To Live For Once (Set Me Free II) - Episode 23

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I bury my nose in the file I'm writing on my computer while my brain is all over the place with different thoughts. It's been almost four months. Yeah, four months since he left the house and honestly, it feels like four years. In all this time, I've only seen my husband thirteen times. I've been counting . He'll sneak into our room in the dead of night every Saturday to sleep with me and before the break of dawn, Sunday morning, he's gone, like he was never there. I'd made the habit of keeping awake until he pulls his clothes on and leave every Sunday morning. And then I'll cry myself to sleep till it was time to drag myself to church. I'm lonely but somehow I also feel sorry for Rory. He must be lonely alone, out there in the outskirts of the city where he's been building his resort. I've been counting the days till he's back for good. I'm sure after all the stress of the project is off his shoulder, we can work out our marriage. Then and only then will I tell him about our baby. Yeah, I'm about 11 weeks pregnant. Rory has no clue.
Funny thing about this new life of mine is that I haven't seen my father even half as much as my eluding husband in the same time. It's just me in that big house every day

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. I'm just happy I have work to keep me busy.
"Now there's a sad face." Watson interrupts my train of thought and I push a smile on my lips before I look up from my computer. He's looking great as always in a navy blue dress shirt and black pants.
"Nope. That smile isn't deceiving me today either." He says and I let the smile slip. I guess he knows me too well these days.
"I'm busy. What do you want?" I ask.
"No. You are not busy." He comes around to pull me out of my chair.
"No, I am. Look. I was writing up a contract or something." I protest. His eyes comes down to my computer before bursting into a hard laugh. I frown. What's so funny?
"You wrote Rory all over the contract dear." What?! My eyes goes back to my computer and yeap. He's right. I've written Rory's name about a hundred times in the file. I blush.
"I'm such a pansy." I cover my eyes in shame.
"No, you are not. You are a very strong woman. Else, you would not be able to take this shit from a man who calls himself your husband." Watson doesn't think I should sit and let Rory treat me this way. He doesn't understand. Rory loves me. He'll be back for me after the project.
"He's my husband. He obviously just can't get away from his obligations over there with the project and all." I defend.
"Oh really?"
"Huh-uh! Husbands go on business trips don't they? He's not the first."
"Husbands who care about their wife don't leave them few days after their wedding to sneak into her bed once every week. That's fucked up girl. You have to know this." I shake my head.
"You don't understand." Is all I can say but my face shows fear that he might be right and insecurities. I put a hand over my stomach and take deep breaths. Don't listen to dumb Watson, baby. Daddy loves you and me. That's why he married us. He's just going through a lot. We have to be supportive. Even as I give myself and my baby, the little perp talk tears sting the back of my eyes.
"Come here, sweetie." He pulls me into a hug and I gladly relax in his arms. I'm comfortable with him. I let the tears fall because I'm pregnant and our emotions, are so not in our control.
"You don't deserve this." He coos into my neck.
"I'm just a supportive wife."
"Does he appreciate it?" Watson asks and I nod.
"I'm sure he does." We remain like this for a few minutes before Rory pulls away.
"Let's go eat at your favorite restaurant just outside the building." He says and take my hand. I don't protest because I'm serially hungry. I only stop to grab my back before following beside him.
As soon as we alight the elevator on the down floor, the new younger receptionist walks over to us with a bouquet of flowers in her hand.
"Amaya! Thank God you came down. I was just thinking of how I would make the trip upstairs to drop off what the boss said to give you. The mailman brought this a moments ago." My heart skip a dozen beats at the mention of the boss and when she pushes the flowers into my hand I'm a little dumbfounded.
"He---flow--I--" I stutter, embarrassingly.
"Thanks Rita. We'll get going now." Watson speaks for me and I feel him take my hand and lead me out of the building. I'm still a bit frozen.
"Hey! Maya?" My eyes goes up to his.
"He sent me flowers?" I say more like a question.
"Yeah. I guess he did. You should read the card in it." He says. My eyes comes down to the flowers. They look expensive. Different kinds of roses that smell divine. There really is a card. I pull it out.
"What does it say?" Watson asks.
"It's an invite card from him!" I squeal.
"Grand opening of the resort." My eyes widen and I look up to Watson. He looks doubtful.
"See! I told you he didn't forget me!" I squeal. Watson just shrugs.
"When does it say?"
"This evening. Oh my God! This evening! I don't even have a dress for this kind of thing since I added weight! It's a customer party. What do I even wear?!" I start to freak out.
"Calm down. I'm here right. We will take the day off and get you ready." He says.
"Of course. Just give me a second to make a call." I nod absentmindedly as my mind travels the distance to my husband. He wants me there.



