Two Faced Lover - Episode 19

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*** "Go to the boy's quarters, and sleep with any of the ladies you desire"

Mr Park announces as he twirled happily in his chair, grinning ear to ear.

All fifty men whom he had summoned into his living room, turn to stare at each other in puzzlement.

"You can even have threesome's or foursome's. Whatever suits your taste . Go on"

he continues, pouring himself a glass of wine and then taking a huge gulp. Hmm.

So sweet.

Park turns to face his fifty guards who were still rooted to the ground, unsure if their boss was actually serious or was playing a stupid prank on them.

They couldn't tell.

Afterall, Park was always smiling.

Even when he was completely enraged.

It was hard to tell.

His smile was known to be dangerous than a two edged sword.

"What are you waiting for? This offer doesn't stand for long you know. So go on. I know you want to so just go ahead. Sleep with any girl you like, as long as you want. I've received a certain good news so just go on hmm?"

He urges smiling.

Reluctantly, the guards turn, some with a smile on their faces at the prospect of having to chose any girl they desired to sleep with.

"And oh. Bring me two virgins yeah? I too need to have some fun"

Park calls out when they were almost the door.

"Yes sir"

they all chorus and disappear, eager to go find the beautiful ladies before their colleagues did.

Park leans back into his sofa, sighing satisfactorily.

His informant had arrived in the early hours of the morning to give him great news.

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. He had told him Skylar had been rushed to the hospital after jumping in to save the guy she had been tasked to spy on.

Sure, he had sent her on a mission but that doesn't mean he was going to let her lie or do anything gyushy behind his back.. So he had sent one of his men to follow her to see what she was up to.

To see if she was doing what he had ordered her.

And sure enough, he was quite surprised when his informant had returned with this news.

He knew Skylar was capable enough but to do this? She surely went over the bar.

Though it was risky, jumping in front of the car like that, it was still the easiest way to gain someone's trust.

Risking your life to save them.

And his spy had done just that.. A brilliant job.

And right now, she was at the hospital getting attended to.

From here on, he was sure her work was going to be so much more easy.

Probably end sooner than the two months he'd given her.

And then he'll teach that bastard a lesson.


"Stay. Please stay Skylar. Don't go"

his smooth sultry voice rang in her ears as he held on to her, preventing her from falling.

Skylar refused to answer.

She knew very well it was his guilt that was speaking.

The real Cameron Knight, the one she had become accustomed to didn't speak softly like this.

Neither did he ever say the word 'please'.

She blinks, wincing as the pain in her ribs increased due to her awkward standing position.

"Lie down please. Your wound is still fresh. Please"

he pleads with her as she groans shaking her head stubbornly.

She had to go to Sean.

She struggled to get out of his hold, but she was weak and too dizzy to even fight.

Her eyelids were heavy with sleep, drooping every now and then begging to be shut.


she mumbles, leaning into Cameron who carries her off her feet, laying her on the bed gently before covering her.

"Please.. Let... Go.. Let me go.. To him... Sean.. Sean"

she mumbles continuously, fighting the sleep threatening to take over.

Cameron frowns, not the liking the way she was continuously mentioning some guys name like he was her f*cking world. Sean?. Is he her husband? Boyfriend?.


Who the f*ck is Sean and why does he hate the fact that she cares so much about him even in her sleep induced state? The door to the ward opens just then before he could stop his train of thoughts, Mrs Monroe stepping into the room, a little boy of about four of five, holding on to her hand tightly as they strolled in.

Even with the glasses he was wearing, Cameron still didn't miss the sullen look in his eyes behind the glasses.

The boy looked around the room carefully, his eyes landing on him immediately.

He watches as the boy, let's his eyes rake him from head to toe and then up and down again.. Cameron raises his eyebrows at the boy..

"You're so big"

was the first thing the boy said looking up at Cameron through his glasses.


he cleared his throat.

What was he supposed to say?.

"Are you a macho man? Who are you? Do you know my mom? What..."

"Are you forgetting something Sean?"

Mrs Monroe cuts through the boys rants much to Cameron's appreciation. He turns to look at her, confused.

"We came here to see your mama not to be asking about macho men"

"Yes.. I want to see mom."

The boy nods eagerly. Sean?.

So this little boy is the Sean Skylar couldn't keep quiet about?.

This little boy?.

And did he just say mom? Like mom as in mother?.

Like mother mother? So Skylar has a son? He shakes his head.

But if he remembered correctly, Mrs Monroe had outrightly told the doctor yesterday that she had no family?.

Meaning she had no husband?.

So.. She was a single mother? Then.. "Hey huge man!"

Sean's voice tore Cameron out of this thoughts as he looks down at the boy tugging at his trousers.

"I want to see my mom"

the boy frowns.

Cameron turns to stare at Skylar who'd fallen asleep again, the anaesthetic having not weared from her system yet.

