To Live For Once (Set Me Free II) - Episode 26

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 I pace to and fro the hallway of the ER, trying so much not to lose my mind.
"Calm down Rory. You're giving me an headache." Watson says from his calm position on one of the plastic chairs. I pin him with an angry glare.
"What are you even doing here?" I ask him.
"Well I helped drive your wife the many miles to get to your party. If I knew this was how it was going to end . With her in a f*cking ER, I'll surely have stopped her. I knew this was a mistake." He buries his head in his palms.
"What do you mean my party? I never told her about the grand opening."
"Well someone sent her an invite this morning. She was so excited to see you. Seeing as you are one hell of an absentee husband." He spits at me and my eyes blaze fire. I can't listen to him right now. I don't even know who to listen to right now. My face still stings from the slap and few scratches Amaya inflicted on me but the thing imprinted on my brain is that look. When she slapped me.
"Where are you going?! She's still in there!" Watson calls after me when I start walking away from the hallway. I don't look back to give him any answers. I need answers of my own

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. I pull my phone out of my pocket as I make my way out to the waiting room and dial Mr Gabriel. He sure as hell would be giving me the answers I need. The call rings on for so long, I think he's not going to answer but then he does.
"Mr Gabriel here." His voice sends my temper flaring up as usual but I try to get it under control. Can't have him hanging up on me before I get what I want.
"Tell me she knew." I manage to get out. There's silence for a few seconds before he speaks.
"You are going to have to be specific boy." He drawls.
"Don't bullsh*t me now old man. Did your daughter know about our little contract? Is she aware of the reason for this marriage?" I grind out.
"You can say that."
"What does that even mean!" I snap.
"Whatever you want it to mean. Listen Rory, you came to my office to get my shares. You signed those papers and staying away from home for four months isn't exactly you doing your part of the deal."
"And you listen old man, I'm two seconds short of losing my god-damned mind right now so you better answer my question before I f*cking lose it. You would not like to see how I lose it, I promise you!" I yell into the phone. I notice the nurses in their station watching me but I don't even care right now.
"So let's try this again. Did Amaya marry me for your stupid contract or not. Is a yes or a no. Think before you answer."
"Well..." He draws out. I'm losing my patience.
"Well what?!"
"It's funny really. The stupid girl fancy herself in love with you. That worked well for both our needs right?" What?!
"Can you stop screaming down the phone!" He snaps.
"Screaming?! Oh I'll scream you dirty scum bag! That stupid girl is your daughter!" I feel like crying right now. I wipe my dry eyes with the back of my hand. This is insane.
"Stop acting a saint here. We are just the same. You think I made a mistake changing the deal for you instead of William? I saw myself in you. I know we do whatever we have to, just to get what we want."
"I'm not like you." I say but I feel just as dirty even worse for using Amaya like this.
"You aren't? Tell me, if I'd told you from the start that she didn't know about the contract, wouldn't you have still gone ahead with the contract?" He asks. I know I would have just for Michelle but I would have also done things differently. I wouldn't have treated her this bad for so long. She's just the victim between two greedy men.
"You can't even answer. Of course I'm right. I'm hanging up now. Don't call me about this again." The old scum says and ends the call on me. I don't even have the strength to get angry anymore. I drag my limbs to a chair and slump into it.
"This is not what I wanted." I mutter as I bury my face in my bloodied palms.
  I don't know how long I stay in this position before I'm tapped softly on my shoulder. I bring red rimmed eyes up to focus on the young nurse.
"Your wife is out of the ER Sir. We just put her in a private room. You can see her now." She smiles down at me. I bring my eyes to my bloody hand then back to the nurse.
"She was bleeding so much, how is she?" My voice cracks on the word bleeding and I'm taking back to the moment when I pulled her out of the water. She was unconscious and the sight of blood on her dress made my head spin.
"You guys brought her in just in time. Despite the bleeding, the baby is doing quite well you see. There's just the broken leg you have to worry about." I pause for a minute.

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. Baby?
"Wait what?"
"She broke her leg with the fall. She's going to be fine in say a few weeks."
"No not that. The baby?"
"Oh yes Sir. It's doing quite well. Your baby is a strong kid I must say." I shoot out of the seat and nearly headbutt the nurse at this.
"My baby?" I'm processing this too slowly.
"Yes sir. Your wife is more than three months pregnant. We feared she miscarried but after the bleeding stopped, we did a scan. Both mother and baby are fine."
"Oh my God." I stagger backwards and catch myself before I plant my stupid ass on the floor. "Amaya's pregnant?! Three months!"
"Sir, are you alright? You look pale." The nurse's hand comes to rest on my forehead.
"Yes yes. I'm fine." I manage to get out.
"You sure?"
"My wife? Where can I find my wife?" I ask instead.
"Uh just down the hall from there. Room 124." She doesn't finish her statement before I dash out of there, leaving her behind.

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  • Emash picture
    That's how they broke her leg for me. Baby fine, good. Has Melissa Jessica gone into hiding?
  • Maame Ama picture
    Maame Ama
    Hmmm finally some good news
  • Amma picture
    thank God they're both fine... thanks for the update Liz
  • Amma picture
    sorry *Jules
  • Loveth Joel picture
    Loveth Joel
    Thanks goodness! Mother and baby are doing well.i knew you will not break my heart by saying she lost her baby ??
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