"Hey bro." Jessica's lazy drawl greets my ear and I sigh. I haven't seen her in months. She's just so obsessed with revenge. If that's what she really wants anyways. Seems to me that she wants Rory back. Two women and just one clueless man.
"Is this you?" I ask without greeting.
"Oh hello there too." Sarcasm drips from her tone.
"I'm not in the mood for this game, Jess."
"Fine. What's gotten your pants in a twist?"
"The invite. Costume party." I say.
"Oh." Her soft giggle tells me all I need to know. She sent it. I knew it was her.
"Why?" I ask.
"What do you mean why? This is my plan working just great. I want to tear his family apart." She snaps.
"Or you want him for yourself." I'm beginning to loathe the man bringing pain to two women I cherish. Yeah, Amaya is starting to grow on me too. She's too nice.
"What does it matter? Just do your part and stay close to Rory's business deals. I want them all crashing down at the same time. Do you hear me."
"Of course. That's going to happen and soon. So why this party? Why do you want her there anyways?" I ask again.
"It's been almost four months with Rory here with me but he doesn't let me sleep in the cabin with him or even have dinner together. He is like a shadow of himself. He looks like he wants his wife while he doesn't."
"I'm going to make it easy for him, brother. Amaya will have to divorce him herself. After tonight. Bye. I have to go get ready for the party." She giggles again and the line goes dead. My eyes goes back to the nervous wreck pacing to and fro the front of the building waiting for my call to end. This wouldn't end well.
"Oh, you're done." She comes running to my side. I look down on her with a little pity and protectiveness. She doesn't deserve this. Rory is supposed to be the one suffering.
"Come on Watson. We don't have much time."
"Do you have to go? I think you should sit this one out. You look tired." I try to dissuade her. She shakes her head adamantly.
"I'm not tired. Well once I'm with Rory, I'll look so much better, so let's go." She says and pulls my hand.

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. I know I can't stop her. She really wants this and telling her what's in store for her would mean betraying Jessica. I can't do that. With a torn mind, I pull Maya into another hug. The smell of her hair is just divine. She's too good for all this. Too pure to be in this game between siblings.
"What?" She complains as I smother her in my hug.
"If you're going then I'm taking you." I say.
"Fine, let's go then." She pulls away from me and bolts right across the road, excitement bubbling around her. She doesn't know what's in store for her. Left for me, I wouldn't let her go through this but it seems all I can do now is make sure I'm there to pick her up once Jessica pushes her down. I'm sorry Amaya. I'm caught in between like always.

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  • Lydiah picture
    I hope this is where Jessica will have a taste of her medicine, Jules thumbs up
  • Maryam Ali picture
    Maryam Ali
    Watson! Watson!what have u gotten urself into now,I pity the outcome of all of this, P,s I didn't expect amaya to get pregnant soo soon, Well lemme sit down and enjoy the party
  • Racheal Rakel Namz picture
    Racheal Rakel Namz
    Amaya is so damn naive
  • Patience Peter picture
    Patience Peter
    Jessica don't worry Watson will be the one to deal with u because I know he will betray u
  • Opeoluwa picture
    I knew and said it that Watson is Jessica brother.
  • Blessing picture
    I don't even understand this Jessica or are you sure she don't have s metal issue
  • Emash picture
    Mtscheeeew! Iranu! Rory see your life. Jessica, by the time it's over u won't even have a body talk more of plastic surgery
  • Comr Nickie Marshalls picture
    Comr Nickie Marshalls
    Omg, just when I thought things were getting better for maya. Nice one Julie
  • Amma picture
    I doubt Amaya will divorce least her dad will make sure of that
  • Victoria picture
    Nice episode This is getting more interesting
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    I hope Jessica doesn't win this one with Amaya
  • Orji Christiana picture
    Orji Christiana
    I know that Jessica will fail but let it not be too late
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    Maya is soo naïve,I hope that arindin doesn't succeed with her evil plans,thumbs up Ameh!
  • Eunice Ache picture
    Eunice Ache
    I want more!... I'm really scared!
  • Confy-Dencie picture
    Watson, you can always so No but u don't want to. He is just as evil as Jessica. I just hope Maya comes out of dis. Nice one Jules
  • Carol Jones picture
    Carol Jones
    Am almost having an heart attack.pliz spare amaya from this
  • Carol Jones picture
    Carol Jones
    Am almost having an heart attack.pliz spare amaya from this.nice piece.keep it rolling
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