Two Faced Lover - Episode 17

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"These are the documents you asked for sir"

my secretary says as she enters.

"Did you e-mail them to me before bringing me the hard copy?"

I question without looking at her as I type away on the keyboard.

Silence greets me instead.

"I asked you a godamn question Lydia!" "S..sir I thought you said..."

I stop typing, lifting a finger up in the air to stop her stupid rants.

"In here, you don't think. You do as you're told while I do all the thinking is that clear?"

"Y..yes Sir . Very clear"

"Take those documents back and do not come before me until you've emailed them to me. Now get out" 

I hear clicking of heels, followed by the sound of my four shutting.

I sigh, finally looking up from my desktop to grab the cup of coffee and take a sip.

I place the cup down, my eyes landing on the paper. 

I groan.

Why did I bring this f*cking paper along? Julian had found it tucked underneath my door when he was leaving last night. 

I had refused to open it. I was so damn angry after finding my watch and jacket missing.

The only thing I got in return for playing the good Samaritan was an ID and a thief.

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. That damn girl's ID.

My eyes automatically fly to the ID beside my desktop on top of the stacks of papers piled up.

Skylar Sampson. Was on the ID.

Such a beautiful name for a dark hearted woman.

Stop it Cameron.

You're doing it again.

You're thinking of her.

Don't do it. Don't go down that path.. F*ck, I need a distraction.

Involuntarily, I open the letter and begin to read.

"Dear Mr chocolate eyes..". 

I snort louder than I intended to.

Who else would call me that except for that Skylar girl.

Who even addresses a letter like that? This girl definitely has lost a few screws in the head. I continue reading.

".. I know you must be fuming with rage after finding out I left and took your jacket and wrist watch .".

Oh like hell I am! Okay, shut up and read. I sigh going back to reading.

".. It doesn't speak well of me especially after you saved my life and my dignity. But I had no choice. I needed your jacket to cover up and well as for watch, let's just say I needed something, anything to use as an excuse to see you again..."

I must agree, this lady is quite courageous.

Going as far as stealing my items just so she can see me again? At least she's being honest.

"I just didn't know how to approach you because you're like a ticking time bomb.."

Okay is she she apologising to me or she's insulting me?

"I'd really like to see you again, of course to give you back your items since I reckon you wouldn't like it if I showed up at your house.. Please call me soon Mr Knight. PS: I will be waiting... Signed.... GIRL"

I snort again.. Did she just address herself as girl?. This girl is nuts. I stare at the cell phone number she had written at the bottom of the paper.

Come to think of it, I'm starting to have this feeling that she left her ID on purpose so that in case I decide not to call, I'll still be obliged to call her because I need to return her ID.

I scoff, pushing the paper under the stacks of documents. So typical. If she thinks she can use this as an excuse to see me again, then she's got another thing coming. Because I'm not calling her, ever and I sure as hell don't wana see her ever again.. It's best this way.

To stay as far away from each other as possible. I'm not gonna let some girl get attached to me neither am I gonna get attached.. So far as she left a paper apologising, I'm good. She didn't steal my items. That's all I needed to know. And now, I'm back to moving on.



Two days. It's been two days since I left Cameron's home.

Two days since I left him the letter and he hasn't called.. I've been checking my phone every minute and still nothing.

Did he get my letter? Is he ever gonna call? Why isn't he calling?


"Yes?" I sigh rubbing my face.

"Are you sick mom?"

Sean asks, looking at me worriedly. I guess I zoned out again. I've been doing that a lot that lately.

"No Sean. Mummy is just thinking"


he hums pushing a bread into his mouth.

"Big people are always thinking"

My eyebrows shoot up at that, laughter bubbling out of me. Where the hell did he get that?.

"Oh really? I thought you said you're a big boy too?" 

I tease, slicing more bread for him. It's a Monday.

Another school day.

"Yes mom. I'm a big boy but I'm not very very very big"

he exaggerates, spreading his arms wide for emphasis.

I chuckle. "If you're a big boy then why don't you eat these vegetables hmm?"

I push the plate on which he'd put the leaves he separated from the bread on. He scrunches his face in disgust.

"No mom. It tastes like eww, yuck!" 

I roll my eyes, grabbing the half eaten bread from him and put the lettuce and sliced tomatoes back in.

"Here. Eat.."

He grumbles.

"You don't want to get sick right? Because when you get sick, the doctor will put long needles in your bum. Do you like that?"


He shouts snatching the sandwich and then takes a huge bite. 

I laugh, going back to my breakfast. When Sean finished with his breakfast, I pack his lunch into his bag.

"Come in Sean. Let's go before we miss the school bus"

He jumps down the chair, grabs his school bag and wears it without waiting for me to do it.. I smile.. Someone is growing up too fast.

"Come on"

I take his hand, leading him out.



