Two Faced Lover - Episode 23

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"What are you doing?"

I turn at the tiny voice, grabbing a face towel to dab the sweat off my face.

"I'm training"


He asks, glancing around at the gym curiously.


I hum, taking a seat on a bench.

"I want to train too"

I lift myself up, raising an eyebrow

"Really? Why?"

"Because I want to be like you. Very macho"

he taps his tiny arm making me laugh.

"Well little man, you'll have to wait to grow up a little bit okay?"

"I'm a big boy!"

He huffs like I had just offended him with my words.

It reminds me of how angry Skylar gets when I address her as a girl . Guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree afterall.

I sigh.

With the little knowledge I know about kids, when they find something fascinating and set their eyes on it, there's nothing in the world that can make them change their minds.

I stare at Sean who's eyeing the dumbell in my hand. Great, guess I'll have to distract him.

Dropping the dumbbell, I wrap the towel around my neck, grabbing a bottle of water along.

"Come on little man, let's go play video games"

"I want to watch The Lion King before playing the game.. Please?"

I almost snort.

This doesn't sound like he's asking me.

He's ordering me and adding please to make it sound polite.

He's so much like his mother.

I groan at the prospect of having to be stuck with watching such a lame movie.

"Alright little man..

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. The Lion King it is"

He yelps happily, running past me into the living room.

I shake my head following him out.

Julian stood leaning against the door that led to my gym, arksy crossed over his chest, watching me like a hawk.

"What? Is anything on my face?"

"Don't get attached to that Kid"

he blurts out. I had to do a double take to make sure I heard right. Okay, what?


"Do not get attached to that kid. Stop now"

he repeats nonchalantly like he's reciting A,B,C.

"He's just a kid Julian. I'm not going to ignore him"

Am I getting attached?

"Just don't Cameron. I've seen how you look at him. And I've definitely seen how you looked at his mother when she was unconscious last night"

What nonsense!.

"What has gotten into you Julian? How do I look at Skylar? And pray tell me how do I look at the boy?"

"Like you want to protect him."

He deadpans and my eyes widen. I open my mouth to deny when he beats me to it..

"Do not bother to deny it Cameron. We've known each for years and I can tell what you're thinking by just looking at you. Ever since that accident, ever since you got to know she has no family whatsoever, something has changed. You look at her differently"

"So what's your f*cking point? What are you trying to prove here?"

I'm at my wits end. I f*cking swear.

"You like her don't you?"

I let his words sink in, and when it does, I burst out laughing hysterically unable to stop.

"Me? Like who? That girl? Skylar?" 

I laugh again.

"What the f*ck Julian? Are you high on weed? I don't do love neither do I like anyone. By the way what's it to you if I like her? That's what's you've been trying to get me to do for years now right? Advising me to let myself fall in love and blah blah blah... So what happened now? Are you suddenly against it?"

F*ck, I love this man but he's really getting on my nerves I might just punch him.

"I'm not going against it Cameron. I just don't want you to fall in love with Skylar. She's up to no good. She's deceiving you"

I roll my eyes.

"So what if she's deceiving me? Do I look like I give a sh*t? She's only here because I feel guilty. That's the least I can do. Once she gets well, she's out"

"What if it was all staged? What if it was all a plan, to get your attention? The car, her jumping in front of the car to save your life? What if it was all planned? To get into your house to steal information? What if..."

"Okay shut up Julian! Shut the f*ck up! Enough of these useless assumptions. You may be my friend but I'm this close to punching the sh*t out of you!."

"I'm only looking out for you Cameron. I wouldn't want to see you get hurt the second time"

he says, his voice much softer now.

"I appreciate that but I'm not that daft. I'm not about to fall in love with her or any girl for that matter. Once she gets well, she leaves. That's it"

I walk past him, to find Sean waiting for me to put on The Lion King.

"Hey Buddy. Let's watch the movie shall we?"

I force a smile, joining him on the sofa...


1:00PM... SAME DAY. 

I waited until the nurse finished changing Skylar's bandages after helping her take a bath. 

I stroll into the guestroom, my eyes finding hers immediately.

She was propped up against the headboard, her hand caressing Sean's hair who had fallen asleep on her lap an hour who.


her lips curl into a smile as I stroll in.


