To Hate Emmanuel Johnsons - Episode 46

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"tessy choose olivia, she is too young to die" emmanuel says.

I continue struggling to get the knife out of my pocket. Its almost

out, but my fingers are numb. I am getting desperate. My bone is

restricting me so i twist my wrist and finally get the knife out. I

start using the knife to cut my hand loose and it hurts . I think i've

broken my wrist. While i am doing this, they are none the wiser.

Prosper is just standing there watching. Two seconds more.


"tessy!"emmanuel screams

i really cant choose. What do i do? i need to stall him.

"if you kill them, Mr john is coming for you"

"haha. Mr john is dead. I watch him getting towed out of the bridge

with his family." he says with confidence and i continue cutting the

ropes. I cut my hands in the process but i don't let the pain show on

my face.

"you think you killed us, but that's far from the truth" this gets his

attention and he lowers his guns and turn to me

"us? Who are you?"

"oh,i am just his inconsequential daughter. My father is the one of


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. He is probably out there with cops as i havnt return and

a gunshot wouldn't be appreciated, would it?. If i were you I'll drop

those guns and release us" i say with as much confidence that i can

muster. He narrows his eyes in disbelief but thankfully, he lowers the

guns and starts walking towards me. I hear my bonds snap loose. Good.

I remain still until he gets to where i am.

"if you really are john's daughter then that's to my advantage because

i have you here in bonds. He cant do anything knowing i have his only

daughter"he says then hold my hair and pull me up to face him. I hold

my knife firmly in my hands behind the chair to keep the illusion that

i am still bound.

"you really are beautiful, and its a shame that you are going to die

together with your father. T.O, gather the guys and bring me john"he

says to the scar faced man. The man leaves immediately but prosper is

still here. He goes to the corner and puts his phone to his ear. He is

probably assembling more men. I have to make my move now that prosper

is distracted.

Read " Stolen innocence " by the same author ( Ameh juliet )

. I smile at the old man then draw my knife out and

stretch it towards his heart but the old man who is fast for his age

dodges it and the knife just slashes his shoulder.

"bitch!" he shouts and raises me up with my neck cutting the air

supply to my brain. I start to loose consciousness when prosper comes


"dad, stop it!" dad?.

suddenly emmanuel is pulling him away from me. The old man struggles

with emmanuel who pushes him to the nearest wall. I see blood rushing

out of his father's abdomen and that's when i see the rod protruding

out of his stomach. The rod must have been attached to the wall which

prosper pushed him against. The old man coughs blood and his eyes

flutter close as his body go limp.

"dad! I am so sorry. This isn't what i wanted". I hear siren in the

distance as i untie emmanuel and olivia. Police raid the place and

prosper is arrested. I see my mom with them!. How is she alive?
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