The Underworld(Battle Within) - Episode 5

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Jimat and janesy got more confused especially at the mention of omega and his confessor. . . . But hilda the white witch took away the silence and started. .

Hilda: the underworld do comes over to the world and make away with humans which they either use them for sacrifise, turn them to slave or kill them and use their bones for decorations but an omega is the only one to put an end to that, which they got idea that you are the destined mother and the siezed your womb and never wanted to kill you but allow you live and cry all the day for a child.

Jimat: great one please what can we do please?

Hilda: as i said, all are going to be a story after today . . . Ha ha ha ha hah . .

She laughed. .stand up woman she commanded janesy. . . And she did just as asked and she straights her finger towards her forehead and started casting some spell. . .la-tra-tratra-h9zah-zumyunz-una. And at the same time certain things were moving from her finger into janesy and she felt so weaknesin her and fell down. .

Hilda: you have to go now and becarefull because they won't let you be especially the omega and as i said earlier, you came at the right time, today is my last day in the world i just have few hours to live so you have to go fast and make sure you get home before its late. 

She used her magic to command a very huge book with a thick cover direct from a particular place to come over to janesy .

Hilda: take that and keep it in a place your eye can't set on it in your life untill it is needed. 

The both: yes my queen, but you.

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. . .

(she interrupted) go . . Go. . Go. . Go!!!.she pointed her finger towasds them to help their journey and to avoid meeting the beast again, she made them to disappear and she went inside. . . . . . . .


They appeared in their compound and what the wiite witch said about the book and her life kept ringing on jimat's head and he rushed into his room to keep the book. . . . . . .


Days turn to weeks while weeks turn to Months and janesy gave birth to two twins of a boy and a girl and named them (felix and jimmy (after his father)) but his father named him anachrist according to his own experience, and thats how they got children after many years of marriage. The words of the white witch never escapes ringing on their head so they did not waste any time in putting the cross chain on their neck, and dreams starting coming to reality, years passed without any story and the children were growing into man and woman.

. . . . . MAIN STORY** . . . . . .

Felix took the book and opened it without knowing anything about magics and pronounced some words from the book and to her own suprise she found the items in the room falling. She stood up and took the book to where her mother is,

Felix: mummy, i hope anachrist is alive and that dad's spirit is watching me from anywhere while you are hearing me. . Presa or what ever he might be must pay for your death.

According to their tradition she went outside and set the house on fire stoodbeside and watch it as it burns down..while janesy's body was inside,. .

Felix: mum and dad where ever you are i hope you are seeing me(crying. . dad died in my brother's arm and mum died in my arms too, what is happening? whoever that is behind the death of the 2 of you i promise you the last drop of my brother's and my blood, and she turned and left the house heading to hacta insearch of dide the great wizard according to janesy , . .


The beast(presa came close to me and started smilling and soon burst into laughter in an evil way,

Presa: hahahaha, omega!!! . . .that name he called sounded so thunderous. . .FLASH BACK**

When my dad died in the forest and having said those words i became afraid and pick a none stop run running home and some crazy creatures will appear to disturb me but it was so funny that if they see the cross they will equally start running.

Read " Castle Of Iron " by the same author ( CHRISTIAN ANACHRIST )

. . .


I start shaking and crying simultaneously, i then thought of making use of my chain, but a strange voiceordered me not to, 

Voice: don't you remember the multitude of people here, so if you make them know or acount about it you may die now.. .

Tears run down from my eyes and he disappeared from what i was seing i can see some humans like me being draged into a particular room, i noticed some are being killed while some works in the place, very soon the same beast who was talking to presa came back again and everything (let me not say everybody) came to hear him out. All leaves what they were doing.

All: great aliu, lord aliu! It was then i knew his name,

Aliu: ha ha ha! in an evil way, be happy my people, my happiness and yours are restored again, the omega is here, now we can go into the world at anytime , anyday ha ha hah aha.

 All these while i have been there i never thought of my mother and felix, but as he said of going to the world it rang on my head like (terry-g akpako bell)

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