I nod, wondering what I'm doing here in the first place.

"So.. How are you feeling?"

I ask, feeling awkward.

"Much better thank you"

I nod again. F*ck what am I doing here?.

"I'm sorry Cameron"

her voice cuts through my thoughts.


"Yes. Sorry for any inconveniece my son and I are causing you".

I open my mouth to tell her it's okay when a voice behind me interrupts..

"Are you, really?"

I sigh as Julian strolls in..

"Are you really sorry miss Sampson?"

He sneers. Okay what's gotten into him today?

"Umm... Yes. I really am.. I.. Could leave if my presence is making you uncomfortable"

Skylar gulps

"Oh no please by all means stay. You know you want to"

"Julian stop it"

I grab his arm to stop him but he ignores me and continues.

"Who are you really miss Sampson? What's your motive? Why are you here?"

Skylar's eyes widen at his accusations.

"W..what are you talking about?"

"Oh you know... You're really a good actress you know. Playing the part of a helpless young woman without a family who's also a single mother"

Julian snorts like he can't believe it.

Skylar blinks rapidly, her arm going around Sean protectively.

She doesn't reply.

"What exactly do you want? Are you here to gather information to give to your masters? Who sent you? Sean's father? The man you love so much? I've heard women do a lot for love so is this one of them? Where are you from?"

"Ghana" Skylar answers, ignoring his earlier jabs.

"Oh would you look at that? She's a Ghanaian too just like us!"

Julian exclaims with fake enthusiasm.

"Julian that's enough"

I grit my teeth. He's going too far now. It's okay to be suspicious but this is too much.

"She's hiding something from you damnit! Why can't you see it Cameron? She's decieving you."

He tells me, making me blink in surprise.. He turns his attention back to Skylar, who has began trembling.

"Who is Sean's father? Was he the one who who sent you? Answer me miss Sampson. You're in our house so we have every f*cking right to ask you this."

"I do not know Sean's father"

she reples silently.

"Oh? Would you look at that? You've been sleeping around? A little prostitute?"

"Julian what the f*ck? stop this!"

I snap.

F*ck I'm gonna punch him. I had called Skylar a prostitute once and I regretted it.

Julian is doing the same damn thing.

What the f*ck is he suspicious about? Why is he interrogating her like she has been declared the main suspect for murder?

"Stop what Cameron? The fact that I'm saving you from an impending disaster? Is that what I should stop? Just.. Just look at her..."

He points a finger in Skylar's direction.. She was trembling. Whether with rage or pain, I couldn't tell.

"See that?..."

Julian continues

"That's what she wants. She wants you to see her vulnerable and bare, an easy target. That way, it would draw you closer to her. You know how men are suckers for pretty damsels in distress? She's f*cking up to something Cameron. Just think for a second man, why hasn't she received any calls? You've been with her phone since her accident right? And no one called to ask of her. Neither did she call anyone because they'd probably be worried about her? Does she have no friends? And the one time, she decides to make a call, I hear her talking to the person in cryptic messages. Isn't this fishy? Can't you even see how she's using that boy to gain your trust? it's easier to relax around him because he's just a kid. Sweet, innocent and naive..."

"F*ck Julian that's enough! Why do you keep talking about Sean?"

I growl.

Damnit, he's making me angry.

"That's because she's using him as a bait! Trust me Cameron she's deceiving us. She's here for a purpose and that boy is a bait. A perfect unquestionable bait."

"Damnit Julian! You're going too far with this. I'm not asking you to trust her because I do not either but do not bring her son into this conversation. You're going too damn far with..."


Skylar suddenly yells, her voice echoing through the room.

Breathing hard from so much anger at Julian's sudden stupidity, I watch as she eases Sean from her laps, resting his head on the pillow.

She plants her feet on the ground and stands up, wincing immediately.

Out of habit, I rush to help her but she holds up her hand as a warning, making me stop in my tracks.

"Do not come near"

Using the wall as support, she takes slow steady steps until she was in front of Julian and lifts her eyes to stare a him.

Her eyes were red, bloodshot. She blinks once, and the tears start to flow.

Her eyes were hard, angry.

