The Underworld(Battle Within) - Episode 10

The Clash Of Powers

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@favour @medina @hormolar @abigail @abigirl @and alot of you i forgot your names. I pray for goodluck and succes for you this week . . IN JESUS NAME. . . . EARLIER FROM PREVIOUS EPISODE. . . . .

Aliu: hahaha finaly i am lord aliu the great in the whole unirverse and here is the whole nation omega under my control, hahahaha.(he took the sword and move close to me and touched my head while he laugghed in a wicked way, i saw felix who has not even a single tears again facing the wall while she sob and aliu continued today am to declare freedom to you my people, free entrance to the world(the crowd cried out of joy) and i dont have to waste time in deleting you while your bone be used in decorating my shelter(and he moved more close to me and raised the sword up and presa hits the bell . . 1. . .2. . 3. . And he was on the second one to hit the last . . 3. .. . When an arrow hits on the sword and he became furious and looked at the direction but could not see anybody he tried it the second time this time two arrow landed on his two arms simultaneously which made him lost control of the sword as it fell off his hand and he made big sound of pain, i was ruprised when i tried looking to the direction, what i saw, the two guards who secured my cage, felix with the lady that was crying with her previously matching forward.

Presa:guards!! strike them! kill em all{3 soldie rushed to there scene and arrow landed on the forehead of two while the other one slumped down without being touched,

Me: waw, intresting .

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Me: made what? And who are those men and that lady?

The old man: hey let get in, we gat no time to play with(everybody followed him, while the two guards stared at me as if am going to release my anger on them while we entered into a safe shelter/iglo under a huge tree that provides it shade . . . . Inside the iglo. . ;. I was the last to enter and everybody bowed down before me and went thus>>

All: long life the great OMEGA, the strongest in the whole nation.

Me: please what is going on?

Old man: permit us a stand the great omega

Me:please stand but what is happening here? .

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. . . . They all got seated and felix started explainin. . . I dont have to write down every bit of her explanations thoug you may love every bit of it . . but ama write down few. . . 

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