"...And the winner is..... 'The mighty one!"

The announcer shouts, holding up Cameron's hand as the crowd goes into a frenzy of cheers and claps.

The opponent whom he'd been fighting lay on the floor of the ring, trying to catch his breath. I got here almost twenty minutes ago to catch only half of Cameron's fight after dropping off Sean with Mrs Monroe. 

I had no idea Cameron was also a fighter. 

I thought he only came here to watch the match, place a bet or get a few drinks.

But he was actually a fighter, the one everyone called 'the mighty one' Hmm.

Why would Mr park want to destroy a mere fighter in his own arena?. I sigh, watching the all sweaty Cameron climb down the ring, his very well defined six pack abs, forming a V-line that disappeared into his shorts and his very prominent muscles on full display as the ladies rush towards him like a swarm of bees, swooning and giggling like idiots. 

I watch as Cameron ignores them.all, heading towards the narrow hallways.

A feeling of happiness washes over me when he totally ignores all the ladies throwing them selves.

  I take a step back, crouching into a dark corner, watching, waiting for Cameron to appear.

I wait and wait and wait but he doesn't appear.

Is he staying much longer? Does he have another match?.

Why isn't he coming out? It's been what, fifteen minutes since he dissapears down the Hall way.

Should I go search for him myself? Maybe I should. I'm just wasting time.

If he won't come to me, I'd have to go to him.

Stepping out of the corner, I brace myself to face him when I see him making his way out, towards the door.. He was fully dressed, a duffel bag slung at his back.

He was frowning deeply, like he was mad. Well, Cameron always wore a frown but this time, it was so much more than just a frown.

He looked like he was in a Hurry too. Oh no, Cameron not today too.

Pushing my way through the crowd, I follow him catching up with him as he passes the guard at the front door and enters the club.

I jump in front of him, making him stop.


He eyes me for a while, still silent..

"Umm. You didn't call me so I thought I'd come searching for you instead...umm to give you back your items and get back my ID of course" I say sheepishly.

He just stares at me.

Oh God, this man.

Stretching out the small gift bag containing his jacket and watch, I said. "Here" He doesn't take it, he just stares at me more before brushing past me... Oh my God, what got stuck up his ass? Ah. Why does he make everything so difficult? I run after him, just in time to see him about to open the door of his car..

"Cameron wait!"


He barks so dangerously I halt in my steps, flinching at the harshness in his voice. I blink. "I..just wanted to give you these" I stretch the gift bag. "Can I have my ID please?". He frowns.

"Look girl, I know why you're doing all this. You think I don't know you left your ID on purpose? Let me make this clear so it gets into your skull, I'm not one of those guys whom you can easily seduce into your pants and then have them wrapped around your little finger while you suck them dry. You're not getting me into your bed neither are you getting into my bank account got it? Go dusturb some other gullible man" 

I blink again.

"I... Don't want your money neither do I want to sleep with you. I.. Just want to be your friend"

I reply in a small voice, his words crushing me. He stares at me in shock for a while and then burst out laughing. It was a laughter of mockery.

"You? Be my friend? Pfft! That's the most lamest excuse I've ever heard since my existence. Pleas girl, go pr*stitute yourself else where.. Go into that club, you'll find a lot of old stupid men who have no use for Money. They'll sleep with you and give you money too"

he sneers.. I blink again, a tear falling.. His words are like daggers to my chest.

" can't speak to me like that. You don't know me" 

I sniff.

"Exactly! I do not f*cking know and I prefer it stays that away.

Read " Forgetting You " by the same author ( eliza )

. So do me a favor, and get the f*ck out of my way and life. I hate girls of your kind. You reek of nothing but gold diggers. I'm sure that's what you were doing two nights ago which resulted in you almost getting raped"

he sneers. I whimper, unable to stop the tears.

Dropping the gift bag to the floor,I wipe my face. 

"Iget your point Mr Knight. You don't have to insult me"

I turn away to walk away when I notice a red mustang parked a few metres away, begin to move slowly in my direction.

I step out of the way thinking it needed to park beside Cameron's car but then as soon as I step away, the car picks up speed aiming in Cameron's direction.. I look around, there's no one else in the parking lot except for Cameron and I Dread fills me. The car is moving much faster now.

Cameron is standing, near his cardoor, his back turned as he bends to collect the gift bag I dropped. I blink.


F*ck!. I start to think the driver has lost control of his brakes but then as he whirles past me, I catch the look of determination in his eyes as they stare directly ahead at Cameron..

"Cameron!" I shout, running back towards him. Cameron turns.

"Get out of the way!"

Without thinking, I lunge forward, pushing him out of the way just a second before I feel an excruciating pain in my ribs, shooting up my entire body as the car slams into me, blood sprouting from my mouth.

Everything turning black instantly

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