"You can say every f*cking thing you want about me. all me a prostitue, gold digger.. Anything you want because I've heard worse. But on no account will you ever, ever in your damn life speak anything about my son do you get that? You are not allowed to say one f*cking thing about him. And for the record, Sean doesn't have a f*cking father because I have no idea who his father is. I don't even know how I got pregnant. I arrived at a clinic one day to go for check up because I hadn't been feeling well. And you know what? I was confirmed pregnant. More than two months pregnant and I had no idea how it happened because I was a f*cking Virgin!"

She hisses and then burst out laughing hysterically.

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. Julian stiffens beside me, her words registering in his brian. I blink. Pregnant? Yet she was a virgin? Skylar continues to laugh with tears streaming down her cheeks, a sign of the turmoils of emotions running through her system..

"I had never slept with a man before yet I was f*cking pregnant. For a moment, I used to think someone had performed artificial insemination while I was unconscious somewhere on me because that is the only way to get a lady pregnant without having s*xual inter course with her but then f*ck it! Why does it matter anyway? The bottom line is, I still gave birth without knowing who's child I was carrying. I had to go through caesarian section in order to have my son. And a few months after he was born, he was diagnosed with hole-in-heart. A f*cking hole-in-heart.. And he was barely a year old. So do not f*cking stand there and tell me I'm using my son as a bait because I would never in my f*cking dreams use my son as a bait whatsoever after everything I've gone through to have him. Do not ever talk about my son like that ever, ever again. Do you f*cking get that?!"

She growls, eyes dark and blazing with fury.

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  • Abimbo Aji picture
    Abimbo Aji
    Eliza, you are just too much Julian went to far thou he was trying to protect his friend. Pls another episode
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    I support Julian for whatever he did to Skylar, I will do more if I overheard same conversation, it will be good for Skylar to seek help to get her freedom from that bastard of a master. Kudos dear
  • Confy-Dencie picture
    Yo Skylar, i f*cking got that nd one more word from Julian abt Sean, just punch him. Eliza u re da bomb, give me more pls
  • Confy-Dencie picture
    And Skylar,u better tell dem you became Park's victim cos he helped u to get Sean cured
  • namuyanja racheal picture
    namuyanja racheal
    I can't blame Julian going far cause he is trying to protect a friend from danger and when u look at it he is right cause that's what Skylar is here for(even if it is not out of her own willing). Me2 would go to any limits to protect a dear one
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    Let it all out hun,don't forget to tell em about the stupid Park,come to think of it maybe he's the one who inseminated her,that punk is capable of anything,kisses Lizzie...!
  • eliza picture
    lol Abimbo. don't worry. I'll post it soon
  • eliza picture
    ikr @Benedicta. I too will be suspicious
  • eliza picture
    lol Confy. don't be too violent hehe
  • eliza picture
    thanks Rachel. I totally agree
  • eliza picture
    a million kisses to you too Pamela
  • namuyanja racheal picture
    namuyanja racheal
    and Eliza thanks for the frequent update
  • Abimbo Aji picture
    Abimbo Aji
    Pamela am beginning to think so to oo
  • Ima Ettah picture
    Ima Ettah
    Oh! hw I wish Skylar wi open up now. I will b so happy. Dis is d only chance she will ve to deliver herself from dt beast. Keep it up Lizy
  • Destiny Benson picture
    Destiny Benson
    I pray she tells them the truth
  • Josephine Wanzila picture
    Josephine Wanzila
    Our Skylar is tough! Good one
  • Josephine Wanzila picture
    Josephine Wanzila
    Our Skylar is tough! Good one
  • eliza picture
    thanks @ Ima
  • eliza picture
    let's hope she does @Destiny
  • picture
    Eliza please tell us how she got pregnant already. The suspense is much. More Ink to your pen.
  • Tony Presh picture
    Tony Presh
    Lets say some one lay on her when she was unconscious maybe in one of her missions. I can't believe the fuck she is telling us about Sean. For the fact i know, that hymen must have been broken before she got pregnant nice story dear. Keep it flowing
  • Tony Presh picture
    Tony Presh
    Lets say some one lay on her when she was unconscious maybe in one of her missions. I can't believe the fuck she is telling us about Sean. For the fact i know, that hymen must have been broken before she got pregnant nice story dear. Keep it flowing
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