The Underworld(Battle Within) - Episode 9


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Before she could finish what she was saying the guards finished what they were doing and rushed back to the cage and spoted her BOM!! @christian.ANACHRIST.STORIES.

Guard1: get her, get the intruder, fool,

Felix: holy s..t!, what do i do now(moving back)

Me: busted! Take cover fast,

Felix: why didn't to let me know they are such fast, they've seen me so what do i do(trying to make use of her sorcery)

Guard2: running towards her. . .hey you maid what brought you to the cage tonight?

Felix: knowin more and being smarter than them made a double back flip which landed her at the back of the cage and used her magic to distract them at the right side of the cage while she took the left and runaway. . .

Felix: muz. Ye. . Zu. .tse. . C-m!!(seconds after casting the spell two dishs of food fell down infront of the running guard which made him to stop whil felix runaway as fast as she can giving me sign of will be back

Guard2: have you caught the spy?. . Coming close.

Guard1: no, i don't think that was a spy(squating down to take glance at the meal)

Guard2: are you in sane, what do you mean?

Guard : look at this, i think that was a poor maid, remember how we were brought here and was turned into guards by those beasts, that girl must have came here to eat her food out of fear,

Guard2: hey listing, we are here, and no going back, so thinking of how u came from the world to the underworld is complete mess,

Guard1:(stood up and face him)listing we are human and has no match of all these monsters and beasts here, can't you see the writting on the wall?

Guard2: are you crazy if lord aliu get to hear these whats your faith?

Guard1: now listing, this is our golden oppurturnity to escape,

Guard2: so how do that gets possible? Or are you planning prison break ?Just me and you?

Guard1: don't tell me you are blindfolded.

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. . . . Looking around to make sure they are alone. . . Here is the omega,  we set him free and go away with him, if it leads to fight am ready.

Guard2: hahaha. Fowl brain. You must be crazy, where do we start, from. Do i look like a sourcerer to you, don't you know that lord aliue won't waste seconds to destroy you with his black magics?

Guard1: then you must know that the omega is here. He has the magics,and according to my mum. An omega is the sourcelord of all people and cant be defeated so we are covered. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 


felix can be seen running back to where krish was ,but this time she took the inner way to avoid been spoted by the guards standing everywhere.

Felix: sh--t! That was close, had it been they caught me

Krish:my lady what kept you so long ? And what of the omega ?

Felix:s--t that was really close

Krish:what was close?

Felix: the guards. They caught me,but i was smarter than them. Krish:so what do we do now ?

Felix: we wait till morning,

Krish: morning?

Felix: yes . Do you have problem with that?

Krish: no not really, look at that. . . . . . . . . . . 


The reflection of rays made itself into various shelters making the occupants towake up, alot of people could be seen walking to and fro, guards doing their separates works and many of them gathering round the heavy killing machine with joy seen clear in their faces.

felix and krish slugishly drag themselves out of their shelter to witness what gonna happen since they lost the target. . . . . . . . . . very soon the crowd became noisy. .

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. . When presa escorted by two guards draged me out of the cage while i cried out loud untill i loose my voice and tears, i could see felix and a lady crying and shading tears even more than i do, the two guards who secured my cage standing behind the maching and anger can easily be spoted by their face, presa draged me to the machine and tied me down to the base, i can sight a heavy sword beside my head blinking like a golden star.

Presa: hey you give way(ordering them to allow the lord aliu an entrance and they did as they yeiled in joy)

Aliu: (going straight to the sword) hahahaha. Finally i am lord aliu. . . The great in the whole universe. . . And. . 


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