards us, her eyes darting around frantically .

"Are you Mrs Monroe?"

I ask her when she gets closer.

Her head snaps in my direction.

"You were the one who picked the call?" 

I nod, handing out the cell phone and purse to her.

"Where is she? I want to see her"

"Umm actually ma'am she needs to be operated on and..."

The doctor barges out of the ward just then, a disapproving look on his face.

"Who's going to sign the authorization form? We can't wait any longer"

"Authorization form?"

Mrs Monroe questions, turning to face him.. "Yes. The patient needs surgery and there's still no family member available"

" Actually Skylar has no family. I'm the closest thing she has to a family"

she woman says. My eyebrows shoot up at the information.. She has no family?

"Please let me sign it. I'll take care of the bills and everything"

"Alright then, please follow me"

the doctor beckons to her as they walk away. I let out a frustrated sigh, running my hands through my hair.

"It's going to be okay Cam. She'll pull through. You'll see"

Julian pats me on the shoulders. I hope so. I f*cking hope so.




I wake up to bright light piercing my eyes as a painful migraine assaults me.

I groan, leaning back instantly.

I blink my eyes open again.

"Uhh.. Light" 

I groan.

I feel shuffling somewhere in the room and a moment later, I open my eyes again to much dimmer room.


"How are you feeling?" 

A deep, masculine voice asks.

How am I feeling?. I feel like sh*t.

"I feel like sh*t" I say and the masculine voice chuckles. But wait, why do I feel like I've been run over by a truck. That's because you were run over by a certain red mustang.. Oh.. I blink, images of last night scenes flashing in my brain. I lift my head and come face to face with the owner of the masculine voice. Cameron. He was staring at me. Suddenly, every insult I received from him, from our last conversation coming back to me, the words hurting much more than the last time.

"Umm..a woman.. Mrs Monroe was here the entire night. She left about an hour ago to get a change of clothes and bring you something to eat"

Cameron tells me. Mrs Monroe was here?. I left Sean at her home.. Oh my God.. Sean. 

I have to go to him. He must be worried sick about me.

I promised him I would return early to tell him his favourite bed time folktale. And now the entire night has passed, giving way to the morning.

I have to go.

Pulling the covers off my body, I proceed to pull the drip from my hand when Cameron stops me, his hands covering mine.

"Don't... You just got out of surgery"

I snort slightly, snatching my hand.

"So? It's not like you care. You do not give two sh*ts about me"

"You saved my life"

"Tell me something I don't know"

sarcasm drips off my voice as I glare at him. I haven't forgotten how he easily branded me a prostitue and a gold digger.

" don't know me yet you.."

"I don't need to know people before I save or help them Mr knight. I'm much better than that"

I cut him off, wincing slightly at the pain in my head and my ribs. Dizziness washes over me. I have to see Sean. Has he eaten? Was he able to sleep last night without me? I'm sure he didn't. Oh God, my son.

"Look..ermm..about last night.. I..I'm.."

Cameron's voice startles me out of my thoughts.

His eyes darts around nervously.

I shake my head slightly.

"There's no need.

Read " Unattainable Perfection " by the same author ( eliza )

. You don't have to say anything just because I saved your life. Me saving your life doesn't mean anything. Judging by last night, you already have your opinions about me so please let it stay that way. Imagine this never happened so that your thoughts abouts me can be maintained"

"Please I didn't mean..."

He reaches out to touch me but I jerk away. A certain emotion flickers in his eyes at my action, so quickly I couldn't detect it.

"There nothing more left to say Mr Knight. We don't have to see each other from henceforth. I won't be humiliated by you again, just because I wanted to be friends. I have a dignity to protect regardless of what you think. Goodbye."

I look away, struggling to get off the bed without hurting myself when I feel Cameron's warm and strong arms encircle my waist, pulling me to him when I sway slightly from dizziness.

"Stay.. Please stay Skylar. Don't go"

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  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Oh beautiful, I was scared that bastard would be the one calling so sky's cover would be blown. Once Sean is with Mrs. Monroe, I'm a lil bit okay with it. Sean is saved for now.
  • picture
    Next episode please
  • Abimbo Aji picture
    Abimbo Aji
    I can't get enough of this story, please next episode
  • Confy-Dencie picture
    Awwww, i'm glad she's awake. Skylar, oya do small shakara for Cameron jhoor
  • Abena Asima picture
    Abena Asima
    I think skylar should come clean they can fight mr Green together
  • eliza picture
    he is for now Bennie
  • eliza picture
    sure thing @ Afolabi
  • eliza picture
    he is for now Bennie
  • eliza picture
    I'll post it tonight or tomorrow @ Abimbo
  • eliza picture
    hehe. lol Confy. you said it right
  • eliza picture
    you're right @ Abena. perhaps she should
  • Oluwakemi Oluwatoyin picture
    Oluwakemi Oluwatoyin
    Do small shakara Skylar ..... more episodes Eliza
  • eliza picture
    lol Kemi. I'll post them soon don't worry
  • Abena Asima picture
    Abena Asima
    I think skylar should come clean they can fight mr Green together
  • Amma picture
    I can see everything turning around for Skylar's good eventually
  • eliza picture
    let's hope it happens @ Amma
  • Tony Presh picture
    Tony Presh
    I'm in love with this story - but why is their always f*ck in almost all statement?
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