The Underworld(Battle Within) - Episode 4

DREAM. . . 2. . . REALITY

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. . It was at that moment that i get to understand what's happening sudenly everywhere became as cool as that of a grave yard and the man(will i even call him a man? Well the thing has a man structure anyway) looked at me and smiled, i was like what's so special about me and why is that the thing smilling at me? Then he started addresing the crowd with a certain language i don't understand i only knew they were talking about me and later he dissmised all of them and he disappeared again, then then beast that came with me looked at me with joy and started coming closer to me and i tried to dress back to the edge of the cage where i was locked. . . .


Felix went to the room and found the book, and at the thick cover was boldly writen (H_i_l_d_a) .


JIMAT AND JANESY GOT MARRID FOR 46 WITHOUT ANY CHILD UNTILL ONEDAY, Jimaj came back from hunt and met his wife crying and was suprised in what could be her case.

Jimat: sweetheart what's it today? Why crying?

Janesy: Just tell me how i can be in a family without a child? (this isn't ordinary ). She cried out loud.

Jimat: (he kept mute but after thinking for sometime he opened up) i have an idea.

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. . Idea!!, janesy cried.

Jimat: yes, we will visit HILDA the white witch but that should be ealry morning tomorrow because we may or maynot come back same day.

Janesy: are you sure she must have answer to this ?

Jimat: yes, she is the great witch of everybody, so stop crying, she cleaned up her face and bend her head down suporting her head with herhand. Minutes turn to hours


They prepared and left to suka, to meet hilda, they passed many forest and seas befor they could get to suka they entered into the forest, saw alot of scary creatures which came to block their way, but as soon as they bring out the cross chain it help in purshuing them back untill they met the last one not knowing presa disguised him self in order to confuse them,

The beast: welcome to the land of suka

janesy: whose that?

jimat: i don't know and won't hestate to strike him dead

The beast: com on you human am here to help you, you have come to meet the white witch, let me take you to him(before that janesy has hiden her self at jimats back while he pulled his cross chain pointing it to the beast

jimat: leave my way all what happens to the deaf flies happen to you(he shouted)

beast:eh you human, i can see you gat more than i thought and wanna prove sturborn, well take what i gat (he stretched his hand towards them and strikes of lights with many color came out of it going straight to them while jimat pulled his cross using it to block it from reaching them, they stayed like that for a long time before a white rays strikes the beast from a small tree behind them and everyone was frabbergasted untill it came again hiting him vesy hard this time and he vanished(jimat and janesy became more nervous this time but furturnately for them it was the white witch who came out from the tree heading straight to them and they both bowed down in respect to the witch.

the both: live long great one,

janesy: please we, i mean i especially needs your help "shiiiii" her husband cautioned her, she know whatever that brought us here he exclaimed. hilda:you are welcome my children, you came in the right time(she starts moving into a small iglo while they followed..

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. .


Hilda: (looking at jimat's chain)you would've died today but your chain saved you,

Janesy: and who was that?

Hilda: that was presa the great wizard fom the underworld, Janesy: underworld?(she asked in suprise)

Hilda: yes from underworld, what you seek is very harmful to them, and can bear you hurt them(she added)

Jimat: why? How?

Hilda: the underworld has way of coming into the world to make away with humans wich i can't put an end to(she turned and back them)

jimat: then who has the power of that?

hilda: an omega

jimat: omega? but i heare he does not exist,

hilda: yes but has just less than a year to exist and save his people(and thats your child. . in a thundrous voice) both jimat and janesy looked at each other and kept mute. . . but jimat broke the silence, this time he is standing up, jimat:which child are you talking about ?

hilda: aliu the lord of the underworld got your womb invisible to restricted your wife from conciving and that's why presa tried killing you. Because they had an idea about the very omega in you, but it will all be a story from today(she brought two cross chain and hand it over to janesy) this is for your children it must always be round their neck,

janesy: children? you mean two?

hilda:yes the omega and his confessor. . .

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