To Hate Emmanuel Johnsons - Episode 45

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I try to move then notice the ropes binding my hands behind my chair.

I look around and there's no one else here. Just the three of us.

Olivia is unconscious while emmanuel is barely conscious.His handsome

face has been beaten in. His left eye is swollen shut and his lips are

bruised. I go to speak but my mouth is parched and my voice comes out

croaked.Emmanuel must have heard it because he raises his head up.

"tessy! Oh thank God you are not dead . I thought you would never wake

up" i clear my voice and manage to get words out.

"how long have i been unconscious?"

"you woke up minutes after they hit you then they drugged you when

they saw that diary. I tried to help you but i was outnumbered. They

went out to my car to search for something. I don't think they found

it but they came back with your file which was in my car. They left

for about an hour then came back with olivia. I heard one of them say

they ransacked your house in search of some documents. I am sorry

tessy. They got to know your address because of me"

"its not your fault Manuel. I am sorry for getting the both of you

into this mess

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. We have to find a way out before they come back"

"how can we get out of this bonds?.its pointless, i already tried"

emmanuel says as i start to wriggle in the chair in a bid to free my

self. I hear footsteps approaching and i feign sleep. Then i hear the

door open and close.

"the brat is still unconscious" i hear a male voice say

"well, wake her up". Another puts in. I recognise that voice so i open

my eyes. I look around me and see that there are three men. A tall and

muscular man with an angry scar across his hairline, a pot-belied old

man and prosper. This confirms it. He is in cohorts with these


"where are my documents?" the older man who seems to be their leader

asks. I don't know anything about any documents but if he thinks i

have something he wants, he won't kill me yet. I gesture to my throat

to indicate that i cant talk then gesture for him to come closer. He

starts walking closer to me and the other guy walks with him but he

stops him.

Read " Beautiful Mask " by the same author ( Ameh juliet )

. Oh, he's brave. The old devil probably thinks that i cant

do him any harm but I'll make sure i do even if its the last thing i

do. As soon as he gets close to me, he bends to my level probably to

hear where the supposed documents are. Once he is close enough, i spit

in his face and whisper 'go to hell'. He stands up angry and suddenly

he is walking towards emmanuel. He brings a gun out and points it at

him. Emmanuel struggles with the rope to no avail

"you are going to pay for that, you brat. Now choose who gets to die

for that act of defiance" he says then points another gun at olivia

who is still unconscious. I wonder what they gave her but thank God

she isn't awake to watch this.

"please don't"



"you have to choose, 4"

"i cant!"


i struggle to get free and i feel something poke me. My knife. I rise

up a bit and try to squeeze my fingers to be able to reach my pocket.
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  • Suzzy Tim picture
    Suzzy Tim
    That's gr8 ! Tessy wil save them
  • Chekwube picture
    Oooo God..... I hope ur plan works out Tessy
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