To Live For Once (Set Me Free II) - Episode 24

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Hey guys, i'm sorry for the little delay. My phone has been having charging problems coupled wit how busy I am wit my exams. I'm really sorry okay? So why don't we enjoy this episode as my apology. Hope you enjoy.


"You look beautiful. Stop fiddling with the dress." I scold Maya for the umpteenth time during this long ride. She frowns at the dress then release it from her hold.
"Look at me, Don't be nervous . That dress is amazing on you." I assure her.
"You did insist I get this one. Even the style of my hair was your choice. Of course you think I look good but would Rory?" She asks and I nod. Oh he'll like the dress alright. He would not see this coming and so will Jessica. I specifically got the same dress Jessica's favorite boutique informed me she got. And get this, I got the same mask.
"Yeah. I got this under control." I smirk.
"Maybe we should just leave." Maya says and disrupt my thoughts. I turn my eyes to her and shake my head.
"Where's the woman who wanted to see her husband badly just hours ago?" I ask. Maya just shrug. Sometimes I tire of her naivete and doormat attitude.
"Yup. We are already here babes

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. No running away." I pull into the make shift parking lot of the vast land housing various beautiful bungalows.
"It's amazing." Amaya gasps beside me and I nod. It is beautiful. The night light shimmering from the various buildings which look identical gives the property a special glow. This was just a scenic view several months ago. Now it is much beautiful. It's amazing how they were able to preserve the natural beauty of the place as well as develop it into a 5-star resort.
"Come on. Let's check it out!" Maya flies out of the passenger seat. I get out of the car and catch up with her. She's wearing four inch heels. I get to her in seconds.
"Maya, we should probably stick together till we find Rory. It's a big place." I tell her. She just nods absentmindedly. Her eyes reflecting the lights around us.
"Wow. Rory is amazing." She breaths out in awe. I can't help but roll my eyes. This was the constructors and builder's handwork anyways. He's just one man. What's so special about him to have two awesome women going extra miles to get him.
"Come on. Let's find your husband." I take her hand and lead her towards the back of the property. That's where Jessica said he has been living for the past months. I purposely came earlier than the party to get them to meet in private without Jessica getting in the way. Why am I doing this again? I can't even find the reason. I hasten my footsteps to get us there. Hopefully, Jessica was still in her hotel getting ready.
  As we make the right turn to get us to the cabin, I sight the family curve of my sister. I immediately stop and Maya walks into my back.
"Ouch--what?" She exclaims and I quickly cover her mouth with my palm and pull her to take cover behind a house before Jessica finds us.
"Shhhh" I hush her when she tries to scream behind my palm. Jessica is currently looking around for the source of the noise earlier. She's just so perceptive. I keep Maya still until Jessica gives up and enters the cabin. Shit, no.
"What's going on?" Maya asks when I finally let go of her.
"You just suddenly pushed me out of the way and covered my mouth." She points out.
"Oh." I smile sheepishly, desperately looking for an excuse to my weird behavior earlier.
"Watson?" she raise her brows at me.
"Surprise?" Her brows furrow.
"Yeah. I want you to surprise Rory with your gorgeous dress. I mean wouldn't he like that?" I ask. She nods slowly and I relax and continue with the flow of my quick lie.
"I just saw him walk past hence my freaking out and pulling you out of sight. I think I should call him out. You wait here and when he gets out here he'll be blown away." I grin. Is she buying this?
"Are you sure about this?" I nod.
"Trust me. This is going to work wonders. Men love surprises." I tell her.
"Okay! I'm game!" She slaps my shoulder excitedly and I nod. Good.
"Here put this on. It will make it more awesome." I push the mask unto her face to make sure no one recognizes her. She doesn't resist.
"There's no signal here. I'll just try and find some signal.

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. Don't move okay?" She nods as I start to walk away from her. I walk the other way from the cabin where I know there's a back door leading from the bathroom of the cabin.  I pull my phone out and instead of dialing Rory I dial Jessica instead. I'll just call her out and get Maya in that cabin one way or another.
"Hello, Watson?" She sounds impatient of course.
"Jessica I--"
"I'm with Rory for Christ's sake. Do you want to blow your cover? What's he going to think if he sees you calling me huh?!" she snaps.
"Will you let me get a word in for once!" I growl and she goes quiet.
"Good. I'm just trying to help. His wife is already here." I say.
"Well that's just as I planned duh"
"Yeah but here this, she's wearing the same dress and even hair that I saw on you just a moment ago. I think she knows something. She was saying something about Melissa being a con artist or something. She wants to tell Rory."
"What?! F*ck! No no no! I just about have him Watson. I'm not about to let him go." What? Wasn't this about revenge? Now she wants him? What happens to me then?
"Look we have to regroup. Meet me beside the water fall ASAP." I say and end the call only to look back to find Amaya gone.

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