The Underworld(Battle Within) - Episode 11

Victory Over Underworld

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When we got into the place, felix started explaining to me what ever i needed to know which some are ,

Felix: well as you have wished to know(she looked at everybody again and continued). . Here is krish, the lady i met the night i tried pulling you out the cage who has been willingly to escape the underworld, and here is phil and pack who i met here staying with master, and here the guards who i don�t have to tell who they are but you do. . . Everybody laughed. . . And standing there who taught me whatever i am today and. . . .

Dide: we gat no time for those explanations there are much to be done,

Me: ok that's good thanks much for pulling me out there, but that was close. . .

All laughed. . . So we have to bee going now, am sure mum. Ganna be looking for me, . . . Everybody became mute, i looked at felix and noticed tears running uncontrolable from her eyes,

Me: can someone tell me what happening here? Where is mum?

Felix: please calm down she died the same day you were taken away by presa,

Me: don't be stupid, what do you mean that i should calm down, so presa after taken dad, he took mum too and planned killing me. No. . . No. . . Nooo. I must allow him have the taste of my revenge even if it cost my life,

Dide: calm down remembes you are the omega, and a time like this has been awaiting you to set the whole nation free from the underworld.

Me: set them free how? Well i don't care what it may be as far as am to cut off his head and share it between the forest animal am ready

Dide: then you have to be strong.

All: yes, it has happened allready, lets move forward.

Felix: the great one please what do we do now, i mean where do we start since he is here, we need to put an end to those fools

Dide: we have to start tomorrow, you too has to be made a fully omega and confessor,

Me:what happened today,.

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. we gat to rest, see you later . .


It was the day we are to be made the sorcerlords according to the rites to enable us acquire all the magics and power, and as soon as that is done no type magic or power can kill us, and the wholeday was full of horror, because i saw alot of thing during the rite, did alot of things which i never did.. . After hours and we were through with it, i felt to weak to even talk, i only saw dide 7milling at me and everywhere went black.

 The next day the rays of the sun finds it way into where i was sleeping, the sound of the forest animal can be heared clear, the trees swinging and dancing from left to right, . I sprang up from the atiquated bed and made my way out of the room where i met others krish was the first to see me as she smiled. . .

Krish: long life my lord the great sorcerer of the nation. . . Then others turned and joined her ,

Me: comon stop that. . Where is that woman

Phil: who?

Pack: oh the confessor, she might be inside (then i felt a touch at my back)

Me: turned back. . . oh howas you rest?

Felix: that was hell, my whole system is dead(she twisted her finger on the air as a chair appeared and she looked at me and smile as she went to seat on it)

Me: oh so i dont need to seat ryt? ok (i made fist of my left hand as she went to sit down and the chair vanished and she fell on the ground as she wants to seat)

All: hahahahahahahaha,

Felix: oh like serious ?. . . . She choped her two palm making me loose my ground and fell down too,

Felix: haha, imagine the omega on the ground too. (is not as if i cant resist her magics on me because am the omega but i just allowed it just to be funfull. . .

Dide: i can see the two of you have eating alot Both of us:haha. Long life the great one, Dide:same to you(please we have to set out insearch of the diamond stone. .

Me: haha. Diamond stone? Where and for what?

Dide: at the sonkoh cave, that is the way to lock the underworld and you are the one to do it

Me: wait . . wait.tell me you are joking, you mean am responsible for for that?

Dide: yes you are, the omega, lets go get equiped cos we gat to go the next day,

Me: did i just hear you say we?

Dide: yes, or do you wanna go alone?

Me: oh. . Intresting, then lets go. . . Do something fast(we moved inside to get equiped for the next day. . . . . .INSIDE THE ROOM.

Me:(sharpening my sword) but why is the stone at the sonkoh cave and who kept it there?

Dide: a long story, but it was lost there during the war between the LYCANS AND THE UNDERWORLDS, and with it we can lock them up , i mean you can lock them up instead.

Me: oh, haha. Why not we ?

Felix: do we look like an omega ?

Me: wait oo. That's reminds me. What's your name(pointing at the two guards) Guard1: lol, am jimmy

Me: oh my late dad's name, and you?

Guard2: curt sir Me nice, so let get ready, who is with me. . :

All: shoutin. . . . . .:. . .

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. . . . more than ready. . . . . . . .

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