He turns back to the boy.

"Go and see her then"

"Move! You're blocking my way. You're too big!"

Cameron's mouth drops open at his audacity as Mrs Monroe chuckles, trying hard to stuffle a laugh.. Okay what the f*ck! This boy was just as annoying as his mother.

And a talkative too.

It surely runs in the blood.

Quietly, he steps out of the way, watching the boy rush towards the bed, touching Skylar's forehead with his little hand.. Guilt prickes Cameron again.

This was his fault.

"I didn't want to bring him but he just wouldn't stop insisting. He even refused to eat anything."

Mrs Monroe tells him, stepping further into the room.

Cameron only nods, his eyes fixated on the mother and son duo.

He watches Sean stare at his mother for several minutes before, climbing onto the chair and then proceeding to climb onto the bed, laying beside her.

A moment later, his eyes began to droop slowly at intervals until he gave up, falling asleep beside his mother, clutching her hands tightly.

"He barely slept last night"

Mrs Monroe's quiet voice cut through the tension.

Cameron only nods, unable to tear his gaze from the mother and son.

A feeling of protectiveness washing over him. Feeling to protect this boy and his mother.



Ding, dong.

Ding, dong.

The bell rang continuously much to the annoyance of the older woman who'd only retired to bed barely an hour ago after making sure she had washed all the plates and pans used during dinner and mopped the kitchen clean.

Not that she was complaining because it was her job as a maid.

She'd been this family's house help and nanny to her employers two son's for ten years and she loved her job.

She really did but who the bleeping hell would be ringing the door bell like a maniac at almost 12:00 in the night? Grumbling profanities, the older woman got out of bed, searching blindly for her robe. Finding it, she puts it on and walks out of her room and onto the compound. Ding, dong! The ringing came much louder.

"Ah! I said I'm coming!"

She shouts irritably. If this goes on, the noise would wake her employers up.

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. Reaching the gate, the security guard marches up to her.

"There's a woman out there asking the Mr Knight"

"A woman? Asking for Mr knight? At this ungodly hour?"

She questions.

"No not the boss. His son. His eldest son"

the guard corrects making her frown.. Who would be searching for her boss' eldest son by this time?. Didn't they know he left the country three years back?

"I'll see who's there"

she tells the guard who opens the gate, allowing her to step out to meet the visitor.

Under the streetlight, a young sophisticated looking woman stood, clutching her sweater tightly to her body as the cold brezze swept over her.

The older woman's skeyeoy eyes was suddenly filled with rage the moment she recognized the visitor.

"How may I help you?"

She asks rudely.. "Can you let me in first? It's cold out here"

the lady replied.

"You should have thought about before embarking on a journey so late in the night. It's almost 23:00am for heaven's sake! Are yiyu a witch?"

The lady frowns, her calm posture melting into a puddle.

"How dare you talk to me like that? You're just a maid. Just call Cameron for me or better still give way let me go to him"

she made to walk further when the older woman stepped forward, blocking her path.

The lady frowns, hating this.

"What the hell is wrong with you old woman?"

As rude and disrespectful as ever.

The older woman mused silently.

She had never liked her ever since her boss' son had brought her home introducing her as his girlfriend.

And she was right after all.. This girl turned out to be nothing but a gold digging scum. "Go back to where you came from lady"

She would rather lose her job over this than let this opportunist step her cursed foot into this house again.

She wasn't even going to bother telling her Cameron left the country years back.

If she had no idea Cameron left, then that just shows how much she never gave a f*ck about Cameron.

She never cared. And she sure doesn't care now.

She's here because she probably run out of money.

"Who the hell are you to stop me from going inside huh old dirty woman?! Get the f*ck out of my way!"

the young lady snaps, resisting the urge to push this nosy old woman out of her way.

The woman stares at her squarely in her eyes.

"And who the hell are you to come looking for the man whom you left at the alter and got married to his brother on the same day? Who the hell do you think you are? To even come here searching for him? Are you not ashamed? You really have the guts don't you?"

She barks at her.

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    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    And the story starts to unfold nice one dear
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    Nice story, am really enjoying it but please let the updates be reaching us quick if not we go die ooo... lol thumbs up
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    The real drama has just begun. Eliza nice story Abeg try post bfore suspense go kill my grandma allover again
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    @ Kleeps i have a tight schedule oo. but I'll try for you
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    lol @ Abimbo. don't die yet
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    Let me cool down and relax as the drama unfolds
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    Abena Asima
    I still think sky should come clean and who is that looking for Cameron so annoying
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    lol @ Abena.. let's hope she does come clean
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    Destiny Benson
    Nice episode dear
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    Pamela cube
    Yeah I said it...she came back with her tail in between her legs....Lizzie hun I'm calm now.*grinning like a Cheshire cat*
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    Interesting story
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    Oh my God! Wonder shall never end
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