The Underworld(Battle Within) - Episode 6

Journey To Unknown

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Those statement sound on my head like that of (terry_g akpako) i became restless not until he pointed at me and said,

Aliue: as for you your bone can be of good decoratives to my dwelling arena, (he turned to the crowd and gave them sign of freedom and they all disparsed. 


Felix was found in the forest wallowing to unknown place in search of dide great wizard of hacta according to janesy

Felix: s--t!! Where am i going to? Dide I've not seen before, so how do i locate him?(asking as if she need answers from the forest trees) she kept moving but nobody told her to stop when she saw two moving trees, she stood and looked at it suprisingly,

Felix: what?. . Moving trees ?(she became nervous and brought out her chain, and was moving back while the trees were coming to her, she remembered her mum and brother and took courage,

Felix: leave my way !!! she shouted, i came here not for you, so go your way or regrete thinking of me today, before she knew what is happening a strange force carried her up and hang her in the air while her legs was dangling in the air.

Felix: who are you and what do u want from me?

The voice from the trees: i want that book, just drop it and go your way,

Felix: sounding silly you better take my life rather than this book, she got more crazy and placed her chain on her neck and got released and landed on the ground and the book got opened and white thick smoke started coming out of it forming a man's structure in the middle of the two trees, and behold DIDE THE GREAT WIZARD appeared in a white long gown with a long white beareds, and he commanded the treesand they turned to two young men.

Felix: placing her face on the ground, i believe you are the one am searching for, please the great one am here i need your help,

Dide: haha aha aha.(bowing down) My queen permite me to stand,

Felix: (confused) please sta n. Sta

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. . Stand ple . . .as ..e

Dide: thanks my queen, you are stronger than you should be, i intentionaly, sent the trees to taste you, but you showed what you gat, welcome my queen(he started moving into a small house under one big tree while felix followed) before you came , I've seen you, let's start somewhere, our time is running up.. . . . .


Dide: as i said, you don't need to explain i know you were coming and had cleared the roads for you, if not they would have attacked you.

Felix: thank you great one, please where do we start please?

Dide: fear not, though there are much to be done. You have to be thought the magics and how to atleast kill an ant physical

Felix: i'm ready great one, please i don't know how my brother is doin please.

Dide:(opening his palm) let me see that, pointing at the magic book, . . . . . . .and she was contemplating if to give him or not. .0. . When he used his magic to throw her from the place she was sitting and took the book. Felix: ar--sh!!

Dide: no one hestitates to my command, be warned!!!

Felix: *kneeling down* i'm sorry greatone.. . . .

He opened the magic book and after some minutes he turned to her, much are to be done, follow me(he enters into the inner part while she followed and there they met the two young men who dide turned the trees to(pack and phil). . pack has the ability of running even morethan a flight while phil has the ability of flying higher than a bird does, she wanted to dress back when she saw them, but took hold on.

Dide:you have to learn the basic myths and kunfu, because you have to go underworld and study them before we come over,

Felix: what! No no. You can't be serious man.

Dide: then be ready to have your brother dead.

Felix: no great one, there has to be another way out please, what if they kill me and how on earth can i get into there? Who knows what they do to people?

Dide: they kill some for sacrifice and decoration while some turns into servants. Felix: you sounding crazy man, what if they use me for sacrifice?

Dide: in a thundrous voice, then you forgot so soon that you are a confessor,

Felix: but am, not yet, morever before i can be a complete confessor my omega has to be here and i've to know all about the magic book. and that's why am here. My brother is there incase you forgot and you are talking s--t.

Dide: you say?

Felix: yes i said!! (dide used his magic to hang her on the air while he continues). I won't tell you this again, no one talks to me in that manner) remember if as you are not yet a full confessor, you can still confess any thing you can feel. He called pack and phile and they followed him to the open place for her to take some kunfu training and he released her from the air without watching back to see where she was landing, and she fell down like an iroko tree which hurts here much and she followed them too. .

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