The Underworld(Battle Within) - Episode 12


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All: shoutin. . . . . . Morethan ready.

Me: waw,lets do this. . . . . .


The world was geting ready to go to the sonkoh cave meanwhile the underworld are also geting set to attack them. . . . Withing a twinkle of an eye, dide, jimmy, hilda , pack, phile, me, curt and krish got ready to go to the cave while the two guards jimmy and curt lead the way with their horses. . . . They moved to the forest where everybody got tired and decided to rest except me that was strongly awake, we took some part of the forest to rest while they all slept off i remembered about the underworld and kept vigilant untile i started noticing some random changes around us, I rushed to wake them but unforturnately two huge beast appeared and held me hostage which i made a loud noise making them to wake up and they rushed hoping to rescue me but it seems they are much stronger and prepared untill one got me a drop of blood making me to loose control. . I pulled my sword and faught them physical with no sorcery, which we later succeded and head to the cave . . . which lots of forest we passed untill we got to the cave, . . i darted round the cave using my magic sight to know if what we came for was still there,

Me: hmm, i can sense danger.

Curt: danger? well am ready

All: yea we are we did not know our opponents has been there before us and took the diamond stone while i was still busy searching nut and crany of the cave, Me: latra zuza matra kata com..

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. neto ma dalabra(with my eyes closed) . . but a familiar voice interrupted my meditates. .

Aliu the lord of the underworld: cowards. Do not be faster than your shadow, he appeared and started laffing at us with the diamond in his hand. . After which he threw the diamond to me and i rushed to catch on the air the diamond,. .

All:noooo, dont go it must be a trap!! But before them saying that am allready on the air to take hold of the diamond when an arrow mysteriously landed on my arm and both me and the diamond found our way back to the ground which imidiately aliu men started coming out from different part of the cave and attacked us hardly, but i was too weak to fight due to some particules they must have robed to the arrow they shot me. The fight continued while the arrow was still coming from the same direction and nobody could see the person shoting them apart from felix who used her power to sight the lady up the hill shoting the arrow and she went after her while other kept fighting and when she got there she took the lady from behind casting some power into her after which she bent low waiting for her command  

Lady: command me my quuen

Felix: aim and kill them not us, and spare no one. .put aliu and his men down

Lady: done!!

Felix went down to attack aliu while the lady was busy using the arrow to put down alius men one after the other. Dide got weak which made him not to fight again and he fell on the ground helplessly, dide fell on the ground out of wickness meanwhile presa has been watching him and he rushed and stab him to unconciusness and he turned facing me to do same to me when an arrow landed on his forehead and i turned in suprise and saw krish on the air who beheaded him before she landed on her feet,

krish: my lord are you ok ?

me. . smilling. . waw crystal. . z z z .

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. she smiled and decided to turn to face the war when a beast shot an arrow to her at the back but i saw it before it came close so i weakened the power and it fell on the ground while i used magic and hung the beast on the air while i sprang up and landed on his chest with my feet and he groan in pain and drop dead when i landed to my feet and kick the other one who was aiming hilda and he drop dead too. dide gained littlet strenght and called on me

Dide: anachrist go o o o. go to oshem over the hill fix the diamond to the s--t i picked up the diamond stone and rushed out to the oshem not knowing that aliu men followed me. i was at the middle of sonkoh cave and oshim when something passed from my left ear in a high speed, i turned back and behold 8 beast where at my back with their arrow pointing at me as they made to fire i brought my left hand to use my magic when two droped dead i got suprised and 4 groan in pain and died too then i saw curt and jimmy who rushed the other two and twist their hand, holdind the hand they jumped at their back making the tip of the arrow to face them and they released them while the arrow found its way into their body

Me: opps. .pratical 

Curt: no its theory

Immy: let get going ..


Aliu killed phil and tried to face pack but felix used her magic to hold him still and she made a run with krish toward him which they fly up and kick him on the neck felix on the right while krish kicked him on the left at the same time making the fighting pack to be marveled.

Me, curt and jimmy got to to the oshem we saw a very tiny round hole with green rays coming out of it. i rushed and knelt down before it . brought out the stone and fixed it inside thn hole and. . . . . 

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